Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2063

The broadsword hung in the midair. Has not fallen! When saw the might of pig emperor blade a moment ago, nobody thinks that he those words were boasting a moment ago, because the might of this blade was too strong. Perhaps is four cauldron Rank 9 Expert cannot easily following. But a pig emperor too the blade has not actually chopped at this time. Moves, you move actually, isn't your this blade might very big? Look is you quick or I am quick.” In this time Xia Tian hand is taking a very attractive bow. False. Shot day god bow. Saw that shot day god to bend on light arrow, the pig emperor too feels the death, therefore this blade stopped. Surroundings these people also all in bow by Xia Tian hand shaking, actually although they cannot look at this might on bow big, but they actually looked, this was not absolutely small the might of bow. Volume!” The pig emperor stares immediately. Can induce from the weapon style of opposite party like the person of this rank whether was in danger, at this time he induced the crisis of death from the Xia Tian bow and arrow. He absolutely believes now, so long as a Xia Tian right hand loosen, absolutely will directly be extinguished kills. Do not cut my hands and feet?, Begins, I now am curious, actually we who can kill anyone first.” In the Xia Tian words the provocative significance is full. The pig emperor has not spoken, slowly received the broadsword in oneself hand. Although he has not spoken, but all people all understood, pig emperor this was must admit defeat, because he received the blade. The pig emperor is resounding big figure, but his unexpectedly also admitted defeat at this time. This Xia Tian reputation was more resounding, the pig emperors are not his match, Xia Tian behind these guards Advanced also all is a face worship looks at Xia Tian.

Most of them have heard the reputation of pig emperor. Even if has not heard, almost knows a moment ago the pig emperor is any rank existed, now saw that Xia Tian unexpectedly can make the pig emperor admit defeat. That Xia Tian strength became is in their eyes bigger. Father, your how not under blade.” Fatty anxious saying. Yeah!” The pig emperor sighed, afterward shook the head: Your father did not have the skill to help you revenge.” Father......” fatty shouts hurriedly. Walks!” The pig emperor leaves directly, he does not fear death, he cannot die, he cannot to struggle such tone, once he died, his son's later fate can be imagined. For these years, his son except for stirs up trouble everywhere to stir up trouble everywhere, sees the first few words that who spoke is not: My father is Li Gang, but is: My father is pig emperor. Actually when he sees Xia Tian that moment, he was indecisive, because he does not want to offend uneven Imperial City. Although his strength formidable, background is also very big, but the Xia Tian background is bigger. Millenniums ago unifies the next three men, Qi Wang. Who can also be bigger than his fame. Afterward was seeing Xia Tian to put out that moment of bow and arrow, he knows own this time must recognize has instigated, he did not recognize instigated that is not good, before he thinks that Xia Tian was the background is just big, does not have the too strong strength, he also had to put together the opportunity. However now the Xia Tian not only background is older than him, the strength also compared with him, how this also spells. Knows obviously how to spell is loses, words that he also puts together, that was a fool. It is not worthwhile loses the life for the one breath.

Has remembered, later does not permit to offend him.” Pig emperor very serious saying. The fat people have not seen the father so severely, he can only nod, at this moment he also understood, the Xia Tian background is definitely big. Otherwise his father such will not admit absolutely defeat. However he unusual not being feeling well, the background greatly also how, his background also was very big, his two one's teacher's older brothers, are his father's Senior Brother, strength each are stronger than his father. Your boy will frighten person, I cannot injure you in this him.” Qi Wang helpless shaking the head. Qi Wang had to say this saying qualifications. His strength is very formidable. So long as he here, that nobody can injure to result in Xia Tian. Xia Tian behind these uneven Imperial City guards Advanced real status to the Qi Wang was getting more and more curious, afterward they summarized Qi Wang definitely are Expert in Qi Wang palace. But they cannot think absolutely at this time stands before them the person is Qi Wang in legend. I cannot any matter make you get rid, this minor matter I can solve.” Xia Tian light saying. As you like.” Qi Wang shows a faint smile. After the pig emperor leaves, shortly, this time came to participate in competition the person of Sun Empire to come, the person who came was the Sun Empire duke and Sun Empire Advanced Pill Refining master, reason that they came to prevent others think. But the Sun Empire Advanced Pill Refining master the first 900 famous metropolises have not gone in today continually. Will the solemn Sun Empire Advanced Pill Refining master link first 900 not to go in? Pig emperor gentleman, can borrow a speech.” Duke respectful saying of Sun Empire.

Your several gang my sons therapy, I one will come back.” The pig emperor looked that said to oneself that several personal servants, although the pig emperor recognized a moment ago instigates. But his these subordinates may be are loyal to him, after all the reputation of pig emperor does not blow. Yes!” Several people of respectful saying. Pig emperor and Sun Empire duke and the others went to a nobody's place. Any matter, said directly!” The pig emperor is is a little obviously impatient, if not look in the opposite party is in the share of duke, he is even disinclined to respond the opposite party. Saw the pig emperor arrogant appearance, in the eyes of duke flashes through one to kill intent, but quick vanished. We for want to cooperate with the pig emperor gentleman today.” Saying that the duke comes straight to the point. Cooperation? I do not have anything to work with you, a difference, is not the stratagem.” The pig emperor curled the lip, despising of whole face, he most cannot have a liking for is the people in these empires. Appearance that seems a cut above other people. Pig emperor gentleman, we saw a moment ago you and between summer City Lord was contradictory, do you swallow under this tone?” Duke very impolite saying. He said this matter to bring back the anger in pig emperor heart, then cooperated with them, coped with Xia Tian together. Previous time encircles kills the Xia Tian duke is not he, that duke had been eliminated the title of duke, he rises newly, first mission that he receives is if there is opportunity to find the way to kill Xia Tian. Snort, all right, I walked.” Pig emperor cold snort, direct turn around leaves afterward. Sun Empire duke vision ice-cold looks at his back, afterward asking of coldly: How is it?” Started successfully, he exactly tonight.” That Sun Empire Advanced Pill Refining master said.