Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2052

1 million compounded drugs. Xia Tian has never attempted. But he knows that he wants to break through that to use to select the very ruthless method, otherwise he wanted to break through too was difficult, Pill Refining was the same with cultivation, the art proceeded in an orderly way. But Xia Tian absolutely does not have that time to proceed in an orderly way. Therefore he must use the trick. Xia Tian most does not lack is the trick. Since actually continuously, Xia Tian strongest skill or X-Ray Vision eye and black fire, but the X-Ray Vision eye had not strengthened, causing him unable to see through is slightly thick a point the wall. As for the black fire, that is not better, although the might of black fire is big, but the attack speed is too slow, so long as casual tripod Expert can relaxed flashing through. Therefore the function of black fire is not big. This time attempts to promote my Pill Refining skill first, will wait to have the opportunity to have a look to be able next time the X-Ray Vision eye and black fire might increases.” Xia Tian also wants to increase the card in a hand that oneself maintain life. Matter that this time he must do is uses this same place to refine 1 million compounded drugs the opportunities, breaks through itself. If others heard that he must refine 1 million compounded drugs, that thinks certainly that he was insane, after all the materials of 1 million compounded drugs are also innumerable. But does Xia Tian lack the material? Naturally does not lack. These many compounded drugs, Xia Tian needs to use the day fire and small cauldron, is good is different because of small cauldron each level, has the Chu Wu space-independent, there is the Pill Refining the space-independent of space-independent and refiner. This Xia Tian wants to use is the Pill Refining space. The material he has prepared day , after all material minutes are good, he starts to prepare Pill Refining. Shout! Xia Tian long expiration of: Hopes that this time can be successful.” Start!

Flash Xia Tian front material that start flies directly, the flash he has controlled dozens types of different materials, this is must simultaneously refine dozens types of different compounded drugs. This in others opinion is the impossible matter. But can Xia Tian refine dozens types of different compounded drugs really? No! After one second, the Xia Tian front flies dozens types of different materials, afterward flies once more, these materials same then same flies, Xia Tian this wholeheartedly multipurpose, refinement compounded drugs. In front of him simultaneously presents 1000 different materials! Hateful, did this reach limit?” Xia Tian clenches teeth. ! This time flies over a hundred different materials! Ah! good pain!” Xia Tian felt that own head is painful, probably must tear was the same, but he does not dare to have slight relaxation, because he knows own present, so long as relaxes, then front these materials will directly explode. No, this absolutely is not my limit.” Xia Tian vision one horizontal, afterward his front this time flew over a thousand materials. Then, time passing bit by bit. Xia Tian also Pill Refining that keeps there. I cannot stop, I must continue, now is the breakthrough limit best opportunity.” Shouting that in the Xia Tian innermost feelings keeps said that at this moment he does not allow himself to relax, does not allow itself to be defeated. Limit, the limit, I felt that I was dying.” When Xia Tian simultaneously refines over a thousand types of different compounded drugs, he felt that own whole person soon died. Pain! His headache, hand pain, arm pain. At this time his hand is closes right up against the instinct completely in Pill Refining, because his speed of hand transformation has exceeded the operating speed of his brain at this time. No! If I, only then this skill, how I can pill emperor Senior cleaning up gateway!” Xia Tian angry shouting, at the same time.

Puff! A blood spouts from his mouth. Pill Refining builds up to spit blood, this is really also going all out. Present Xia Tian completely immersed in the Pill Refining sea, he is forcing oneself fast Pill Refining, is forcing also itself to refine more compounded drugs again. 3300 types! At this moment, Xia Tian thinks one are the thorough arrival limit, his subconscious was telling him to flinch. Hateful, since I pledged pill emperor Senior, I must achieve, if I flinched here, I must break a promise in the person, my is Xia Tian I?” Xia Tian angry shouting. He does not allow himself to flinch. Small cauldron , helping me!” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, all materials all entered in the small cauldron. The flash, Xia Tian felt own whole person was more relaxed. in addition, adds immediately, cannot make the spirit relax.” Xia Tian understands, once the present relaxed, then ended, spiritually will be defeated by the weariness. 4000 types, 5000 types, 6000 types! „It is not good, I am not really good, words that such gets down, I will die.” In the Xia Tian innermost feelings started to give up. He could not shoulder , a person simultaneously refined 6000 types of compounded drugs, although the ranks of these compounded drugs were very low, but refined, this was in itself very terrifying matter. Can say the next three unique matters. At this moment, Xia Tian as if saw own person, Lin Bingbing, Yun Miao, Bing Xin, Ye Qingxue, Brother Xiaoma, Yin Nie...... The incomparably familiar form flashes through from him one after another. Afterward destruction one after another. No, no, I do not allow anybody to injure them.” Xia Tian vision one permanent, afterward on the whole person sent out the incomparable terrifying imposing manner.

He is a King. He never concedes, even if one, he will not lose absolutely! The genuine King must defeat itself. Continues to give me to refine!” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, afterward he continues to start Pill Refining. On such time past bit by bit, Xia Tian did not remember actually one refined how much type of compounded drugs, does not know actually one were refining anything, even he has not definitely been have scruples the success ratio. Even, his spirit collapsed, his present movement is the movement in subconscious. His subconscious in Pill Refining. All these are his Pill Refining way, faced with his, only then pill to become He died. His mind is not own. But is the compounded drug. This willpower simply can be said as the terrifying, he entered midheaven of bright Realm this legend, this was most mysterious Realm. Some people in spatial bright condition, one dream over a hundred years, some people of one dream over a thousand years. Some people are unable to enter to the spatial bright condition for a lifetime. But Xia Tian actually entered, he entered the condition in legend, entered others to long for even in dreams condition that but is unable to enter. In this state, the Pill Refining technology of Xia Tian whole person is rising dramatically fast, all in rapid promotion. Meanwhile. In the Xia Tian mind presented a sound. Talent very strong kid, it seems like I must help you.”