Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2051

Xia Tian starts to inventory this time the harvest in that Rank 5 city City Lord Mansion. Careful, Xia Tian also had a scare. spirit stone unexpectedly has more than 3 trillion, moreover various types of weaponry material compounded drugs add at least also the value more than 2 trillion, what is main, he saw 100 million sets of fully-armed armor. Can wrap a soldier completely in inside that armor. This my receiving goods was really too big, spirit stone that from all sides obtained added enough 6 trillion, the values of various types of weapon material compounded drugs added also to surpass 4 trillion, really got rich.” Xia Tian incomparably excited saying. The tour of his Sun Empire, it can be said that receives goods very in a big way. These things add, he now thoroughly was a rich man. However in these things main is these armor equipment. It seems like Sun Empire must launch the war, 100 million sets of fully-armed armor, although before , I have also discovered the armor in other three Rank 4 cities, but also is several hundred thousand sets, moreover does not have these armor excellent, if puts on to 100 million excellent brave warriors these 100 million sets of armor, that can sweep away simply.” Xia Tian had experimented, this type of armor is Advanced Spirit Tool also is very difficult to break, it can be said that same level in battle invincible existence, although will affect the traveling speed. Words that however over a billion people attack together, that can disregard the traveling speed. Here is in a Rank 5 city armor, the Sun Empire enough 50 Rank 5 cities, in other words, they now have built most little 5 billion such armor, how much money this must spend, moreover what person do 5 billion fully-armed fights have to resist?” On the face of Xia Tian has written all over the surprised color. He understands that perhaps Sun Empire quickly must initiate one to fight, but this war has not known when initiates specifically.

One is by the tens of thousands dry the merit bone! Sun Empire to unify, for the benefit, they are wants to initiate this war obviously, breaks in the next three thousand years peaceful. After these 100 million sets equip the Xia Tian plan goes back, to the uneven Imperial City city health/guard armed forces big infusion of new blood, making them put on this type of complete set armor, is used to deter other people, like this, nobody dares to offend uneven Imperial City, some people do not dare to fight city Wei Jun in uneven Imperial City. As for the weaponry and these cultivation materials wait / etc., he planned that ships back the serious famine to go. Such soon the day spirit city becomes the serious famine only influence, but several years later, the day spirit city will perhaps have the incomparable formidable strength. Now Xia Tian most lacks is the time. So long as gives him ten years, he can absolutely cultivation to very terrifying Realm, but these people in serious famine most at least can achieve the tripod seven Rank 8 strengths, even talent good also possibly breaks through to four cauldrons. Because Xia Tian has given them too many cultivation resources, their cultivation gets up not to use any worry completely, lacks anything to take anything. This treatment also only then the talented people in day spirit city have the qualifications to have. Any Pill Refining congress of that Nine cauldrons gate organization crosses again less than one year must start, it seems like I must prepare, the Pill Refining technology of pill emperor is not low, wants to defeat him also to need to spend on Kungfu, happen to I can close up some time, I should not have the opportunity to start in any case recently.” Xia Tian understands that after this time matter, Sun Empire these Rank 5 cities will turn into the frightened person. Definitely everywhere alerts, therefore he should unable to start in a short time, might as well closes up cultivation some time, has a look at itself whether to can have broken through on a Pill Refining way.

In parliamentary hall. The person hears City Lord of that Rank 5 city said these words the time in the presence of everyone, all people were dumbfounded immediately, spoke without any person. Thousand generations of head of the clan also remained silent. They have a dream cannot think they study how to cope with Xia Tian the time here, Xia Tian has copied their escape route, started to start to the Rank 5 city. In your treasure house what situation?” Silent for a long time, thousand generations of head of the clan asked. Rank 4 Formation, 200 Rank 3 Formation and 30 Rank 2 Formation as well as gather spirit, three four cauldron Rank 6 Expert protect there.” That head of the clan said. Breaks up, all people return to their city to me now, told all respected families to double the defense, in the treasure house keeps over a hundred super Expert to me, you also rested in the treasure house to me.” Thousand generations of head of the clan shout directly. At this moment, they continued to study any matter not to use here. Because in their mind these mysterious people started to start to their Rank 5 city, therefore they must adopt the preparation of defense immediately. Does not give opposite party any opportunity, only then they can guarantee like this own there was not sneak attacked. Whiz whiz whiz whiz!

The flash, City Lord of all cities leave instantaneously, their speeds are fast, do not have slight delaying, they understand that now delays, that in pit. If that group of person next goals are the words of their city, they were miserable. Therefore they must return to their city immediately, then completes the defense attitude. At this time most depressed was that just by Xia Tian has stolen City Lord of Rank 5 city, he knows own there had how much money, many wealth. Although he had not been punished now, but he knows that he definitely unavoidably died, thinks because one this matter die, he very unwilling. No, I cannot such die, I must die on the road of charge, I must go back to prepare, since the war must start quickly, I pave the way for the empire with my blood, this is my glory, is my posterity's glory, I must lead my posterity to rush to the forefront, the army opening for empire, I also makes the empire see my loyalty.” City Lord innermost feelings firm saying of that Rank 5 city. Washing of Sun Empire, the brain skill was too strong, the status is stronger, the status is higher is washed, brain is more serious. If this matter trades to be other people, perhaps already went back to lead the family member covertly to escape, but his unexpectedly first idea leads the posterity to go for the empire to lead the way, rushes to the forefront fate, only then, that dies. I want Pill Refining, I want large quantities of Pill Refining, I must carry on the sensibility in Pill Refining, only then I can break through my present Realm like this.” Xia Tian understands, if oneself continue to use the ordinary Pill Refining method, he is very difficult to succeed, therefore he must carry on a limit to break through. I must carry on 1 million large-scale Pill Refining, one time refines 1 million compounded drugs.”