Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2040

In the time of going all out, Xia Tian could not give a thought to the treasure the issue. At this moment the opposite party wanted his life obviously, looks the vision that full Han hates, Xia Tian has to use five Yuan from exploding, the strength that the opposite party this strikes little said that also 20,000 4,000-5,000 jin (0.5 kg), Xia Tian own strength cannot block these absolutely. Therefore he can only use five Yuan from exploding. Bang! In a flash, 29,000 jin (0.5 kg) strength has hit. Bang! Front all were all crushed. Puff! The flash, the body of that person from exploding exploding crushes by five Yuan. Changed into the flying ash. Very strong.” Although five lines of links are Xia Tian refine, but he by five lines of links from exploding the might gave to control. He has not thought of five Yuan from exploding the unexpectedly anomaly to this degree. He thinks before five Yuan from exploding most also wound the opposite party, but he has not thought of five Yuan from exploding unexpectedly directly the opposite party destroying completely. Servants and another four cauldron Rank 7 that Expert at this time assists the doctor completely was also shocked. They have not thought that Xia Tian tripod Rank 9 boy unexpectedly will have these many methods. A moment ago they incomparably formidable team, now unexpectedly only remaining they, although also had the duke they, but duke they now also by that old ghost constraining. It is not able to support them. Also can pursue me?” Xia Tian vision ice-cold looks to them.

Hateful, Xia Tian, I must kill you today.” Assists subordinate angry saying of doctor. Good, you continue to pursue, looked that I can kill you all 11 extinguishing.” Xia Tian this is playing at heart the tactic with them. Xia Tian sneak attacked continually has cast the shadow in them successfully. Generally speaking, sees Xia Tian these many methods, will appear at heart definitely dreads, even there is a possibility to escape directly, is they are different. The Sun Empire person had heart of the death. They before has not completed mission, will not fear the death. Dies, we must kill you.” Assists subordinate angry saying of doctor. Xia Tian has not seen such unyielding person, he knows that his tactic at heart definitely was useless, now therefore he must do first ran away, then tried to find the solution. Whiz! Xia Tian turn around opens runs away. The two pursue fast, but this time they do not dare full speed to pursue, they maintain this vigilant at heart, preventing Xia Tian to sneak attack. This has given the Xia Tian opportunity. Xia Tian starts full speed to escape, the throwing into mouth that the compounded drug does not look like the sugar bean that asks for money same to keep, is restoring his strength. Hateful, the speeds of these two people are faster than me, spiritual energy are also more than me, although my compounded drug are many, but they definitely have to restore the compounded drug, words that such runs, is very difficult to throw off them.” The Xia Tian innermost feelings scolded. He knows that he wants to throw off these two people can be said as the unusual difficulty, but does not have the means that he did not have other card in a hand temporarily, therefore he can only fast escaping. This evolved a seesaw battle. Pursuit that these two people keep, although they are not full speed, but the speed is still quick.

At this time these two person innermost feelings also very surprised, they do not do clearly, Xia Tian stamina so will be how good, although they know that Xia Tian definitely was eats to restore the compounded drug, no matter anything will restore the compounded drug not to be impossible such quickly inside to fill up. Actually this is the merit of small insect. A small insect day can fill up ten times Xia Tian spiritual energy. Although runs fully consumes spiritual energy, but he eats to restore the compounded drug, while makes the small insect help itself restore, this has also achieved a perfect condition. That two people were want and other Xia Tian not to have the strength to pursue to strike to again kill. But they pursued for day not to see Xia Tian not to have the strength. They think next day Xia Tian can definitely not have the strength, finally, Xia Tian is still stamina is next day abundant, because the small insect can supplement ten spiritual energy for him next day. So pursuit, finally when seventh day, that two people have not consumed up Xia Tian, instead will be exhausted. „It is not good, is not good, this boy is a monster, his spiritual energy probably is continuously, rests a meeting, our two will rest one to pursue again, we two speeds will be in any case faster than him.” That four cauldron Rank 7 Expert said. Assists the doctor although under is unwilling, but he does not have any means that can only nod: That rest several minutes, cannot make him run far, otherwise we did not have the opportunity.” Good, was right, Sir, you do not have what mystique to overtake him instantaneously, then kills him?” That four cauldron Rank 7 Expert asked. In his eyes, although front this person is the servant who assists the doctor, but can with assisting the doctor mixes, that naturally has many methods. „Has, but this boy was too mystical, I suspected that he also has the card in a hand, I worried that I rush accidentally, his path has troubled again.” The subordinate who assists the doctor said. Sir, the boy definitely is not Superman, although his spiritual energy supply was too terrifying, but his stamina and energy are limited, we pursued for seven days, he is impossible the heyday, actually we can sneak attack him first, so long as injures him, he was impossible maintains the province condition, that ran again for several days, towed also to tow him.” The Expert proposition of that four cauldron Rank 7 said. Great idea.” Assists the doctor at present immediately one bright, although wants to kill Xia Tian to be very troublesome, but if he spells to try to sneak attack Xia Tian, wounds Xia Tian to achieve: Our two pursue now.” Good.” That four cauldron Rank 7 Expert also came the interest. Afterward they pursue once more to Xia Tian.

Hateful, these two dogs pursued.” The Xia Tian original manuscript thinks one have soon cast off them, finally such quickly their unexpectedly pursued. Xia Tian, you could not escape.” At this moment, Xia Tian discovered that they were away from their distance to be getting more and more near. They in full speed go forward now. „It is not good!” The Xia Tian complexion immediately changes, direct escaping that his does not return. Death! Assists protector of doctor to give a loud shout, afterward ray of light glow has shot at the Xia Tian back of the body directly. dāng! Xia Tian put out low grade treasure to resist directly. Ka! However at this moment, he discovered that low grade treasure unexpectedly broke directly. Puff! The place of his chest presented a giant blood hole. Advanced treasure.” The Xia Tian complexion is ugly. He has then remembered, the opposite party with six cauldron Expert mix, how possibly not to have Advanced treasure, he knows that own present will run away while still alive will also die by consuming. It seems like was this uses nine orifices to reverse once more.”