Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2039

! In that moment of Xia Tian crumb ghost spirit bead, the surroundings strong winds stick out suddenly. Ha Ha Ha Ha, the father came out finally.” Laughs wildly the sound to transmit together. Old ghost, helping me kill them, our two mutually do not owe, otherwise I let its Insta-kill now you.” Xia Tian shouts loudly, at this time in this old ghost ghost spirit Zhu that most mystical fooling around, is strength most formidable fooling around. The old ghost most fears is the small insect. Good, said it and meant it.” Old ghost excited saying. Small snake, shields me.” Xia Tian said that runs away directly to the distant place. Tripod Rank 9 Expert is away from Xia Tian to be recent, he kills directly to Xia Tian: Do not want to run away.” Puff! Flashes before together black light. That person of body was pierced directly. Hissing hissing! The small snake sneak attacks successfully, Xia Tian runs away directly to the distant place. Snort, do not want to run away.” Sun Empire duke cold snort, killed afterward directly to Xia Tian, his speed was fast, but the flash killed Xia Tian. ! At this moment, his body by one vigorously directly to flying. „It is not good.” The Sun Empire duke hurriedly changes incurs. Blocked this has struck. When he stands firm oneself body, the vision looks to the old ghost. Hateful, this is any thing.” The Sun Empire duke cursed angrily one, afterward the surrounding person killed to the old ghost. Puff! Puff! Puff! These people were ripped the fragment by the old ghost instantaneously. Stops, four cauldron following people stop to me, your Sir pursues Xia Tian, other people encircle with me together kill this monster, no matter he is anything, he must die.” The Sun Empire duke shouts loudly. He called the servant who assisted the doctor to be called the Sir. Directly the servant who afterward that two two cauldron Rank 7 Expert assists the doctor pursued to Xia Tian, that more than 20,000 four cauldron following Expert, all pursued to Xia Tian there.

Whiz! Xia Tian fast is running. „Did small snake, see the front that canyon? Looked your.” Xia Tian said hurriedly. Hissing hissing! The small snake as if understands. Xia Tian, your speed we are not quick, you cannot escape.” The subordinate who assists the doctor shouts loudly, at this time they were away from Xia Tian to be getting more and more near. He believes that soon they can kill Xia Tian. He can go back and assist the doctor to ask higher authorities. Can kill Xia Tian, assists the doctor certainly well to reward his. S , B, has the skill you to pursue me.” Xia Tian shouts loudly, at this time he behind has more than 20,000 Expert. Courts death!” Assisted the doctor saying that accelerated once more. Xia Tian is also fast flushing away forward. Whiz! After three minutes. Xia Tian has anchored the footsteps. Stops!” Saw Xia Tian to anchor the footsteps, the servant who assisted the doctor shouted hurriedly. He does not know that Xia Tian has any goal, once for a while must resort to any method. I stopped, how don't you pursue?” Xia Tian smiling looked that said to the opposite party. Sees the Xia Tian smiling face, he thought that was stranger. Is careful, this fellow has the strangeness.” The subordinate who assists the doctor shouts hurriedly. Shout! Xia Tian frequently expiration, turn around continued to run away afterward, sees Xia Tian to run away, the subordinate who assisted the doctor gawked slightly, afterward cursed angrily: Hateful, your unexpectedly dares to play me, originally you are resting.” S , B.” Scolding that Xia Tian does not return. Pursues, pursues to me.” The subordinate who assists the doctor shouts.

At this moment. Bang! On the two sides cliffs of canyon starts the falling stone, large quantities of falling, saw that these giant stones must embezzle them completely. Hateful, you run away first backward.” Assists the doctors and that two four cauldron Rank 7 Expert speed is quick, can break through here stone group, but these people are not good. Therefore they can only temporarily retreat. Whiz! When these people start retreat, a monster of number of people snake body suddenly appears in their front. The strength of Heavenly Connection. Disappearing. Bang! Giant tornado spouts from the monster mouth directly, the person in that straight line all changed into the flying ash, they one has not blocked! Hissing hissing! The monster directly changed the appearance of small snake, afterward pursued to Xia Tian. What?” The assisting doctor three people that is pursuing forward saw that the following situation was all shocked. Too terrifying. That more than 20,000 people like this by Insta-kill. They have not even seen clearly, actually to have anything a moment ago. Small snake, was laborious you.” Xia Tian traces small snake on hand back. Hissing hissing! The small snake is very as if happy, but on the face has the exhausted look similarly. Was good, you rest quickly.” Xia Tian said. The small snake returned to his arms. Hateful, I must kill you.” Expert angry shouting of four cauldron Rank 7, these may be his subordinate, moreover is his elite under. But now such died, how this makes him be able not to be angry, he wishes one could to choke to death Xia Tian now directly.

Whiz! Xia Tian is disinclined rubbish with him, opens directly runs away. At this time pursued his enemy to be getting fewer and fewer, but, his card in a hand were also similarly getting fewer and fewer. False. Shot the day god to bend the might to be biggest. But now he has not dared to use, because currently uses is consuming the life. Ghost spirit bead also by his crumb. For in the discharge old ghost, he has to the crumb ghost spirit bead. Although the old ghost has not helped him block all enemies, but has blocked these Expert for him, this gave his enough escaping time. Although day cold sword powerful force, but also enters the dormant period now. The method that he can use now is five lines of links, but only if now he uses five lines of links strongly strikes, from exploding. Otherwise, is not enough to resist these three people. Whiz! Xia Tian fast is escaping, his speed is fast, but behind the speed of that three person is not slow, their speeds are one by one fast! That Xia Tian just spread out again was overtaken in an instant. Hateful, such got down good, it seems like today I do not suffer unexpected financial losses.” Xia Tian clenches teeth, stopped once more in same place, saw that Xia Tian stopped once more in same place, their this times may not be swindled. On, has killed him directly.” The servant who assists the doctor shouts directly. Three people underwent the lesson also to understand, they cannot to the Xia Tian opportunity, perhaps otherwise Xia Tian also will resort to any method. Now the Xia Tian method should use up, he after is only tripod Rank 9 Expert, therefore they, so long as exhausts can fully instantaneous Insta-kill Xia Tian. Saw that their attacks have killed the Xia Tian front. Dies.” That died four cauldron Rank 7 Expert angry shouting under. Five Yuan from exploding. Five lines of links carry on strongly from exploding strikes, can make 29,000 jin (0.5 kg) strength instantaneously, vanishes from the exploding later five lines of links in this in society.