Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2034

Looks that front these patched good low grade treasure, Xia Tian thorough being shocked. This what's the matter? Why these broken weaponry all patched!” Xia Tian incomparably surprised saying. He has only had a dream. In the dream, he looks at that person in the patching weaponry. That person patched technique Advanced of weaponry, Xia Tian also all takes down. „Amn't I one dream over a hundred years?” Before Xia Tian has remembered suddenly, see in the book. Some people have had a strange dream, after waking up, on the past 100 years. One will not have had such dream. „It is not good, I must have a look.” Xia Tian all takes away to low grade treasure in room hurriedly, then he ran his room. He was afraid himself to rest really for 100 years. Because 100 years regarding him were really too luxurious. He also has many matters not to do. When he runs, happen to saw that Liu Shishi reorganizes Xia Tian there to his spirit stone: You awoke.” How long have I rested?” Xia Tian asked hurriedly. „A day, you are very it seems like tired.” Liu Shishi said. „A day.” Hears here time, Xia Tian relaxed finally, he was afraid himself to think on the past really 100 years. Em, looked you rest is so fragrant I not to disturb you.” Liu Shishi said. „.” Xia Tian nod of slightly, returned to own room afterward. He started to inspect these to patch good low grade treasure, he discovered these low grade treasure patching simply was flawless: „Is this I does? But I how possible to use for day night of time on patching these many low grade treasure?”

Is certainly related with that dream.” Xia Tian looks for low grade treasure that could not have fixed hurriedly, finally he discovered that oneself all low grade treasure were all patched. Therefore he takes in one Pin Baoqi. Titter! After Pin Baoqi starts, his both hands started fast patching directly the weapon. My unexpectedly can patch Pin Baoqi!” Xia Tian surprised looks at own both hands, he discovered this technique as if carves in his bone is the same. Completely is successful. Not slight difficulty. Before he remembers himself, although can patch low grade treasure, but he is unable to patch regarding Pin Baoqi, was after that dream of yesterday, his unexpectedly Pin Baoqi can patch continually. This simply was too mysterious. These many low grade treasure, were developed, this time was really developed, these many low grade treasure add on spirit stone that I send back again, soon, in the day spirit city will present large quantities of tripod Expert, moreover I have also sent back some rare books, will then present four cauldron Expert by the day after tomorrow spirit city, five cauldron Expert, even six cauldron Expert.” Xia Tian innermost feelings incomparably excited saying. The serious famine now is a peaceful place. The next three people cannot visit easily. This quite therefore has given the opportunity of day spirit city development. For these years, reason that the serious famine does not have tripod Expert, on the one hand does not have the cultivation direction, does not have the good merit law, does not have enough spirit stone. Therefore they continuously card in two cauldrons. However is now different. Has made the summer wolf they send back cultivation to tripod above method Xia Tian, moreover he also made one sending back tripods and four cauldron Expert cultivation technique as well as large quantities of spirit stone. These cultivation merit law some are he buy, some are he killed people to snatch.

It can be said that the people in day spirit city obtained the biggest cultivation resources. Before they saw low grade treasure, that I was two shine simply, was needless saying that low grade treasure, solely was ultimate Spirit Tool that is the extraordinary treasure. Now Xia Tian must send back several thousand ultimate Spirit Tool to the serious famine and 100,000 low grade treasure as well as in more than ten Pin Baoqi. After having these weapon and spirit stone as well as the merit law. The day spirit city turned into serious famine truly strongest existence. Then he also finally can feel relieved, his family members and friends can safe in next three lived, he had discovered before, the person who on Earth flies upwards will fly upwards the serious famine. Xia Family of Earth is his first foothold. But the serious famine turned into his second foothold. Also must trouble you, these things in my room make the summer wolf they give me to return to the serious famine in turn.” The Xia Tian injunction said. „? Also delivers, my present also has your 20 million low grade spirit stone, what do you also want to deliver?” Liu Shishi said that has shoved open the Xia Tian door directly. Xia Tian returned to serious famine 1 million low grade spirit stone and 10,000 low grade treasure in turn. He had given Liu Shishi in the past 20 million low grade spirit stone, when Liu Shishi sees these many low grade spirit stone, quickly cannot believe own eye. However what she is patient is Xia Tian is reorganizing, Xia Tian has given him Chu Wudai, the Chu bangle and Chu ring, in she loaded into Chu Wu to equip spirit stone for these days, after waiting for the summer wolf they to come back, quite makes them send back. Humph! When Liu Shishi shoves open that moment of Xia Tian door, the both legs of whole person one soft, sat on the ground directly. Xia Tian goes forward to help up him hurriedly. „Are you all right?” I... I am all right, I have not possibly awaked, now has a dream, certainly is having a dream, my unexpectedly saw that many low grade treasure.” Saying that Liu Shishi thought aloud.

You are are not having a dream.” Xia Tian said. What?” Liu Shishi has pinched oneself. Pain! In other words he truly does not have to have a dream. This... How is this possible?” On Liu Shishi's face has written all over inconceivable. These things must trouble you.” Saying of Xia Tian apology. You exit to stroll first, I want slowly.” Liu Shishi has not restored to come from the shock obviously, although the low grade treasure next three general Freshman places have to sell. But she has not seen these many low grade treasure. Recently for these days Liu Shishi thorough has been busy, she gave her thing to reorganize Xia Tian, she planned to go to a serious famine personally . Moreover the entire journey sat transmission, this can maintain the quickest speed. Although the entire journey sits a transmission expense to be very big, but is she short of money? The normalcy wants to go to the serious famine, from uneven Imperial City, most at least also takes ten years of distance, but the entire journey sits farthest transmission, then five days can arrive. This time uneven Imperial City can be said as very lively, because next three biggest auctions finally started, this auction is it can be said that unprecedented. Summer City Lord, all were ready.” Qi respectful saying. Em, was laborious.” Xia Tian nodded. The next three first auctions finally started.