Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2048

The City Lord imposing manner all of a sudden becomes intense, but he sat afterward. Yeah, I also want to punish the murderer, but who is the murderer? Do you know?” City Lord vision 11 looks to that ten people, finally they all shook the head, without any person knows that is actually who does. City Lord, is not good reports this matter.” A head of the clan of family proposed. „It is not good, once reported that I and your several were all punished, even will directly possibly be executed, this loss was really too big, say nothing was this situation gets down now.” The City Lord direct rejection said. Em, cannot say, otherwise we cannot be inseparable from, now the war must break out quickly, once erupts, our money prepare for the empire, we can only hide the truth from this matter, now main a bit faster again makes a money, after waiting to make war, we can deliver with these money, then makes some commodities to distribute, said to above that we have all rewarded with food and drink the officers all money.” A head of the clan of respected family proposed. Good, this idea is good, like this above, not only will not investigate our responsibility, will also commend us.” City Lord at present immediately one bright. This. This time matter was pressed again. Actually entire Sun Empire is the same, reason that after they exiting, goes all out, that is because the law of their country is strict. Once does not go all out, you will live also to be punished, will link your family member also to be implicated, will become others' laughingstock. Because this therefore Sun Empire person all does not fear death. They think that the second four city cities also think, third is the same. Six months later!

Xia Tian has swept more than 300 Rank 4 cities. Altogether has gotten so far as 2 trillion low grade spirit stone, with value 1 trillion materials. 1 trillion are equal to 1 trillion, in other words Xia Tian altogether stole 3 trillion many wealth. It can be said that this Xia Tian sent. However does not last forever, six months later Xia Tian will also discover that these Rank 4 cities as if received the order, the guarding is very strict, each treasure house there is guard layer upon layer. He steals the last treasure house time, although has succeeded, but nearly exposed, after finally killed off all people, he ran away. He knows that he affirmed has brought to the attention of these people. Actually he already knows one will sooner or later bring to the attention of these people, but he has not thought can come is so late, he thinks before one will already be discovered. But here person is worried about to be punished by above, therefore they conceal this time intentionally. Now the matter was noisily big, they concealed the truth unable to conceal the truth. This time solely was not a Rank 5 city knew, entire Sun Empire all Rank 5 cities all know that this matter, this time they were angry. However they for the stability morale of troops, will not have disseminated at this time.

At this time, in a giant room, in all Sun Empire City Lord in altogether 50 Rank 5 cities all sits here, can gather such an important goods person, this is not the minor matter. Generally speaking, only then convening of Sun Empire can them gather, but now is not the issue that convenes. Their this time has not passed to above matter. Said, how this time matter processes, tells above, did not tell.” An old man opens the mouth to say slowly. Cannot tell, when the present is, above enough worried, if our minor matter does not process well, we also do have what face countenance to continue to work as City Lord of this Rank 5 city?” City Lord of Rank 5 city opens the mouth to say directly. Em, I thought wind City Lord said is reasonable, we this position is not used to enjoy now, since we sat in this position, must share sorrow for the empire, this time such big matter must process, first knows that the person of this matter was Ino City Lord, you said first.” City Lord of another Rank 5 city said. Ino City Lord issued that person who the order lets the Rank 3 city defense. Yeah, this time matter also blames me, just started is over a thousand Rank 3 cities is stolen, my secret has executed City Lord of 100 Rank 3 cities, then told other Rank 3 cities to step up to alert, although later Rank 3 city not again stolen, but I have not thought that Rank 4 city unexpectedly started to be stolen, I truly forgot to remind the Rank 4 city at that time, this matter I accepted punishment.” Ino City Lord said. Actually Ino City Lord, although management is a little disadvantageous, but he recalled the loss of Rank 3 city after all, therefore I think merits balance the demerits, but City Lord and respected families of these Rank 4 cities must punish.” That old man opens the mouth to say slowly. Hears his words, the people nodded. The old man is here most authoritative person, although his tone was discussing, the words that but he said generally, almost nobody will oppose. Thousand generations of City Lord, you said how to punish.” City Lord asked directly.

Currently immediately may make war, if executes them directly, this also loses to the empire, that temporarily changes their position, then made them go to the battlefield to redeem oneself through good works.” The old men are that thousand generations of City Lord. Hears his words, the people on the scene all nodded. Since the punishment has completed, that then how if thinks to deal with this time event, we cannot sit waiting for death absolutely, to the present we have not known that actually the match is , many people, only know that they will dig a hole, but this cannot prevent them from continue steal the thing, even if makes them but actually arrive in other warehouse same unable to block this person the thing, now we must do first clarifies their situations, then under the arrangement the unescapable net, they will catch, so long as catches the person who steals the thing, even if only catches a person, we follow up a clue, on can. All things seize again, this has avoided the loss, moreover what I regard as important is they steals the skill that.” Thousand generations of City Lord stealing the person of thing regarded as is organizes, because he does not believe was a person steals, first dug a hole is not a person can achieve. Next no one has that many Chu rings. He thinks, so long as holds a person, that can also involve other people, finally all takes carry back all the things of loss. Moreover can obtain the skill of opposite party, so long as they obtain the skill of opposite party, then they can also sneak attack other big influence with this move. Even this move could be used to battle. This time Xia Tian already knows one definitely stared, but he may not have slight fear. It seems like must do a ticket in a big way.”