Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2035

The auction started. The position of this auction in the uneven Imperial City biggest bidding block, this inside can accommodate 300,000 people. Even if this, large quantities of people have not been able to come. However does not have the means that wants to enter the auction to need the strength. The first stipulation of auction, carries less than 1 million low grade spirit stone people to enter to the auction, because afterward the population were too many, can only rise to be less than 2 million low grade spirit stone people the condition cannot enter. Sir, has arranged.” Right?” Assists the doctor to show a faint smile. Sun Empire these people have been ready, but they said on Xia Tian to have an bow and arrow to be fierce, can Insta-kill four cauldron Rank 8 Expert.” Under the famous artisan reported. Has not related, his main body tripod Rank 9, that type of thing uses certainly to have the limit, their Sun Empire is in itself our subordinates, in recent years, I do not have little gang Sun Empire secretly, should make them work for me.” Assists the doctor saying slowly. Although the above order forbids them to have the relation with the next three people. But assists the doctor continuously in colluding Sun Empire quietly, because they are Islander. Moreover Sun Empire these years have not given little to assist the doctor to give a present. Assists the doctor is also secretly complete kindly accepted. Yes.” That servant said. This person talent is too strong, I cannot make the Nine cauldrons gate they result, otherwise after me, gains ground above? Since I cannot obtain him, I simply destroyed him to be good.” Assists the doctor vision ice-cold saying. Subordinate goes to careful plan again.” Em, goes.” Assists the doctor nod of silently. Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump! The consecutively six dings transmit, quarrelled the mixed conference site to be peaceful immediately. At this time in this conference site has 300,000 people, even if everyone only makes a wee bit sounds, that in addition is also very terrifying.

But now does not have the sound of any faint trace. The vision all annotations of all people on stage. A white hair old man walked old from behind. Hello, I am Qi Wang palace Butler, everybody can call me for Qi, I am also the president of this auction, I am honored very much into the presidents of next three most big sale meetings, why I had said self-confidently was the biggest auction? Goods that because we altogether must auction have 9999 types, moreover each will not disappoint equally everybody.” Qi loud saying, his front has a spirit stone loudspeaker, this loudspeaker consumption is big, one hour needs ten low grade spirit stone. But these consumptions regarding uneven Imperial City simply are one jiao in nine cow. What first I must say, the auction depends on the skill respectively, anybody can not use the reputation, the influence frightens the person, otherwise we will pursue at the scene \; Next our City Lord and Vice-City Lord also attended this auction, therefore everybody should better be more law-abiding, thinks that I do not need to say who their two both were.” Qi this is setting up prestige. Qi Wang reputation that naturally was needless saying that can say that simply was existence of nightmare level. Regarding the entire next three people, Qi Wang is one living legend. His given name deters all people sufficiently. Was was also resounding as for the Xia Tian name recently, because his name was fiery in uneven Imperial City. Move of Insta-kill four cauldron Rank 8 Expert. Without doubt this said Xia Tian was more mystical. Good, rubbish I not to be many said that first I must auction the today's first goods.” Qi said that under several famous artisans lifts a box, the box is covered by the black cloth. All people all anticipate looks to Qi front box. Because this is the first something by auction of this auction, will not be definitely bad. Rips! Qi has lifted the black cloth directly. A crystal box of seal appears in the front of all people. Advanced treasure moon reflection in the water fork, base price 1 million low grade spirit stone.” Qi start to talk slowly said.

His expression is tranquil. However scene because actually his these words thorough has raised the difficult situation. Advanced treasure! No one wants to arrive in full Imperial City unexpectedly to be so filthy rich, comes up on auction Advanced treasure. In entire next three, Advanced treasure is most mystical existence. Had Advanced treasure, that represented is having has jumped the ranks the strength of challenge. Obtains the person of Advanced treasure can be said as very mysterious, because of they exposed own Advanced treasure easily, they only will not be used for big make a comeback between life and death. Although Advanced treasure is good, but the price also definitely is very expensive, 1 million are only the base prices, will meet this price definitely to rise dramatically. What is main, even if has bought, has the life to use is uncertain. Was right, first reminded everybody, no matter today auction any goods, once after the price surpassed 1 billion, the people who all wanted to continue to participate in the auction can enter the VIP theater box, everyone independent VIP theater box, such already can not make others know that who finally has bought the treasure, can directly enter the VIP channel to leave, our uneven Imperial City ensure the entire journey absolutely was safest, was most secret.” Qi reminded. Listens to arrive in full the old words, person all satisfied nod of scene. They think uneven Imperial City does simply was too intimate. Then I announced that now the auction formally starts.” Qi said that has sounded itself in front of directly that bell. dīng! Sounds that moment of bell in him, the scene direct ebullition. I leave 1 million.” 2 million.” ....... 10 million.”

Also dares to come out disgracefully on this money, that is Advanced treasure, I leave 30 million low grade spirit stone.” The auction market became seethes with excitement all of a sudden. 31 million! 32 million! ...... Digit such fast is increasing. 100 million!” Finally some people broke the fiery atmosphere. 100 million low grade spirit stone. This is a watershed. The scene carries 100 million low grade spirit stone following people to have, if to 100 million, that naturally will have many people to give up. Although they are very helpless, but does not have money also to have no alternative. 500 million!” Suddenly some people added 400 million in this, this figure sat in the price that the first three rows of people paid, in this auction, sat the person in front of exceed, the status was higher, naturally some rich men have also chosen sitting of low key in the crowd. 1 billion!” Some people increase price once more, moreover this time added to 1 billion the price directly. 1 billion, then needs to enter the VIP theater box, naturally, some have thought that the powerful person can also, this is voluntary. Xia Tian saw some people all people who eight big influences entered the VIP theater box: „It is not right, is not eight big influences, is seven big influences, Sun Empire person unexpectedly not, moreover their positions are spatial.”