Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2053

Kid, I also thinks after can wait for you to pass to you to I revenge , the genuine pill immortal rare book, but after these days observation, I discovered that you compared with my unfilial apprentice, I have believed you can clean up the gateway for me, then I can also deliver this tone earlier.” The sound is reverberating in the Xia Tian mind together. However now Xia Tian was unable to hear his sound obviously. This person pill emperor. Although pill emperor taught to the Xia Tian Pill Refining skill, but pill emperor held back one trick. After all he presented an unfilial apprentice. He worried that Xia Tian is second, therefore he will leave behind this wisp of remnant soul. But undergoes his observation, he discovered that Xia Tian and his beforehand disciple completely are not a kind of person. Xia Tian is the person who observes the commitment, moreover reason that this time falls into this hopeless situation completely is because worries to revenge for him. Xia Tian fully conforms to the characteristics that he chooses the successor. He also believes that Xia Tian definitely will revenge for him. Although is unable to see with one's own eyes, but thinks that finally some people have revenged for me, I was also can die content, then I will inherit to give your genuine pill immortal rare book.” pill emperor was relaxes at this time truly. He hides in the Xia Tian consciousness deep place. All he who Xia Tian is looks clearly, he also knows own that unfilial disciple has used own given name, at that time he was very angry. But he had not appeared, is inspecting Xia Tian. This time he knows that he has not needed to inspect, because Xia Tian definitely will revenge for him. Said goodbye, my successor.” An incomparably formidable strength pours into to the Xia Tian knowledge sea in directly, at the same time, both eyes of Xia Tian open suddenly, his both hands of that fast switching stopped suddenly. Afterward both hands make an effort these material business rackets in ground. All materials all high flies. The flash, 10,000 materials simultaneously start to refine.

In the small cauldron, the entire 10,000 materials refine there. Xia Tian but actually. He slept, this thinks that he does not know actually one have rested how long, when his sleep wakes up, he felt that own whole person is refreshing. Well, my did unexpectedly break through? Is this possible? Can Pill Refining also break through Realm?” Xia Tian discovered with amazement own unexpectedly turned into four cauldrons. Four cauldron Rank 1. His unexpectedly also entered in four cauldron Expert ranks. This simply is the accident happy.” Xia Tian incomparably excited saying, he wanted Pill Refining, but he has not thought that his Realm unexpectedly broke through. At this moment! shit, my Spiritual Force unexpectedly becomes so terrifying.” The Xia Tian whole person stares, he has not thought that his Spiritual Force unexpectedly has promoted these many all of a sudden. Four cauldron Rank 5! This promotion could be said as his whole person becomes anomaly. Has promoted Rank 6 all of a sudden. Turned into four cauldron Rank 5 from tripod Rank 9. This change, making his overall strength have the super great change. The change of Spiritual Force also represents the might of his later many styles is becoming very formidable . Moreover the strength of his whole person will have the qualitative change. Super great change. Actually what happened? Why will change these many.” Xia Tian was shocked by the change of own Realm at this time completely: I only remember that I have had a dream, a strange dream , the dream to pill emperor, later occurred probably such greatly changes.” Dream! Xia Tian thinks suddenly in the dream, pill emperor said probably must teach his anything pill immortal rare book!

When he thinks pill immortal rare book, in his mind suddenly presented a huge knowledge, this huge knowledge has flooded his entire mind instantaneously. Even if Xia Tian has four cauldron Rank 5 Spiritual Force at this time, he also almost directly faints. Thus it can be seen this knowledge is huge. Many knowledge, how can these many.” Xia Tian innermost feelings incomparable surprised. These many knowledge led into a world of compounded drug him instantaneously, was compounded drug his whole person probably sinks to the compounded drug sea to be the same everywhere. Each compounded drug is different, moreover he sees this compounded drug time, in the mind automatically will decompose this compounded drug, how this compounded drug refines, has used any material. What even he can also see to refine the technique of person of this compounded drug is. Abnormal. This time Xia Tian could be said as thorough anomaly. This was opens simply hangs. If this is a game world, that Xia Tian believes one absolutely are the Renminbi player, he completely was the versatile talent. Actually did this my Pill Refining technology become how terrifying?” Xia Tian do not know actually own present was any Realm. However he was also more self-confident to his Pill Refining skill. If before , he did not have the too big confidence to win pill emperor, then this time he had the confidence. This time he must revenge for pill emperor absolutely. pill immortal rare book! Originally this is pill immortal rare book.” Xia Tian incomparably surprised saying. what Weidan immortal? Becoming an immortal by pill, this simply was too terrifying. Existence of peerless terrifying.

Xia Tian completely was attracted now by pill immortal rare book, this inside knowledge simply was too rich, moreover probably is will be forever without limits. Moreover these knowledge print completely in his mind, he can transfer at any time. Regardless of any compounded drug he knew now that can say he is next three is now strongest to the experience of compounded drug, no, even is in the entire spirit world is strongest. This is pill emperor finally inherits. Xia Tian also became the pill emperor genuine successor. This Xia Tian has not known outside how long, he also wants to have a look exactly what happened now, how long crossed, one time do not close up the direct past ten years, that may on the misdemeanor. When he just wanted, he has remembered a more important matter. His time in Pill Refining, what he wants to refine is 1 million compounded drugs. Although built up late stage his whole person to fall into the stupor, but here special situation, that had not shown that he refined successfully, actually to have refined how much type of compounded drugs as for him, altogether left many, he does not know. How many have I refined?” A Xia Tian face curious looks to the small cauldron. At this time he planned that actually had a look at itself to refine how much compounded drugs. After all this is his success, at that time he refined the compounded drug time, Spiritual Force almost collapses, closes right up against the final will completely in Pill Refining. He just started to think one will definitely be defeated, even all materials may destroy finally, oneself may also die. Finally showed on the spot he succeeded. As for refining many, he does not know. Opens!” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, afterward the compounded drug in small cauldron is clear.