Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2042

The robust men died. Xia Tian has a dream has not thought that assists subordinate unexpectedly so very ruthless of doctor, which even links him to be at did not ask that directly kills people, normal, he should ask the robust man first, or does to coerce with the wife of robust man. But his unexpectedly anything did not ask that comes up to kill people. Sir, does not ask that kills?” Expert puzzled asking of that four cauldron Rank 7. He a moment ago what wants to say is the wife of that robust man does to coerce first, asks that they hid Xia Tian. Anything has not been inquisitive, looked, if I have not guessed that wrong, that Xia Tian was certainly hidden by these two fellows in the room.” Assists the doctor very self-confident saying. As if all during his grasps is the same. A servant who although he assists the doctor, but assists the doctor is six cauldron Expert, he has enough arrogance. He does not allow a mortal to be disobedient he. „!” Although that four cauldron Rank 7 person does not approve to assist the doctor procedure, but he does not dare to say anything, the subordinate who after all assists the doctor has momentarily kills his ability. They entered in the room to turn looked for a meeting. No!” That four cauldron Rank 7 Expert said. How not to have, there has the bloodstain obviously.” Assists subordinate puzzled asking of doctor, reason that a moment ago he got rid to kill people, on the one hand was he does not allow others to be disobedient he, on the other hand was also he pursues Xia Tian to pursue the too long time, already had a impatient feeling. That not necessarily is the Xia Tian bloodstain, moreover he definitely knows that we are pursuing him, so long as he injured, that certainly will escape.” Four cauldron Rank 7 Expert said. Actually what he wants saying: Your idiot, does not ascertain kills people. But these words he definitely does not dare to say directly, otherwise angers the subordinate who has assisted the doctor, had the possibility also to give to kill him very much directly.

Em, should be this, here fever, then we pursued.” Assists subordinate nod of doctor silently. Also no wonder he is angry. This time they chase down the Xia Tian person altogether to have four cauldron Rank 9 Expert, three four cauldron Rank 8 Expert, eight four cauldron Rank 7 Expert...... Three ten thousand Expert. Four cauldron Rank 8 Expert that finally now died have one, three ten thousand Expert all die, and has killed four cauldron Rank 7 Expert, can say that they are the loss are serious. Moreover the person who these were blocked by the old ghost what did not know, but definitely will have the damage. Their unexpectedly was made by a tripod Rank 9 boy such distressedly. It can be said that next three besides Xia Tian, the second person has not had such big skill. Monopolizes three ten thousand Expert by the tripod Rank 9 strength, moreover there are that many four cauldrons above, even four cauldron Rank 7, Rank 8, Rank 9 Expert. This is a legend. Xia Tian is a person of creation legend. Bang! The house was lit. Xia Tian exhausts the whole body biggest strength to hug that child, he had not said that any words, these two people have not come to this poor place, therefore they do not know that this small countryside has keeps in stock. Also therefore officially Xia Tian escaped.

Saw that two strange people have paid with the life for him, in the Xia Tian look is the anger, he must kill these two people, actually Xia Tian understands, if the opposite party extorts evidence, the robust man might incur him to come very much, such, although Xia Tian exposed, but the most minimum robust man and his wife can live. The servant but who assists the doctor has not given the robust man that opportunity. Three days later, Xia Tian wound already good almost. He hugs that child who must look for mother. „Does child, you name?” Xia Tian asked. Tianli, sun|descendant Tianli, Uncle, my father and mother?” The child contains saying of tears completely. They went to a very far place.” Xia Tian lowered the head. Which far is very place? Didn't they want Tianli?” The Little Tian strength sob said „Does Tianli, want to turn into Expert like outside?” Xia Tian looked that asked to the child. Thinks!” Although the child in the eye has the tears, but has filled to outside these Expert curiously. Hides here, do not exit, I kept ten years of grain ration to you, the compounded drug, spirit stone wait / etc., my lifetime studies, the techniques of my eight Qi, my Formation, my Pill Refining technique, my refiner technique, I have arranged Formation here, you cannot exit, others are unable to come, I want you to treat here for ten years, ten years later, you go to uneven Imperial City to look for one person who called Xia City Lord, was taking this token, you said that you were the summer City Lord nephew.” Xia Tian prepared to him all things. This is he owes the child. Child's parents die for him. What he owes is the life of opposite party, therefore he studied the lifetime has all given this child. Uncle, didn't you want me?” Little Tian strength saying with tears.

„It is not the uncle does not want you, but is the uncle is chased down now, takes you, you might discard the life very much, your present age is the cultivation best time, in the ten years, your cultivation should be able to break through to my present Realm here, I will have sensed and me all got up the rubbing to jade Jane, when can open your cultivation to certain Realm, when the time comes you understand that actually what happened.” Xia Tian is unable him to tell that his parents died, after all he now is young. He can only get up to jade Jane the process rubbing of matter, after his long Freshman some, will understand. Uncle, will you come to see me?” Asking that the Little Tian strength does not meet. Not, moreover I will not allow anybody to disturb your cultivation, ten years later, if I am also living, I will send for meeting you, if I cannot live, that must go to uneven Imperial City by you.” Xia Tian has patted the face of Little Tian strength: Ten years later gives you endless splendor.” Afterward he stands up, he has not turned head, because he feared that the Little Tian strength sees the tears on his face. The Little Tian strength sees form that Xia Tian goes far away, remains silent, anything had not said that he does not understand actually what happened. Xia Tian has arranged Rank 4 stealth Formation cave here, some people will not discover here. Saw that here had been fired ashes, in the Xia Tian eye is the anger: I must kill you.” Tread! He has not continued to forward, does not have backward, but walks toward left on hand. He knows that one forwards, has the enemy backward, therefore he has chosen the left, if he did not remember incorrectly, there Sun Empire direction. „The most dangerous place is the safest place, they have a dream cannot think that I will arrive at Sun Empire, then makes my well noisy this Sun Empire.” In the Xia Tian look the ominous light dodges.