Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2061

The competition formally started. The participating person altogether has more than 90,000 people. Has saying that this population is many. Xia Tian also by this digit to to control, he has been thought such high threshold, the person who that can register should not be many, is some unexpectedly also these many people. More than 90,000 people. Person of 10 million participating fees. Altogether is 900 billion! The Nine cauldrons gate greatly gained has compared, Nine cauldrons gate altogether more than 20 individuals, 900 billion low grade spirit stone enough their consumptions. „The first competition, practices the level Rank 5 miracle cure, the wonderful pill of immortality, your front have the material, the person who refines 100 wonderful pills of immortality first adopted the first round competition, has remembered, first round only keeps 1000 people.” The director of Nine cauldrons gate said loudly. Only keeps 1000 people, hears this digit time, all people cannot help but have all held breath cold air. This clarified wanted big infusion of new blood. 90,000 people keep 1000 people, this quite therefore approaches 1% proportions, these round can eliminate 90% people. Has saying that this way was really too terrifying. Actually Xia Tian does not know that the goal of here many person is not the first this noun, but is first 900, so long as they can enter first 900, that will represent them to have boundless prospects in the future. But these have not entered the first 900 people also to be gathered, but the price must be low, 900 and 901 prices can miss on ten times. Therefore here everyone clearly knows one lost will not give up absolutely, because of perhaps now whom in the annotation they, perhaps this person is being their lucky stars. Now I announced that the first competition formally starts!” The director of Nine cauldrons gate said loudly. All people all started to bustle about. After five minutes!

I completed!” pill emperor is first completes, moreover he has only used for five minutes, sees this speed time, all people were all shocked. pill emperor worthily is the next three Pill Refining first people, is fierce, immediately all people all cast the vision of incomparable worship to him. Saw that pill emperor has completed, all people all looked to Xia Tian. Because Xia Tian is the person who challenges pill emperor, how long everybody wants to have a look at Xia Tian to build up, when no matter Xia Tian built up him not to have pill emperor to be quick, therefore everybody also thinks that Xia Tian possibly really did not have what skill. When they saw when Xia Tian action was more speechless. Sleeping. Xia Tian unexpectedly lies down there sleeps. This where is competes likely. After ten minutes. Second person Pill Refining finished. This person is also super Pill Refining Expert, says pill Saint, he is on second of hundred years of competition, strength very formidable, today he is also same leads. After 11 minutes. Third person Pill Refining finished, this person is a fatty, if Xia Tian sees this fatty time, certainly will think that very familiar, naturally, the appearance has definitely not been able to be too familiar, what is main is the makings. Is on this fatty that mole cricket tattoos makings. Then, one after another is completing. Reviews Xia Tian, at this time lies down there sleeps. At this time all people think that Xia Tian surely does not have the real skill, therefore delays the time here, wants to be late dead. A moment ago Xia Tian that big image instantaneously once more avalanche.

Some people are like going to disparage others, this can probably show that they have strong Freshman type, saw that at this time Xia Tian lies down there sleeps, their also started to act as the just messenger. Participating juicy Shan won, Xia Tian still sleeps there. Time bit by bit is passing, after five hours, the 800 th famous metropolis appeared, uneven Imperial City these guards Advanced are also unusual worries. After all Xia Tian a moment ago the image in their mind was very high. When all people heart mentioned on throat, Xia Tian sat slowly: Excuse me, was too recently tired.” His words just said that front several types of materials flew. All materials also dissolve! Em?” When pill emperor sees the Xia Tian technique, brow immediately a wrinkle! Puff! After three minutes! pill becomes. 100 compounded drugs also appear, Xia Tian has only used for three minutes, one time has completed mission. Three minutes, his unexpectedly has only used for three minutes, this was also too terrifying.” Not real, not real, I am certainly having a dream, this how possibly real, three minutes of pill emperor is quick.” Normal, this time the company divides the clear material to be insufficient, he definitely cheated.” Surroundings these people are not all able to believe that what they see is real, because they are not willing to believe that they are willing to see the Xia Tian failure, the Xia Tian death. Because this can manifest Xia Tian is just likes boasting. But the fact is......

Xia Tian has succeeded, he truly only used for three minutes to build up, moreover was disposable he to refine 100 compounded drugs, no, that many compounded drug incessantly 100. His becomes pill leads can be said as the incomparable terrifying. 900 quick have elected, today's competition also had ended afterward, after the competition ended, these big or medium influences go forward to extend the olive branch. Naturally, but nobody dares to throw the olive branch to Xia Tian, because Xia Tian now is uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord, under a person, above ten thousand people. They give are unable to compare favorably with many again absolutely the status of Xia Tian present. Moreover also nobody dares to dig the Qi Wang person, if annoyed to fly into a rage Qi Wang, that has not extinguished them. Surroundings these people mutually was chitchatting, person who even if unable to poach, they diligently were also communicating, hoped to make the impression, like this , can also mix a face to be ripe, found this person to help Pill Refining not to be troublesome again. Pill Refining master, the status is very high. Especially here Pill Refining master. These 900 Pill Refining masters have represented the elite Pill Refining masters in next three all population. The Nine cauldrons gate does not have the place to entertain these many people, all people are find the place to rest, several people encircled one have become the rest place. Around that fatty who at this time in a small circle, third builds up the compounded drug has big figure, was chitchatting with him. Father!!” In this is a fatty appears before the people, the face of fatty is very fat, but obviously is not own fat, but was hit to be swollen. Son, how you made into this.” That Pill Refining third quick person incomparably surprised asking. Father, my had been hit, you must take responsibility for me.” That fatty is swaying from side to side own body, his mole cricket tattoos especially conspicuous.