Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2050

Xia Tian had set firm resolve, he must in the flash kills these two people directly. To kill these two people, he must use false. Shot day god bow, he can now the long-term usage twice false. Shot day god bow, although after the use, he will also receive backlash, but the issue should not be big, at the worst training ten days of half a month. After thinking! Whistling! Xia Tian long expiration, he exits afterward instantaneously, golden light flashes dodges, the wall splits directly. Here sound captured immediately the attention of person of opposite. Lying trough!” After Xia Tian falls to the ground, ripple fire two arrows. But here unexpectedly has three people. When he projects the second arrow, gives blood from his mouth spouts. Puff! N , N , D, unexpectedly has three people, why you did not speak.” The Xia Tian innermost feelings scolded, he thinks had two people, then he used false. The setting sun god bends can direct Insta-kill fall these two people, but currently here has enough three people, before that person, has not spoken. Therefore Xia Tian was mistaken as two people. Puff! Puff! That two Expert instantaneously false. Shot the day god to bend Insta-kill. Meanwhile, Xia Tian clenched the teeth. Nine orifices connection. Seizes the dragon second type. Melts the dragon!

Both hands of Xia Tian have simultaneously shown a strange posture, five fingers and make three. !! Two Dragon recited spreads, afterward both hands of Xia Tian made an effort flung forward. Bang! Receive! Receives to me! Xia Tian fast periphery all will go to the small cauldron adduction, he does not know one these can strike to kill the opposite party, because he saw a moment ago, these three people are four cauldron Rank 6 Expert. When he packs the thing fast, he suddenly discovered that melted dragon unexpectedly directly striking to kill that four cauldron Rank 6 Expert. What? This move of unexpectedly is so fierce.” Although Xia Tian has used a dragon. However these are use to the people of ordinary two cauldron, and has not used fully, but this time was different, what this time he uses is fully. This is his first time full uses this move. First packs the thing, was good had not sounded the warning because of them a moment ago, was too dangerous, if were not I destroyed completely this person a moment ago finally, I definitely on exposed.” Xia Tian is also at heart one startled, he thinks, only then two Expert here, therefore he will directly get rid. If he early knows that has three Expert here, perhaps he did not worry to get rid, but waits for the opportunity. This time can be said as the accident happy. Here sound-insulated is good, therefore fight outside person is unable to discover. After Xia Tian has taken away all treasures and spirit stone, he does not have the time to count, but escapes directly, he must escape from this city immediately, goes to another city to stop over first. He knows that this city must carry on a big search of incomparable terrifying quickly. Whiz!

Xia Tian escaped from this city fast, afterward went to another Rank 5 city, after going to that Rank 5 city, the first matter that he does was goes to this outcome to get so far as many treasure. This is the treasure house in Rank 5 city. In uneven Imperial City. Recently uneven Imperial City development could be said as better and better. Comes uneven Imperial City Expert is also more and more, but their nobody has seen Vice-City Lord Xia Tian until now, all matters are handled by eldest sister Liu Shishi. Although they also very much want to see their leaders, but Liu Shishi said each time Xia Tian is closing up. Qi Wang, you came.” Liu Shishi's respectful saying, Qi Wang can come every month one time. Em, has to need to help?” Qi Wang comes to ask this question each time. No, Qi Wang you have sufficed busily, this minor matter I have been able to process.” Liu Shishi calm saying. „The Xia Tian matter I have nosed to the news, should be Sun Empire does, but they have not succeeded probably, Xia Tian should escape, moreover their this losses are serious, should by Xia Tian killing, why did not come back as for him, I think that he definitely has his difficulties.” Qi Wang said. I know that he will certainly not have the matter.” On Liu Shishi's face had a smiling face of faint trace finally, she for a long time has not smiled very much, although on her mouth has said Xia Tian will definitely not have the matter, she also absolute trust Xia Tian, but she cannot smile, this time hears the Qi Wang news, she was finally happy. This is first of Qi Wang in these months time sees Liu Shishi to show the smiling face. Does not need to worry, he will definitely come back, he has told me, must kill that pill emperor, moreover is killing of upright and frank, now hundred years a time Pill Refining congress must start immediately, I think him should before the Pill Refining congress will start will come back.” Qi Wang said. Em, he is the person who observes the commitment, especially in killing people at this matter.” Liu Shishi said. That should not be worried, relaxation well, you recently were really too laborious, I a little felt sorry.” Saying of Qi Wang apology, after all uneven Imperial City is his, but the development of uneven Imperial City is Liu Shishi is now busy. Anything, has not been used to it, my this in helping Xia Tian, he is busy outside, I help him handle family's matter.” A Liu Shishi good wife's appearance. Can run into you, is really the Xia Tian good fortune.” Qi Wang said.

Many thanks praised.” Liu Shishi sweet smiles, she likes listening to Qi Wang her and Xia Tian puts together. Em, has the matter to send for looking for me, I am within call.” Qi Wang said that left the patching shop directly. After having the Xia Tian news, Liu Shishi worked has been strong, she anticipated one day to see Xia Tian, making Xia Tian have a look at her achievement, she believes that on this day is away from her not to be far. The old fogies who in these Rank 5 cities met have discussed and studied carefully entire five days five nights. Thump! At this moment, outside has heard a series of knocks. Hears the knock time, on the faces of all people presented the disgruntled facial expression. Makes him come.” Thousand generations of City Lord saying slowly. Afterward a man directly anxiously to ran, he arrived at a City Lord side, afterward spoke a few words in his ear, that City Lord complexion changes immediately. Other City Lord were waiting for that at this time this servant leaves, then well reproved this City Lord, said that he has not educated his subordinate. Finally when they see that City Lord complexion big change, has not asked. What happened?” Thousand generations of head of the clan asked. That City Lord complexion is pale, saying slowly: My city was stolen.” Another! Xia Tian must start to question this time his harvest finally: These many things, is the bumper crop.”