Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2059

Qi Wang palace person, your Vice-City Lord? How not to have arrived, will not have feared does not dare to come.” The People sound of water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate shouts. This competition meets here person to know. Because the person of water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate came to start publicizing wantonly. Said that uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord must challenge the Pill Refining technique of water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate pill emperor. At this time Pill Refining congress. This matter has made noisily. Xia Tian had become famous in front of these Advanced big figure, place that after all uneven Imperial City is a focus of public attention, Xia Tian is uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord, that naturally is very famous. Even Xia Tian reputation already soon Ge Guo Qi Wang. Because has seen Qi Wang to the present nobody. Although Qi Wang stands there, but everybody does not know that this person is Qi Wang in legend, outside now the related uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord legend were getting more and more. He should not fear, hid not to dare to come! Ha Ha Ha Ha!” The person of water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate keeps stirs up trouble in the surroundings, they were saying everywhere Xia Tian malicious remarks, said that Xia Tian does not dare to come, will only boast, this uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord position boasted to blow. Uneven Imperial City nobody answered. Because Qi Wang will not go to lower oneself to the same level with this group of people, but Liu Shishi understands that he jumps over with the opposite party quarrels, that opposite party more will match the face. This is just like makes the primal chaos, the opposite party, no matter the big strength, oneself do not meet to incur, making the strength of opposite party hit in the vacancy. Also is just like is the love. The love is contains and exercises forbearance, but is not waiting for two eyeballs stubborn in that. Uneven Imperial City these guards are unusual not being feeling well, they are uneven Imperial City guards Advanced, uniform four cauldron Rank 5 above Expert, they are the Xia Tian subordinate guards. However they do not dare to go to be stubborn with the opposite party, after all they have not seen Xia Tian, they arrived in full Imperial City to be so long, one time has not seen so-called Vice-City Lord Xia Tian. They think this time Pill Refining congress can see Xia Tian finally, finally has not seen.

They even start to suspect that had Xia Tian this person. I said that his Xia Tian has feared, such person also works as any uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord, really gives Qi Wang to lose face, the reputation that in the past Qi Wang accumulated made him give the defeat calamity up.” These people naturally do not dare to speak the Qi Wang malicious remarks in this place, but they can actually insinuate. All these are pill emperor design. He not only need win Xia Tian, he must make Xia Tian bring ruin and shame upon oneself, initially when uneven Imperial City, Xia Tian depended there is his chassis, may bully to go bad pill emperor. This made pill emperor suppress a lot of air/Qi at that time. But he next three Pill Refining first people, the pill emperor in legend, but Xia Tian unexpectedly dares to bully him, he has never received such big air/Qi. pill emperor Sir, Xia Tian has not come.” Under a famous artisan report said. Continues to give me to scold , to continue to disseminate, must all to know that his Xia Tian is a turtle, no matter he cannot come, after I must let him, cannot mix.” pill emperor indignant saying. He thinks Xia Tian each time, he is angry, that is not the general vitality, but is angry, can say after he arrives at next three , seems the comet is the same. Brilliant. Running free with the current, all people flatter him all the way, even he also has attained finally the next three first Pill Refining Expert titles, City Lord of water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate asked him to go back personally. Moreover other urban also ejection olive branches in abundance. It can be said that he is the winner of life, the God's favored one. His Pill Refining technique able to move unhindered entire next three, the unmanned energy enemy, his head has covered entirely various corona. But in uneven Imperial City, he can keep aloof, finally had been slapped three by Xia Tian, can say that lost to the grandmother family disgraced, his face all of a sudden by Xia Tian polishing. Moreover the Qi Wang palace there legend, therefore he does not dare to revolt. Only can be hit. How this tone makes him swallow.

Therefore he must report the gut retaliation here, he must make Xia Tian pay the price. Very serious price, he must make Xia Tian regret. Today he here waits for Xia Tian to come, regardless of today Xia Tian cannot come to lose completely all honors. In the entire Nine cauldrons gate, at this time the most fiery topic is: Uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord challenges pill emperor Pill Refining skill, was afraid to hide not to dare to come. This topic is getting more and more lively. Because here mentioned two popularly. Imperial City Vice-City Lord! The second fear hid! Regarding uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord this person, the legend are many, some people said that he is very mystical, is very fierce \; Also some people said that he is the luck is good, the skill blows. However no matter what, everybody rather is willing to believe badly, because they can balance like this. The people have a common feature are, could not look that others are good, especially reaches the sky in a single bound with similar person the obviously suddenly. „Did you hear? Uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord is actually a swindler, his coward.” I heard, this competition does not dare to come, initially he depended Qi Wang to support in uneven Imperial City everywhere bullies the person.” I also heard, he does not know that has damaged many young misses.” Surroundings these person biographies stranger, moreover everybody believes that they also no matter really false, they are willing to listen in any case. The time of shortly competing was getting more and more near. Liu Shishi entire journey has not spoken. These uneven Imperial City guards are incomparable worries, Qi Wang also waits was a little confused. He will certainly come.” Liu Shishi's saying slowly.

This was she arrived here to speak the said first few words. The registration started, Liu Shishi starts for the Xia Tian registration, when sees on the registration board presents the Xia Tian name, the person of water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate publicizes won. Snort, does not dare to come obviously, but must the name report , the Nine cauldrons gate Sir, be the competition, once starts, the person has not arrived, did that eliminate?” pill emperor asked loudly. Right, once the competition starts, why no matter has not arrived, is eliminates.” The Nine cauldrons gate manages the person of this Pill Refining congress to say. Time past bit by bit. All people all in anticipating, some people are anticipated that Xia Tian can appear, some people are anticipated that Xia Tian cannot appear, because this has confirmed the ideas in their heart. Ten seconds, if the person also has not arrived, then directly eliminates.” The Nine cauldrons gate director shouts loudly. Ten! Nine! Eight! ...... Three! Hears three times, person who these pass on Xia Tian not to have the skill all has shown the smiling face, they think that Xia Tian definitely cannot come. But uneven Imperial City person all very anxious. Two! Excuse me, I possibly come to late a point.” At this moment the sound reached in the ears of all people together.