Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2036

Altogether went to the VIP theater box 30 people, it seems like Advanced treasure of this grand opening must sell a good price.” Qi Wang saying slowly. Although the Qi Wang palace is very rich, but the majority has made him give 100,000 brothers who ten big elders and walked. Therefore now Qi Wang palace not that much money. Moreover uneven Imperial City now in fact is a skull, does not have the formidable internal influence. Although uneven Imperial City has 100 million becomes armed forces, but these become strength very Freshman of armed forces partially are very bad, irregular. Even a major part is two cauldron Rank 2 about strengths. In the past uneven Imperial City just presented time, Qi found became armed forces total Captain, and enables he recruited uneven Imperial City to become the armed forces, was certainly quick. Because displays eagerly, therefore becomes total Captain of armed forces is saw that the person incurs, absolutely did not have any standard, quick to sufficiently collect 100 million people. At that time Qi did not have to nose the strengths of these people, after all they are only maintain the uneven Imperial City public security, uneven Imperial City true elite is the 100,000 armies in Qi Wang palace. Now is but different. The 100,000 armies of Qi Wang palace already completely and ten elders left together. Qi Wang must recruit some Expert and Expert once more. Therefore money is essential. This auction solely for do not help uneven Imperial City make the reputation, to sell some money, develops uneven Imperial City easily-to-use, convenes Expert. Em.” Xia Tian nodded, he looked, the Sun Empire person truly had not come, the seat that front these emptied remained to Sun Empire that more than ten Expert obviously, result that more than ten Expert have not come. Afterward his vision looked in the surroundings, this Sun Empire came many people, although is impossible to come, but most at least can come in 100 people. The result solely is not that more than ten Expert has not come, ordinary Expert has not come. What do you look at?” Asking that Qi Wang does not meet.

Nothing!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. You guess that this Advanced treasure can sell how much money.” Qi Wang has asking of interest. „About 10 billion.” Xia Tian said. Ha Ha!” Qi Wang laughs to say suddenly. What do you smile?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. You know how many family inside properties next three have to have over 10 billion?” Qi Wang asked. Does not know.” Xia Tian shook the head. Famous tens of thousands had, not famous least also 100,000, but you had heard which person had Advanced treasure?” Qi Wang asked again. „!” Xia Tian understood the meaning of Qi Wang. Advanced treasure in next three was really too precious, although the value uncertain value of this thing 10 billion, however in next three can sell such high price actually. When a thing is rare , it becomes precious, Advanced treasure in next three almost does not have, even if has, these people also hide, is not willing to divulge, therefore in the person eyes, next three Advanced treasure few, this made Advanced treasure more mystical outside radically, in addition this was the first goods that today auctions, therefore the price affirmed that cannot lower.” Qi Wang said. Em.” Xia Tian nodded, he also a little anticipated now, actually he wants to have a look at this Advanced treasure moon reflection in the water fork to sell any price. After these people enter to the VIP theater box, the auction continued to start. 1.5 billion! The first person initial price, moreover on in addition 500 million, can say that all of a sudden this increasing price speed was really too quick. Advanced treasure your unexpectedly only puts out 1.5 billion to buy, was really funny.” And in a VIP theater box has broadcast the mystifying sound, when probably is the hen must lay eggs under has not come out that cry to be the same. This sound was also too monster!” Xia Tian awkward saying.

In the VIP theater box has onomatopoeia, can change the sound.” Qi Wang answered. „, unexpectedly also has such intimate function.” Xia Tian understands that the function of onomatopoeia was too big, this can prevent some people to guess the real status of this person through the sound. The voice of that person just fell, some people refused to accept, has broadcast the voice of child from another theater box, obviously their sounds are also random: You have the skill, your initial price, we then.” Good, I leave 5 billion low grade spirit stone, has the skill you with, father not worst was money.” That person of very extremely arrogant saying. His words may cause the disaffection of other people. Which of after all can enter VIP theater box person to be able not a skill. 10 billion!” Suddenly some people shout. Hears 10 billion times, outside person was soon insane, when they have seen these much money, before this time, still in the person who that increases price felt one are really the shortsighted person. Before they in that 2 million in addition felt one kept aloof. But now they know one do not calculate with others ratio anything. One added 5 billion low grade spirit stone. This is not the average person can add. Such quickly on 10 billion low grade spirit stone.” Xia Tian surprised saying. That was natural, rich man also attached importance to face, moreover they liked mumping, that person who shouted out the price a moment ago was dragging of our Qi Wang palace.” Qi Wang said in a low voice. Drags!” When hears this word, Xia Tian gave the thumbs-up silently. He has taken Qi Wang, unexpectedly has also made dragging. 10 billion dare to blow is so resounding, I leave 15 billion, the father is money are many, spends money to be battered to death you.” At this moment that towed to start talking once more.

One time adds 5 billion, don't you fear the opposite party not with?” Xia Tian puzzled looks to Qi Wang. You feel relieved.” Qi Wang said. Hateful, 18 billion!” Some people increase price once more. „, Instigates the package, it seems like you to the limit, unexpectedly only added 3 billion, good, I collect entire, I add 2 billion again, the thing turned over to me, had this Advanced treasure, I can also become Expert.” That drags to continue to say. 20 billion! This time he increased price directly 20 billion. Has saying that in his words has been full of the taunt. Snort, was really the grove big any bird had, some unexpectedly people dare to blow before me was so resounding, 30 billion.” At this moment , the sound spreads together, in the expression that this person spoke has filled aggressively, looked that was the person who came from the big influence. This scene thorough peaceful. That drags not to increase price again. Obviously was nobody increases price again. Whiz! Wears the person of city health/guard armed forces clothes to arrive at the Xia Tian side to say in a low voice: Summer City Lord, the eldest sister had an accident.” Eldest sister, is Liu Shishi.