Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2062

Dares to hit my son, really does not know my pig emperor too reputation.” Fatty his father is the temperament of becoming famous is not good, moreover his special hiding shortcomings, in old age, such a son, serious of love. The pig emperor too one is the Sun Empire recluse, once the Sun Empire emperors personally invited him, he has not become an official. His hiding shortcomings became famous. The pig emperor too one solely is not the Pill Refining technology excels, moreover his blade skill is also fierce. Strength formidable! What is main is he also has the backer. Therefore after he has rejected the emperor, the emperor has not dared him to be what kind. However before , Sun Empire big figure has hit his son, it is said that big figure behind is involving a respected family. His person of blade kills others main house gate directly. Forces that respected family to associate with people! Finally the respected family was forced, can only associate with people, he was in front of that respected family to cut a that person of arm and a leg, then departure swaggering. What is main was that respected family afterward considered emperor there, but the emperor only said three characters: Cannot control. The emperors cannot control, but also who can manage. From then on the reputation of pig emperor spread in Sun Empire. Also nobody dares to provoke pig emperor again, nobody dares to provoke his son, tattoos of their mole cricket have represented their status. However today his son unexpectedly is hit again. Your how many personal servants? Aren't they four cauldron Rank 4 strengths?” The pig emperor too asked. What that several personal servants is he chooses. They hit could not get up, I come.” The fat people cover that swelling face to complain tearfully.

Who does?” The pig emperor too noticed that own son made into this, very has loved dearly, especially saw that the son cries, this acid. Is one male and a female, no, is male hitting, he also participated in Pill Refining to compete, I looked at transmission that he entered with own eyes.” The fat people said hurriedly that he just started also to want juicy Shan to add on, afterward remembered juicy Shan that young face great ru, he thinks that juicy Shan Keneng does not know his status. After his father has tidied up Xia Tian, juicy Shan definitely will be subdued by his status. Good, since knows that he came that to be simple, followed me, the place looked to me one by one.” The pig emperor too one said loudly, since knows the opposite party in the, he naturally must well vented anger for own son. Yes!” The personal servant of that several pig emperors said. A large-scale looking person activity started. The pig emperor in various places is known, because during previous Pill Refining competition he obtained third, therefore knew that his person has. Sees looking person who he threatens, moreover his son's face swells city such, everybody knows that what happened, therefore helps the person who watched the fun also follow. Xia Tian they are conspicuous in the position. Because they are the uneven Imperial City people. Therefore nobody dares to contend for domain with them, especially Xia Tian since arrived here later can be said as the unusual powerful, pill emperors take him not to have the means that some that naturally people do not dare to offend him. Everybody knows that Xia Tian is not affable, uneven Imperial City is not affable. He, is he, the father, was he has hit me.” At this moment the fatty points at the Xia Tian direction to shout with the hand. Em?” When the pig emperor saw when direction that the son refers, brow immediately a wrinkle! Surroundings these people also looked. The uneven Imperial City person has all stood, such Freshman helps the person walk, they naturally have discovered that the person who these watched the fun little said also several thousand people, if these many people could not have seen, that can only describe with a character: Real T , M is blind. Pig emperor eyes have recognized Xia Tian. Noise that after all daytime Xia Tian makes is not small, first is the King arrives, then bets the life with pill emperor, today only uses for three minutes to refine 100 compounded drugs.

What is main, Xia Tian is uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord. He can not pay attention to others, but Xia Tian is not good, uneven Imperial City is not good. After all uneven Imperial City is a legend. Father, you must revenge for me, I had not made into this from infancy to maturity.” The fat people cry is getting more and more miserable, reason that he cries is because he has not seen juicy Shan. He thinks the father came, he can install well, making juicy Shan see his Might side, but juicy Shan is not at now, he has installed, juicy Shan cannot see. Thinks one possibly again could not see juicy Shan, he more cried more miserable. The pig emperor too saw own son cries is so miserable, was at heart getting more and more sour, perhaps he can also maintain the reason at own matter, however at son's matter, he was unable to maintain sane. Was you have injured my son?” Pig emperor too one angry looks at Xia Tian. I said that isn't you believes?” Xia Tian asked. It seems like and that's the end, I reduce your arm leg, what complaint do you have?” Saying of pig emperor too coldly. Has saying that a pig emperor imposing manner is too full. Vice-City Lord, he is pig emperor too one, third of previous Pill Refining congress, is blade skill Expert.” A guard Advanced said in a low voice. Liu Shishi worries looked to Xia Tian, she was afraid Xia Tian to show off power. If you have that skill, comes.” Xia Tian smiling saying. Not slight tense feeling. Lean! The pig emperor right hand wields! A three meters broadsword appears in his hands.

Humph! When sees this three meters broadsword, all people were all shocked, they first time see such big broadsword Ah! The broadsword green, seemed little said all over the body also had over a thousand jin (0.5 kg)! Generally speaking, blade big has, but own height will not be long, because of the knife too long words, will affect the method that the speed and brandishes. But the pig emperor has put out a such big handle broadsword. blade skill Expert!! This is others the appraisal to the pig emperor, Xia Tian does not think absolutely he has unearned reputation. bo! The head of pig emperor presented four small cauldrons and eight small cauldrons. He is four cauldron Rank 8 Expert. Has been careful, even if ordinary four cauldron Rank 9 Expert is unable to catch my blade.” Pig emperor very self-confident saying. Xia Tian has not spoken, is still smiling looks at the pig emperor. Whiz! The body of pig emperor dodges, the broadsword in hand chops directly, a moment ago seemed, only then three meters broadsword as if all of a sudden turned into six meters to be the same. Saw that this blade must divide into two Xia Tian, at this moment, the Xia Tian corners of the mouth raise slightly.