Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2057

In that table that Xia Tian sees presented the marvelous sight, a female, appearance that is the young face is great, ru, is not the young face huge mouth, her capacity for food incomparable terrifying. Has not thought that unexpectedly has bumped into person following the same Dao here.” Xia Tian sat casually, afterward he also called a big table vegetable to open eats. In the quick room presented two marvelous sights, separately is Xia Tian and that female, they have formed a beautiful scenery line. The thing that they eat added already quickly over 100 people of shares, moreover Xia Tian unexpectedly was the successor occupies, started instead to surpass. That female also observes Xia Tian here situation obviously, therefore she also picked up the speed. Xia Tian and female keep throws spirit stone to Boss. additional cuisine, jiafan. Whom they competed to eat there. Is higher than Martial Arts in some outside people, some people of specific speeds are fast, some people compared with Pill Refining, refiner and Formation cow, but had heard from nobody whom has to compete to eat. At this time on -the-spot these people saw such grand occasion, whom Xia Tian they are competing to eat. Moreover they in annotation opposite party. Vigor that no one concedes. This contest ate the black day from the daytime, ate the daytime from the black day, the hotel has not gotten off work, surroundings these people have not walked, whom they were want to take a look at to win finally. Finally Xia Tian has not disappointed the great expectations of surrounding these people, finally wins the championship.

Although does not have any prize, but in the Xia Tian heart is very proud. That female at this time already by chair, what made Xia Tian surprised was, sign that her belly unexpectedly has not increased. Obviously this female is also the person of deep storehouse not leaking. You... You name.” Brace that the females a little eat obviously. Asked that others name most at least must say own name first.” Xia Tian looked that said to the female. I called juicy Shan, you?” The females asked. I called Xia Tian.” Xia Tian said. „Doesn't my this time in condition, which day you dare to compare one with me again.” The females provoke looks to Xia Tian, obviously she is loses is not convinced. Good, but I have the matter, therefore you , to compare, must result in me walks.” Xia Tian exhibited one to abduct the young Loli’s stance. „It is not good, I have the matter, you follow me, my matter is the important matter, when the time comes I lead you to see anything to be called the magnificent scene.” Juicy Shan shook the head to say. „? What important matter?” Xia Tian hears the important matter time also came the interest. You had heard Pill Refining congress, is our next three best that Pill Refining congresses, my this time is wins the champion, you mix with me, I ensure you can also become famous, perhaps when the time comes the major influences also will extend the olive branch to you.” Juicy Shan very self-confident saying. Really is you wear out iron shoes in hunting round, must come not to be all time-consuming.” Xia Tian innermost feelings one happy, he was also worrying how to look for transmission to Nine cauldrons gate, at this time his unexpectedly bumped into one to want the person of pitiful yell Pill Refining congress, therefore he nodded directly: Good!”

Em, follows me, the time of Pill Refining congress must arrive immediately, we now.” The females said that stands up directly, the slightly exhausted appearance now has swept a moment ago also away, unusual spirit. Volume! You are not fat besides there, does not know which really your thing ate.” Saying of Xia Tian admiration, if makes on Earth these women know that has juicy Shan this woman to exist, that will perhaps envy the envy dead. The one who sees Xia Tian with pointing is the proudest place, the juicy Shan slight taboo, instead has not been throwing out the chest chest cavity very proud saying of: Inborn.” Good!” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. Afterward they. Actually embarks later Xia Tian to know own luck well, if not he bumps into juicy Shan, perhaps he must miss the Pill Refining congress. Because transmission to Nine cauldrons gate is scarce . Moreover the person who knows are not many, once he has gone astray the direction, that round trip walked again misses the opportunity. Is good because of the female to these cities very familiar, knows where has transmission to Nine cauldrons gate. I may tell you ahead of time, a transmission expense to Nine cauldrons gate is high, if you do not have money, I do not give you to leave.” Juicy Shan impolite saying. Em, I am rich.” Xia Tian nodded, he is very rich, 10 trillion low grade spirit stone. Right?” Juicy Shan sized up Xia Tian one to continue to say afterward: Do not blame me not to remind you, uses one time transmission to need 5 million low grade spirit stone, this point has been able many to shrink back at the sight, this is good, some big influence cities have been away from the Nine cauldrons gate to be far, a time must spend 10 million low grade spirit stone.” Is so expensive.” Although Xia Tian is very rich, does not miss this money, but he thought that this is truly expensive. Sits transmission unexpectedly to want 5 million, 10 million low grade spirit stone.

That was natural, if you can go, when the time comes my participating time you look were good, after all the registration fee was to also reach as high as 10 million low grade spirit stone.” Juicy Shan very optional saying. Actually hears here time Xia Tian to know the Nine cauldrons gate black. Registration fee unexpectedly takes 10 million low grade spirit stone, this adds on the expense of transmission again, if before not having, 5 million low grade spirit stone, does not have including the participating qualifications. Actually this also to screen part of strength weak Pill Refining masters, everybody wants the next three first Pill Refining master titles after all, the person who then goes to be possibly many, when the time comes compares is also the unusual trouble. Therefore so huge registration fee can screen a major part strength weak Pill Refining master, reason that said that cannot draw cash is weak is because the formidable Pill Refining master will attach to some big influences, that did not miss these 10 million low grade spirit stone. This all the way, Xia Tian and juicy Shan have compared twice, juicy Shan lost. This made juicy Shan not be feeling well. Front was the tiger city, there had transmission, our two there ratio last, beforehand does not calculate that this who has won, that who won.” Saying that juicy Shan acts shamelessly. Before compared with the first time, she lost, then she said three games of two victories \; Finally after her second game lost, started to say five games of three victories \; Now she lost three, finally she came in front of one does not calculate, anharmonic ratio. When they are going to carry on the final competition! Seemed the corpulent person has interrupted the competitions of two people: Oh lying trough, tiger city also has such little girl on time.”