Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2037

30.0001 billion times!” Qi always shouts on the stage. What?” Xia Tian hears Liu Shishi to have an accident, the complexion immediately changes, couple of days ago Liu Shishi must bring the thing to help him return to the serious famine, at that time he was worried about Liu Shishi's safety, but Liu Shishi manner is firm. He does not have the means that can only make Liu Shishi go, after all Liu Shishi is four cauldron Rank 4 Expert, moreover Xia Tian has given back to her many good things, therefore she should not have the matter. Xia Tian usually can keep cool, but he was a little hurried at this moment, he worried actually these treasure and spirit stone, these things did not have him to make again, once Liu Shishi had an accident, he may regret not. Liu Shishi has helped his these many, if because again he presents any mistake, perhaps he for a lifetime will not forgive himself. 30 billion twice.” Qi shouts once more, the person under stage also very excited, resembles the moon reflection in the water fork is they buys is the same. Just obtained the news, the eldest sister she is encircled on the road kills, the brothers went to rescue, but heard that the eldest sister was injured.” That becomes the armed forces said in a low voice. Almost majority of city Wei Jun know that Liu Shishi is the Xia Tian spokesman, therefore city Wei Jun called her for the eldest sister. Just started some people to call Liu Shishi is the madame, afterward that person had been scolded by Liu Shishi severely, total Captain directly has also expelled the city Wei Jun team that person, therefore also nobody dared inconsiderately shout from then on again, calling Liu Shishi of unification was an eldest sister. 30.0003 billion times! Deal!” Qi has sounded front bell directly. Finalized! The first auction goods like this had finalized, and has laid out 30 billion prices, this makes all people all one's blood bubbles up to the brim immediately. But the Xia Tian complexion is ugly at this time, he stands up directly: I exit first.” I go with you together.” Qi Wang said. „, Here need you assumed personal command, otherwise made any trouble to trouble, I have been OK, do not forget me to have that weapon.” Xia Tian said. Good, you carefully.” Qi Wang nodded. Has false. Shot the day god to bend, truly nobody can Xia Tian be what kind. Xia Tian said that left the Qi Wang palace directly. Person where, your speed was too slow, I go first.” Xia Tian said.

Hears now in the blue lake city.” Under the famous artisan said. Good.” Xia Tian said that complete individual disappeared in directly same place, his speed was fast, he does not dare to have slight delay, although city Wei Jun has supported. However can injure to result in Liu Shishi's person, definitely is not the average person. Therefore he must a bit faster overtake. After Xia Tian leaves, that person has lifted the head slowly, his corners of the mouth raise slightly, afterward flushes away directly forward, his speed unexpectedly was quicker than a moment ago several times. The so-called care is chaotic. Xia Tian was pondering that at this time was actually who to attack Liu Shishi, moreover actually he also in wants to need to use any means to defeat the opposite party. If this time is to occur on others, that Xia Tian will certainly discover the clue, because he was calm at that time. But now this matter happens on Liu Shishi, he is unable to be calm. Do not have an accident.” Xia Tian innermost feelings anxious saying. Uneven Imperial City currently also has transmission, although are not many, moreover wants to use to need to spend very in a big way, but Xia Tian does not care about that money. Let alone he is Vice-City Lord, who dares to ask for money with him. Whiz! Opens transmission.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout. Guards a transmission person to look is Xia Tian, their Vice-City Lord, opened transmission hurriedly. bo! Xia Tian was spread uneven Imperial City directly, after spreading uneven Imperial City, he continues to run forward, was not he does not want to continue to ride transmission, but was here does not have transmission, he can only continue to run. Whiz!

His speed is fast, like this he ran the small half day, saw transmission once more, then he continues to ride transmission. To evening. Xia Tian arrived in blue lake city. The blue lake city is only a Rank 3 city, in the next three this cities everywhere is, very common, after Xia Tian arrived here , suddenly thinks that oneself forgot to ask which Liu Shishi they were. Looked quickly, outside the city fights.” I heard that there has hit for two days two nights, died many people.” We have a look quickly, perhaps can also pick any treasure.” That several people said that runs to the direction outside city. Outside city.” The eye of Xia Tian narrows the eyes. Whiz! Afterward his body vanished in same place. After his form disappeared, on these faces that a moment ago talked has all shown the smiling face, afterward also runs to the city. The Xia Tian speed is fast, this all the way, he had not rested, because he feared that lost the time of rescue. When he goes to outside the city, really saw two groups of people fight there, one group of people wear the city Wei Jun clothes, but he has not seen Liu Shishi's trail. „Am I Xia Tian, Eldest sister?” Xia Tian shouts loudly. Summer City Lord, the eldest sister ran, but there is Expert to pursue.” Wears the People sound of city health/guard armed forces clothes to shout. Whiz! Xia Tian flushes away to opposite these enemies directly.

Bang! The Xia Tian direct fist pounds, at this moment, 34 people simultaneously approach the Xia Tian assault. „It is not good, is Expert.” The first feeling of Xia Tian is the opposite party is Expert. Therefore he starts retreat hurriedly. But at this moment, his has transmitted a sense of crisis. Whiz! Flickers the body technique! This move of Xia Tian has little used, because two cauldron above Expert can catch the intense trend to feel, but this move can evade the attack of average person in one meter range absolutely. Xia Tian has been separated from the attack of opposite party directly, who at this time he also saw behind attacks his person is, wore the person of city health/guard armed forces clothes. Even if he worried also to understand again. Own intermediate total. Has not thought that in my unexpectedly your snares.” Xia Tian vision 11 is taking a fast look around in these people. He responded at this time that all were too skillful, which one did not know the person, some people in a transmission there discussion, moreover this snap ring point simply was too false, oneself just extremely in being worried about Liu Shishi, will therefore be swindled. The X-Ray Vision eye opens instantaneously. Although these people are almost covered with the veil, but city health/guard armed forces these person of he does not look familiar, but his X-Ray Vision eye has penetrated instantaneously the veils of these people. Did not need to conceal, has not thought, unexpectedly was you.” Xia Tian vision one cold, he saw the appearance of opposite party finally, was the old acquaintance. Ps: The brothers, today ninth, tomorrow is the lunar year in which the last month has 29 days, I wish everybody Happy New Year, wishing you a prosperous new year, the student studies of going to school to have ahead of time, the source of wealth that making steady progress of working, does business is billowing.