Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2047

Sun Empire was stolen over a thousand Rank 3 cities continuously, just started these people not to dare saying that feared was punished by above, because the present is the special time, Sun Empire must make war with outside immediately. At this time with above reported that their money were stolen up, on that will definitely not believe that even if believed that also thinks that they did not have the ability, punished them. Gradually, the City Lord communications of these Rank 3 cities, discovered mutually their unexpectedly was all stolen. Then may scare them. Finally inquired that stolen enough over a thousand Rank 3 cities, this may not be the minor matter. Therefore they reported above this matter. This time matter is accepts by the Rank 5 city personally, generally speaking the Rank 3 city turns over to the Rank 4 city control, but the Rank 3 city of this accident was really too many, therefore can only personally act by the Rank 5 city. City Lord, this time matter is not small, entire over a thousand Rank 3 cities were all stolen.” An elder reported. Eight, one group of idiots, their unexpectedly was stolen at this time, moreover was more than 1000 cities is stolen, didn't they have the brain? Some person of your letter considers this matter for what to the present?” City Lord angry shouting of Rank 5 city. Just started these people to fear the load responsibility, therefore does not dare to report comes up, afterward heard that was stolen, jointly reported.” That elder answered. Eight! Eight!” City Lord of Rank 5 city angry scolded: When the present is? The war most crucial time, their unexpectedly also dares to hide the truth from such important matter, do they know that this will give the empire to incur the big loss? If they reported earlier, we can the earliest possible time inform, told other Rank 3 cities to step up to alert, can that have such matter?” I will start just City Lord of stolen ten Rank 3 cities all directly execute.” That elder said. Ten? Ten are useful? Kills 100 to me, I must make them know that anybody cannot with own personal interest and empire compared with, their lives be an empire.” City Lord of that Rank 5 city roared. Yes!” Elder respectful saying. Goes, informs to me, all Rank 3 cities alert to me, steps up to defend, in the treasure house releases people to me the guarding, the committing a crime technique of that person investigates thoroughly to me, the circular got down together, making these people watch to me, which city if had to be stolen again, directly at the scene executed to me, this matter cannot disclose, cannot make the common people in city know this matter, otherwise the will of the people will be volatile, the present is the most crucial time, I did not allow to have any mistake.” That Rank 5 city's City Lord order said. Yes! City Lord!” These elder respectful saying.

Hateful, hateful, making under all cities step up to practice to me, the time were getting more and more less, must enable them to master various technical combat capabilities, their lives are the empires, once makes war, they must for the empire offer life, this is their glory.” City Lord of Rank 5 city said that turns the head to leave directly. Now he is angry. Meanwhile, all Rank 3 cities received this notice. However they as if forgot to inform the Rank 4 city. Xia Tian already could not have a liking for these Rank 3 cities, he started to start to the Rank 4 city. The Rank 4 city is different from the Rank 3 city, the wealth of Rank 4 city wanted to be too more than Rank 3 city much, moreover here City Lord had the Chu ring generally. Xia Tian is quick for the movement, naturally cannot hit the Chu ring and principle. However City Lord Mansion definitely has the weaponry, the compounded drug material and spirit stone wait / etc., these things are the objects who Xia Tian starts. Because is first time starts to the Rank 4 city, therefore Xia Tian has not worried, but starts while the darkness, his hidden rest/breath technique coordination digging a hole skill can be said as the unparalleled in the world. Can be able to block him without any place. Especially this not any protection Rank 4 city. The night falls. Such good weather, does not take light you, that is really unfair to you.” Xia Tian did not say at this time one were has stolen, but took. Because he went to the opposite party treasure house each time frankly and uprightly takes, but does not steal. He can all take away inside thing, then frank and upright departure.

Very calm. In this city the biggest family has ten, the small family has dozens, City Lord Mansion has one, I comes.” Xia Tian starts from the small family first, is the respected family, finally is City Lord Mansion. Whiz! His body fast shuttle in the entire Rank 4 city. Very quick, moreover he rides a transmission time also simply directly knocks down the guard in transmission place, then places them there, the bystander looked like they probably falls asleep was the same. Dawn time, Xia Tian has inspected the spoils of war. It seems like the later this small family cannot go, was too poor.” Xia Tian discovers in these small family one only then about 10 million spirit stone, although the material also has, but is knows how things stand, is these respected families is powerful, in a family has 3.4 billion low grade spirit stone, many materials. This respected family are more than wealth of these Rank 3 city inside cities. Most makes his excited was City Lord Mansion. City Lord Mansion inside unexpectedly light spirit stone has 3 billion, many weaponry, sur- material wait / etc.. Satisfies a craving!” Xia Tian incomparably excited saying. This his receiving goods added already over 6 billion low grade spirit stone, as for these material anything's in addition even already over 10 billion low grade spirit stone values. A Rank 4 city made him harvest 10 billion wealth, in Sun Empire had over a thousand Rank 4 cities. Actually the Rank 4 city also divides richly and does not have money, this Xia Tian takes by force is a rich Rank 4 city. Whiz!

After Xia Tian stole here thing, left on frank and upright riding transmission. Walks, he also very massive hitting enjoyed guarded ten low grade spirit stone. These guards are grateful to Xia Tian. Next morning, this Rank 4 city was insane. All families had found City Lord Mansion completely, reported this matter to City Lord, finally City Lord responded their is, City Lord Mansion was also stolen up, the final ten respected family and City Lord Mansion person sat to meet together. You said that this time matter what to do!” City Lord of Rank 4 city said that at this time his face anxious look, the whole person usually was also older than over ten -year-old appearances. City Lord, you must take responsibility for us, our in addition of this loss has several billions low grade spirit stone.” Is, is! That is all our floating capital, this time all did not have.” City Lord, must punish murderer.” Saying that the head of the clan of these respected families keep. Certain severe punishment!” City Lord clenched teeth.