Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2046

Seizes dragon! Xia Tian homemade Martial Arts. Might even above Finger of Consonance, although Finger of Consonance is also overbearing, but Xia Tian will seize dragon to carry forward directly, before and Expert fights of these four cauldron seven Rank 8 made him sense are very big. His fight depends upon the Advanced weapon and equipment hits. But his strength was actually covered. Therefore recently, his study seized dragon painstakingly. At this moment! He improved finally has seized the dragon second type. Melts the dragon! The Xia Tian hand signal is to still seize dragon, however on his seizing dragon presented the light dragon, light dragon that an air compression becomes. ! Dragon Yin appears, afterward the Xia Tian right hand wields. Goes!” The Xia Tian right hand flings, light dragon goes to the forward flight directly. Bang!!! Light Dragon Feishe exits. Disappear! The Xia Tian present all were all disappeared. On the entire street, all people, living does not have, even does not have remaining including the corpse, the person in two sides shop was also the mouth spits to give blood by the remaining prestige collapsing to fly.

Very strong might, is not weak in Xiaoshe has struck fully, this is I have the lock to keep the hand, if I do not keep the hand, perhaps four cauldron above Expert I can also kill.” The Xia Tian innermost feelings say with emotion, his first use seizes the dragon second type. Moreover this was also he just improved. He does not have to think own this move of might unexpectedly such big, a move almost fell a front street on the second. It seems like found a place to hide first, these many sounds should bring in many people.” Xia Tian said that the body vanished in directly same place. The move that this time he makes is not small. However this is not his goal, he to experiment a moment ago seized the dragon second type the might, his true goal was...... The night falls. The next three air are good, even if in the night, here can also hear the workman, smells the flower fragrance. So happy night, did not steal light the money of this urban all big influences really to be unfair to me.” Xia Tian found an excuse to oneself. The excuse is so happy night. Right, this time goal does not come Sun Empire to stir up trouble, but is the plan sweeps away entire Sun Empire, he daytime had looked, although this small city is not too big, but here everywhere is still training, ordinary resident also frequently at practice street fighting and fight. In other words. Sun Empire must launch war. Since they must make war, then by Xia Tian and Sun Empire friendship, naturally must help their one, how as to help, that must help them squander their all money. Whiz! The form fast shuttle of Xia Tian on these big streets, he daytime stepped on has selected, the positions of these respected families he early had investigated. As for the position of their family treasure house, that was easier.

Where Xia Tian looks defends strictly, goes to where, dug a tunnel to steal away these things directly, what made his disappointed was, this Rank 3 city was not very rich, he stole up here all respected family and City Lord Mansion money, put together more than 100 million point. Actually this is good. In the serious famine, in any Rank 3 city money adds perhaps not to 10 million low grade spirit stone. After sweeping up in this city the money of respected family, Xia Tian also riding transmission swaggering went out of this dog, the basket, the sub-city. Afterward starts to seek for his new goal. Xia Tian is a devil of sweeping, his city one after another starts to sweep, daytime he steps on, the black day he starts to sweep. In uneven Imperial City. The auction early had ended, this uneven Imperial City could be said as has made the money all of a sudden. After being rich. The first decision that Qi Wang makes is continues to construct entire uneven Imperial City, making uneven Imperial City livelier \; The second decision opens transmission of each city, such uneven Imperial City and outside were start connect \; The third decision recruits Expert, forms continuously the super army, this army will unify to obey the direction of Vice-City Lord Xia Tian. After these three decisions pass on. Outside all people have all burst with joy, transmission opens, that represents the uneven Imperial City trade to be going the rapid growth, but these early came the person industry of uneven Imperial City development all doubled and re-doubled to grow. More and more merchants started to set out to uneven Imperial City, the next three first auctions have made all people experience to arrive in full the Imperial City strength, can say in uneven Imperial City is various treasure, could not buy outside, can buy in uneven Imperial City. Also there are more and more Expert to start to uneven Imperial City to set out. But has met uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord Xia Tian to the present also nobody. All things were all called by everybody by one for eldest sister's person do. Since however them uneven Imperial City heard various related Xia Tian fables.

Therefore these Expert also all chose to join uneven Imperial City. Liu Shishi thorough has been busy, she believes that Xia Tian will not have an accident absolutely, matter that she must handle before Xia Tian has not come back, is Xia Tian all completes all matters, helping him establish this super army. The reward that uneven Imperial City gives is substantial. Altogether a weight army, one is four cauldron above strengths, this person uneven Imperial City will arrange the house . Moreover the area of each house is very big, must know that now the uneven Imperial City house price can be expensive. Another army is above tripod Rank 5, four cauldron following strengths, they also divided the house, but was not quite big. Moreover they can also receive the wages every year. The price of wages also with their strength suspension hooks, but they must complete uneven Imperial City to give their mission. At the beginning, mission were not many, moreover was some minor matters, along with Liu Shishi the matter stroked, has more and more mission to start to issue. Everyone are least every month must complete several mission, some post a reward mission, is the following business and average person issues. The mission reward are many. This time Xia Tian day can be said as very good, just started his one day to take by force a Rank 3 city, afterward a day two, a day three, last day he took by force five to ten Rank 3 cities. He has treated six months in Sun Empire, these days, he has taken by force 1000 Rank 3 cities, the place that at this time the people in these Rank 3 cities cry continually does not have. „It is not good, the money of these Rank 3 cities were too few, then I must decide as the Rank 4 city the goal.” Xia Tian excited saying, he already thorough was convenient, grasped the person of Sun Empire to preserve the goods the place and custom. Therefore this time, he started to start to start to the Sun Empire Rank 4 city.