Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2054
Compounded drug! Number endless compounded drug. All compounded drugs appear in the Xia Tian eye instantaneously, he was truly successful. This how possible Ah! Xia Tian to open the mouth, on the face has written all over inconceivable. Reason that he surprised is because he saw the compounded drug of blotting out the sky. My unexpectedly refined 1 million compounded drugs, here more than 1 million.” Xia Tian starts the fast statistical compounded drug, when he counts, he starts not to believe that does. A moment ago exactly what happened.” The Xia Tian whole person was shocked by front compounded drug. Entire 10,000 types of different compounded drugs, moreover becomes pill leads the high fearfulness. Here altogether has 5 million compounded drugs. His beforehand goal simultaneously refines 1 million compounded drugs, finally his unexpectedly altogether refined 5 million compounded drugs, moreover under his last reason, he simultaneously has only refined more than 5000 kinds of different compounded drugs. Finally currently here unexpectedly has enough 10,000 types of different compounded drugs. Simultaneously refines such many compounded drugs, but can also maintain so terrifying becomes pill leads, this absolutely could be said as the anomaly in anomaly. Xia Tian start not to believe one can achieve the so terrifying matter. If makes others know that I have refined 5 million compounded drugs all of a sudden, perhaps that will alarm entire next three.” Xia Tian understands that he broke the history, has created the legend. In the spirit world also has the person to refine these many compounded drugs he not to know one time, but he knows that by person who four cauldron Rank 1 strengths refine these many compounded drugs, absolutely only then his, is it can be said that unprecedented.

Was right, was actually the time goes to have a look at me to use the long time.” Xia Tian is convenient for Pill Refining, has rented a house directly, he has paid three years of money first, although the opposite party raises the price intentionally, but he did not care about this money. When he exits the later inquiry to know that just only passed for three months. Three months is not long. After all he simultaneously has refined 5 million compounded drugs . Moreover the stupor was so long. What is main was his strength finally breaks through to four cauldron Rank 1, his Spiritual Force has achieved four cauldron Rank 5 directly. Day cold sword deep sleep, the ghost spirit bead and five lines of links ruin, this made my card in a hand be short, but this my Realm and Spiritual Force broke through in pairs also make my overall strength have the tremendous changes.” Xia Tian has stepped into the Expert ranks at this time finally. Also has over six months time from the Pill Refining congress, it seems like before I begin must go to the Sun Empire treasure house to take a thing again.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Three months passed by, the opposite party tight spirit of definitely will relax. It can be said that he had just stolen that Rank 5 city time, at that time other Rank 5 cities all tightened the spirit, that time Rank 5 city treasure house was it can be said that impregnable, nobody can rush, but after three months, these City Lord also had many matters to process, especially in this special time. Therefore the defense somewhat will be also lax, but also merely is somewhat lax, the defense absolutely beforehand is stricter. It seems like this time cannot steal directly, previous time had three four cauldron Rank 6 Expert to guard, now will be definitely more than that time guarding, must therefore try to find a solution.” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle starts to try to find solution. His time if certainly wants good means that before leaving again **** a ticket is big. Had, uses diversionary tactics.” Xia Tian at present immediately one bright, he has thought of the means finally, that uses diversionary tactics, he will create the confusion in City Lord Mansion everywhere, has probably many people to attack their City Lord Mansion to be the same. When the time comes in the treasure house person definitely will be transferred, I transfer while them, goes in takes directly.” After Xia Tian decided that starts to step on around City Lord Mansion.

He discovered that now in this Rank 5 city all people, are practicing to sneak attack to fight including the ordinary residents with the street fighting wait / etc.. It seems like started the day of war to be getting more and more near from Sun Empire, so long as they did not even up the trouble of Imperial City, did not look for trouble of serious famine, if they dare to even up the trouble of Imperial City and serious famine, I did not mind that direct was cloudy they.” The Xia Tian biggest method is the cloudy person. If Sun Empire does not look for the trouble of serious famine and uneven Imperial City, he can serious famine to jump da for several days, after his strength is increased, he will still kill that to assist the doctor under to revenge with that four cauldron Rank 7 Expert. He thinks that team of innocent husbands and wives are angry. He even hopes that to the husband and wife confessed at that time one come, what a pity then that assisted the doctor the servant actually to act willfully, including has not given to the opportunity that others said that direct murder. Too overbearing. I will kill you sooner or later.” Xia Tian firm saying. The night falls, Xia Tian favored here situation, darkness time, he begins directly, just started him to dig the tunnel first, then has submerged City Lord Mansion of this Rank 5 city. Afterward he dug the surrounding of treasure house the tunnel, has not made a connection, once because in making a connection these Expert instantaneously his surrounded, when the time comes entire Qi Wang palace all Expert all will catch up with his here, he does not think one had a that skill person to resist entire Rank 5 city all Expert. However who compelled him anxiously, he will not make the opposite party feel better. The ant slightly can also ruin dam again. Xia Tian believes one are that ant, moreover is a strong ant. Although Sun Empire is huge, so long as Xia Tian sets firm resolve to ruin them, that was only the issue of time. Whiz!

The body fast shuttle of Xia Tian in City Lord Mansion, he buried the gunpowder flame in City Lord Mansion each corner, these gunpowder inflammations were he steal from the beforehand that Rank 5 city warehouse. Reason that in the treasure house in that city so many gunpowder flame, to start war obviously. Today I must cope with you with your things.” Xia Tian fast shuttle in this City Lord Mansion, after he shuttled back and forth for a half hour, he has anchored the footsteps suddenly. Mystical non- deceitful is robber.” Xia Tian saw that several people entered a room mystically, afterward he followed quietly. Hidden rest/breath technique. He walks is very careful, does not dare to have the slight general idea. See City Lord.” After that several people enter to room inside, respectful saying. Matter manages how?” City Lord asked. Has handled, will not delay the general attack absolutely.” That was good, was quick, was quick, waited for the Pill Refining congress from the beginning, us simultaneously will launch the attack to three influences.”