Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2049
When City Lord of all Rank 5 cities meet together, Xia Tian has submerged in a Rank 5 city quietly, he planned that this time does a ticket to be big. He must take by force a Rank 5 city. Although he has taken by force 200-300 Rank 4 cities. But the Rank 4 city is different from the Rank 5 city completely, in the Rank 5 city has many four cauldron Expert to assume personal command. Moreover here treasure house defends is stricter, various Formation and mechanism emerge one after another incessantly. It can be said that he when steals the Rank 3 city, that did not call to steal, can only call to take, he went in takes, opposite party any protection, all cities are different. These people do not garrison. He can relaxed taking away. After going to the treasure house in Rank 4 city, was more troublesome, because here had the guard generally, moreover outside went on patrol and guard over a thousand people of guard, so long as alarmed them, that Xia Tian bedding bag will encircle quickly. Therefore Xia Tian steals the Rank 4 city time is very careful. However this time he must steal, but Rank 5 city. The Rank 5 city with the Rank 4 city may completely not be a scale. In the Rank 5 city did not say first other, but that inside Expert is innumerable, once Xia Tian were discovered that the opportunity that he even possibly continually escapes does not have, moreover in these treasure houses also mechanism Formation of many secrets. These mechanism Formation and Rank 4 city complete different.

This time prepares well.” Xia Tian this is first time starts to the Rank 5 city, he must prepare sufficient, once goes well, immediately runs. Cannot have the slight hesitation, once and other opposite party responded, then on evening. He must inspect all environment, route wait / etc.. First day the night, Xia Tian has not begun, and has submerged in these respected families and City Lord Mansion quietly, everywhere strolls, the meaning of not having started. Next night, he went, this time he heard a news, City Lord not in the city, exited to attend any conference. Does not need to guess also knows that definitely was copes with my conference to go, it seems like my luck was really good, they definitely are meeting now, not having the time to call their urban defense, therefore the present is the best opportunity that I began, once they came back, that must strengthen in own city has alerted, even under might set the ambush in these Rank 4 cities I in the past, what a pity I had already completely understood their thoughts, these Rank 4 city I did not plan temporarily, tomorrow I this Rank 5 city will take.” Xia Tian is excited. He must start to the Rank 5 city finally. After the two days reconnaissance, he already firmly remembered in these two urban terrains. Third day, Xia Tian finally prepared to start, he started from these respected families first, because the guards of these respected families were not very strict, moreover they too relied on Formation, they have arranged every large or small over a hundred Formation in the treasure house, they think that this nobody can rush goes. These Formation to others truly are the major problems, but regarding Xia Tian, breaks these Formation simply is easy as pie. Puff! Puff! Formation one after another by Xia Tian breaking. This Rank 5 city altogether has four respected families, this first respected family has not disappointed him, 80 billion low grade spirit stone and various value about 30 billion materials and types of weaponry.

Was too crisp, was really too crisp, took by force these big influences to be crisp, I took by force that many small influences more skilled for the skill to let me stealing . Moreover the entire Sun Empire treasure house position and environment were almost exactly the same, had the division of size.” Xia Tian was looks to understand after these many summaries finally. Actually this came under the influence of Sun Empire legend. Legend Zhongshan ancient time, Sun Empire ancestors the place manufacture treasure house in courtyard . Moreover the treasure house also has many views, inside construction wait / etc., such construction heard that has the effect of gathering wealth. Finally they were the gathering wealth, but by Xia Tian taking away. After having plundered the wealth of four respected families, Xia Tian spirit stone added also to achieve 2.35 trillion low grade spirit stone, moreover these materials added probably also the value 550 million appearances. Finally was that City Lord Mansion.” The Xia Tian corners of the mouth raise excited saying slightly. Four respected families so much money, how that City Lord Mansion will have disappointed him, actually the business wealth of these respected families add more, however their business were too scattered, Xia Tian cannot taking by force, moreover their day be only one hour is to rest, the time was too tight, Xia Tian that many time had not waited, therefore he can only give up. The choice takes by force the money in their palace hiding. City Lord Mansion is different from them, City Lord Mansion cannot do business, therefore City Lord Mansion inside wealth was their all money. Reason that City Lord Mansion rich is thinks the tax that they collect every year are many, the entire city must pay the payment of taxes . Moreover the following Rank 4 city will also turn in every year. Therefore in City Lord Mansion of Rank 5 city should be rich. Xia Tian has avoided the City Lord Mansion guard, then starts to dig a hole, he knew the treasure house in position, investigated there Formation position, therefore he wants carefully, do not bump into Formation to be OK directly. Puff! Puff!

Xia Tian one after another Formation is breaking, although in the entire treasure house Formation has more than 200, but strongest one is Rank 4 Formation, other majorities are Rank 3 Formation and several Rank 2 Formation. This does not have any difficulty regarding Xia Tian, very relaxed can explain completely. Entire explains and digs a hole, he has used for two hours, when he must dig the pain, he induced in some people to speak, was two people are talking. Hears the earliest possible time that they talked in him, completely hid own aura, this was for safety's sake. Actually he does not hide is also all right. Although four cauldron above Expert can lock the soul investigation aura, but their abilities will not be the uses without limits forever, therefore they naturally cannot casual used this ability for the wall. Content unexpectedly that they talked was a woman. Moreover the content is very obscene. Xia Tian has not worried, because after he knows one exit, that definitely by the enemy is discovered that person who can guard here, the strength will not be absolutely bad. „After exiting, must strike to kill, otherwise they, once sends the signal, I will be encircled here.”