Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2044

Saw that Xia Tian must arrive at Ono's front. Xia Tian strength is not strong, is similar to his little brothers, is a two cauldron Rank 2 strength, reason that he usually can bully the person everywhere \; first, because under his hand has one group of people \; Second, because he has city Wei Jun to be the backing. At this time his subordinate easily was so defeated, his at heart already weak trend. Do not come.” Ono hurried retreat. ! A Xia Tian palm of the hand has projected on outside from the room Ono directly. Bang! Ono's body falling maliciously above ground. City Wei Jun who the huge sound has brought in directly go on patrol, these city Wei Jun ran over hurriedly. Ono, how is you, Captain, is Ono.” Famous city Wei Jun saw Ono time shouts hurriedly. Hears Ono this name time, city Wei Jun Captain ran over hurriedly. Ono, how were you?” City Wei Jun small Captain asked. Rill elder brother, you may result for me take responsibility.” Ono looks like the person hurriedly shouts, he is covering that by a pig same face that probably Xia Tian hits suffering from injustice looks at rill Captain. Snort, dares to hit including you, this does not give me obviously the face.” Rill facial color one cold. Afterward that team of city Wei Jun moved toward Xia Tian directly. Encircles to me.” The rill shouted angrily. Over a hundred famous city Wei Jun encircled Xia Tian directly in the middle. Person who was you have hit my?” Rill vision stubbornly is staring at Xia Tian, he seems was looking at this time a lamb is the same, he regards Xia Tian is the game. „Does here have others?” Xia Tian asked.

Volume! Probably did not have.” The rill gawks slightly, afterward continues saying: That definitely was you.” Lying trough, your this IQ was too high, this was guessed correctly by you.” Saying of Xia Tian incomparable exaggeration. That is natural.” Rill very proud saying, but he responded immediately, Xia Tian this was is not commending him, but was taunting him: Hateful, your unexpectedly dares to taunt me.” IQ this thing along with the root, looks at your appearance, looks like your tiger ancestor.” Xia Tian scolded. You court death, on, gives on me, has killed him, I do not want the living witness.” Rill angry shouting, he may, no matter Xia Tian is because anything gets up with Onouchi. Because he comes to here is not upholds the justice radically. Ono bullies Xia Tian first, Xia Tian bullies Ono first, he will cope with Xia Tian. 100 people? Insufficiently hits radically.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, afterward his whole person disappears in same place, after three seconds, Xia Tian appeared in the position again. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Surroundings that over a hundred people of neat falling to the ground. Three seconds, he only used for three seconds completely to strike down the surrounding over a hundred people. No... This is impossible.” On the face of rill has written all over inconceivable. He definitely is unable to believe what he sees is real, that is over a hundred famous city Wei Jun, is two cauldron Rank 2 above Expert, his subordinate. Finally now these person of unexpectedly all fall to the ground, the life and death does not know. Next is you.” The Xia Tian sound just fell, his whole person disappeared is same place. ! Presents again time, rill whole person also high flew. Bang!

The body of rill pounded on Ono's body. Moreover on his face big to spread open is also in charge. My brother-in-law will certainly not let off your.” Rill difficult saying. Who comes not to be easy-to-use, who disturbs me to eat meal, the fate is the same.” Xia Tian said that turned back the hotel, sits continues to eat in inside. Regarding Xia Tian, anything has not had the attraction compared with his front good food. Therefore he continues to eat. Boss, prepares 1000 fast-food to me.” Xia Tian patted directly on the table 5000 low grade spirit stone, these money enough have bought and compensate here window money of eating. Boss looked that Xia Tian is so fierce, naturally does not dare to provoke, shouted under to start to give Xia Tian hurriedly to prepare the fast-food. The fast-food is one type carries convenience, easily does not change the qualitative thing. Actually the next three things easily do not deteriorate. Ordinary food places there, about ten days will not deteriorate, but the warranties of some fast-food will be to reach as high as for over a hundred days will not deteriorate. Fiercest fast-food general dozens years will not deteriorate, Xia Tian is this type does not change qualitative food to the food of Little Tian strength. Good!” Boss shouts. Gives you one hour, does are many I also to want, has been short of the words, I have opened your shop.” Xia Tian shouts loudly. Boss one hear of one hours, he ran after kitchen. At this time outside rill helps up Ono to run to side, at the same time, the rill has emitted a signal flare and a pass on message symbol, the signal flare transmits to the city health/guard armed forces brigade. The pass on message symbol gives his brother-in-law. He heard the words that Xia Tian shouted a moment ago, one hour, already enough his brother-in-law and people of city health/guard armed forces brigade caught up.

When the time comes he must make Xia Tian not seek livehood, asked unable. Now his left face swells is the same with pig, but Ono's right face is the same with pig. After they have looked at each other one, hugged to start to weep bitterly in one directly. Xia Tian probably is bystander same sitting of overeats there at this time. The surrounding person hides distant, urged Xia Tian to walk without any person, they were one look at the good play the appearance, the Sun Empire person are hostile toward any other influences inborn, in their eyes, they were of a Shintou Izanagi's world of human beings five emperors descendant, therefore they had very strong superiority feeling inborn, did not place anybody severely. Surroundings these people even the vision look at Xia Tian with you die. Bang! Quickly to one hour of time, outside has heard a series of sounds of footsteps, solely coming out that can listen to from the sound of footsteps, outside population should be no less than over ten thousand people. When they look to outside, discovered that the entire over ten thousand people, a person of brigade appears in the entrance of hotel. However these people have not worried to rush obviously. After a while. Sir, your fast-food was good, I can receive money.” Boss and servant were placed these fast-food in the Xia Tian front, entire 1000. Em!” The Xia Tian slight bow, these fast-food all vanished before the people afterward. That Boss slightly one cold, he knows that Xia Tian definitely had Chu bangle above rank the Chu treasure, because these things were very a moment ago far from Xia Tian, but Xia Tian actually directly all took away. Bang! At this moment, the form dropped from the clouds together directly, falls on the entrance of hotel, this person was competitive: Beats a dog must look at the master, is who has hit my wife's younger brother.” Ps: Some many brothers asked my micro-signal, here round of: huadu325