Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2056

It seems like should be fights must start immediately, then these Rank 5 cities all received the following compounded drug supplies, therefore so many things.” Xia Tian guessed. After the quick thing tidied up. Xia Tian has chosen escaping immediately, leaves this city. This time he must leave Sun Empire, then looks for the urban direct transmission the Nine cauldrons gate. Returned to the Qi Wang palace is definitely without enough time, therefore he can only choose other route. Whiz! Xia Tian opens directly runs away. He each time the sneak attack steals will choose the enemy most lax time starts, your I first hide, when you were weak, I fully strike to kill you. This is the Xia Tian working style. He absolutely not when the opposite party guards strictly begins directly. After looking like he goes well the first Rank 5 city, he does not have immediately to steal the second Rank 5 city to be the same, because at that time in each Rank 5 city defense perhaps in dozens times compared with present. He directly enters the words of treasure house, perhaps will be encircled! Whiz! Xia Tian leaves City Lord Mansion time saw that in City Lord Mansion the flame soars to the heavens, this is the effect that he must create, he all buries the place that the gunpowder flame is easy to catch fire. Waits for a gunpowder flame explosion to ignite the surrounding construction.

Present City Lord Mansion of the Rank 5 city already thorough was chaotic. Xia Tian entered one transmission directly, swaggering left this Rank 5 city, afterward he has not anchored the footsteps, but cuts transmission once more, after having transmitted more than ten cities, Xia Tian finds a place to rest temporarily. This harvest is also very big.” Xia Tian started to inventory oneself this harvest. Before he obtained 6 trillion spirit stone and value 4 trillion junks in Sun Empire. After this time he has inventoried one next discovered that sole spirit stone has 4 trillion, but these compounded drug weaponry and supplies and so on thing adds enough the value 10 trillion! Was developed, this time was really developed.” Xia Tian has been able stiffly pounded innumerable tripod above Expert by spirit stone and compounded drug. Reason that serious famine these people cultivation does not arrive at the tripod, on the one hand is the cultivation method is not right, on the other hand is spirit stone is insufficient, the compounded drug is not very good, the compounded drug are not enough. However if after Xia Tian wait / etc. transported these spirit stone and compounded drug cultivation material, then the serious famine will present several million more than ten million tripod above Expert instantaneously. His is pounds stiffly these people. Was a pity that I now already not solely by, otherwise I who spirit stone can pound am want with these spirit stone my Realm pounding.” Now Xia Tian most lacks senses, he and others are different. Others' sensibility had already sufficed, is suffers from not having the cultivation resources, but he most does not lack is the cultivation resources, what he lacks is the sensibility. Reason that the juniors of these respected families the cultivation speeds are so fast, is not because their talents good, because they have the huge influence support, they never lack the cultivation resources, can therefore cultivation is so quick. This all my spirit stone added to have 10 trillion, the value of material was to reach as high as 14 trillion, it seems like I attended the Pill Refining congress to return to a serious famine personally. Xia Tian several years had not returned to the serious famine, this time he planned that really must go back to look.

Moreover he must the endless material send back this number. All promotes own these Realm of family member and friend. The Xia Tian disposition is so, after he had the good thing, first thinks is own family member and friend, he hopes that own family member and friend can also enjoy these respected family big influences the treatment. At this time City Lord of that Rank 5 city will be perhaps insane.” The Xia Tian innermost feelings smile. With is the same, City Lord of that Rank 5 city Xia Tian suspects was insane, the news that he just passed on instantaneously was also rejected by thousand generations of elders. Because other Rank 5 cities all knew his urban stolen matter. That stole the gang of treasure house to come back, they have to be careful. Also because of this, therefore they do not dare to send Expert, Xia Tian has not thought that because of his action, making Sun Empire not seize other big influences instantaneously completely. After Xia Tian restores to come, he directly left Sun Empire, when he leaves Sun Empire, his was saying to the Sun Empire land: I will certainly come back.” Generally said that the person of this words must leave own hometown, then to the hometown said that these words inside has been full of missing, however Xia Tian these words do not miss the hometown. What he misses is the Sun Empire treasure house. Ha Ha Ha Ha, Sun Empire, waits for me to come on to be diaphanous next time you treasure house.” Xia Tian laughs was saying, the tour of this time Sun Empire not sole has evaded chasing down of that two Expert. Moreover can also be said as the harvest very big. Although before him, has experienced the wealth of Qi Wang treasure house, but that after is the wealth of entire Qi Wang palace all people, but now Xia Tian here different, his money all was his.

If with others' money, that Xia Tian affirmation not being able to get down hand, but with the Sun Empire money, he does not have slight lenient. Actually in a normal Rank 5 city may not so much money, reason that they so much money and weaponry are reason that because must battle against. The Sun Empire person hears to make war, that was almost all people all took own savings, contributed to City Lord Mansion together. Also because of this, the City Lord Mansion treasure house so will be wealthy. Also just right cheap Xia Tian. Sun Empire, I walked, do not think me.” Xia Tian trod the Sun Empire domain directly, but here is not the Giant Bull City range, but was the water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate. Water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate, pill emperor, has not thought that my unexpectedly went to this place, but I the main matter must quickly look for one now to lead to Nine cauldrons gate transmission, otherwise could not catch up competes.” Xia Tian does not know that actually several levels of cities have to Nine cauldrons gate transmission. Therefore he must inquire first that then moves, moreover is quick, because the competition must start quickly. First finds a place to eat a thing, where not to fill the belly to have the strength to look for transmission.” Xia Tian traces own belly, afterward walks toward a hotel. When he arrives at the hotel discovered that the vision of surrounding all people all looked to a table, the Xia Tian vision while convenient were also passing, when he saw there situation, gawked slightly: shit, talented person.”