Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2064

The Advanced Pill Refining master true status of this Sun Empire is not a Pill Refining master. But is the next three first poisonous masters! Although his Pill Refining skill is not high, but he uses the poisonous skill absolutely is the next three first person, without anybody can use the poisonous skill to be bigger than him. Was laborious, your several exit to pass on to me, said that the contradiction between pig emperor and Xia Tian was getting bigger and bigger, Xia Tian also had seen a moment ago the pig emperor.” The Sun Empire duke said. Yes!” These Sun Empire personal servants all diverge. „The scheme of duke Sir is truly fierce.” The poisonous demon has shown the cloudy slanting smiling face. How I must have a look at this time his Xia Tian to run away but actually, previous homicide our Sun Empire several thousand Expert, so many four cauldron Rank 7 Rank 8 Expert, this time I must extinguish him effortlessly.” Duke incomparably excited saying of Sun Empire. Two Senior Brother of pig emperor are not affable, their Senior Brother younger brother three people were several hundred years of friendship, the sentiment was good, once heard the pig emperor to have an accident, perhaps they will immediately become an official, the influence of tooth emperor added on the strength of blade emperor, this was very terrifying, how I must have a look at his Xia Tian to meet but actually to incur.” The Sun Empire duke seems the plot prevails to be the same. He enjoys present's feeling. All completely are grasping. All he has planned, then must look that actually Xia Tian how met to incur. This is a dead end, in any event he cannot catch.” On the poisonous demon face presented the excited expression. Was right, can't your toxicant be discovered by him?” The Sun Empire duke asked. Naturally not, I, but next three first uses poisonous Expert, under me toxin nobody can discover.” Poisonous demon very self-confident saying. Who is the pig emperor? Although his Pill Refining technology does not have pill emperor and the others, but he is also Pill Refining Expert. He knows, autointoxication.

Cannot think that my solemn one generation of pig emperors, unexpectedly ends up to turn out so is out.” Pig emperor helpless shaking the head of. Whiz! Is moving fast. After returning to own camp. Your several bit faster lead my son to leave here, has remembered, looks his two one's teacher's older brothers, told him two one's teacher's older brothers, regardless of heard any news do not come out, your boy to me, except for your two one's teacher's older brothers, anybody do not believe.” The pig emperor said hurriedly. Father, what happened?” Asking that the fat people do not meet. Your anything do not know that has remembered, do not believe outside rumor, do not think revenging, you know are less you to be safer.” The pig emperor has all given the fatty Chu ring. Pig emperor Sir, what's the matter?” These under puzzled asking. Do not ask, you walk now, has remembered to me, do not believe anybody's words, do not ask too, do not believe the Sun Empire words.” The pig emperor knows that he cannot tell the son too many matters, by his son's disposition, once knows that he was killed by Sun Empire, that definitely cannot calm down. Then his son may die in the hand of Sun Empire very much. Therefore he did not plan that makes his son know. Father......” a fatty face anxious sees own father. „, You have remembered to me, even if some day I died, with summer City Lord any relations, has not told you two one's teacher's older brothers, asking him do not believe that anybody's words, gave him this thing, he naturally yes what's the matter.” The pig emperor has put out record jade Jane Jiaogei the fatty. This record jade Jane Zhiyou strength arrives at certain Realm talented person to open. Father!!!” Carries off to me.” The pig emperor said hurriedly.

Looks after his son leaves, the pig emperor shook the head, afterward he moved toward the Xia Tian inhabited area. Next morning. The pig emperor was missing. At this time also spread another view. The pig emperor was assassinated by Xia Tian. After this news passes on, the entire Nine cauldrons gate all seethed with excitement. Moreover also some people confirmed that last night they truly saw the pig emperor moves toward the Xia Tian camp, from then on, the pig emperor was missing. Suddenly the head of Xia Tian was topped a charge of murderer. The pig emperor dies! Person of causing trouble were all of a sudden many. Especially the Sun Empire person, they are propagandizing Xia Tian to bully everywhere, slaughters innocents. Suddenly, the Xia Tian reputation is very notorious! Everybody thinks that Xia Tian is a mean villain, daytime does not dare to kill the pig emperor too one, in the evening carries out the sneak attack. Before these, cannot have a liking for the Xia Tian person, at this time also all once more starts to attack Xia Tian with the language. The body for the meaning that central figure Xia Tian of this event has not explained that as if tacitly approved was the same, sees his action, all person confidences were Xia Tian do. At this time the Sun Empire duke led person to encircle Xia Tian their camps.

Today you must to us a Sun Empire confession, the pig emperor be our Sun Empire Pill Refining Expert, you have certainly feared him, will therefore get rid to sneak attack the assassination.” Saying that the Sun Empire duke threatens, this time comes for matter noisy again Freshman some, when the time comes the person under entire day knows that was Xia Tian has killed the pig emperor, when the time comes was Xia Tian quibbles was useless. A person said that possibly is false, but if the people under entire day said that that absolutely. Confession? Also matches depending on you with me must confess that you make your emperor come to me to want, you are not coordinated with me.” Saying that Xia Tian disdains. Hears the Xia Tian words, the Sun Empire duke complexion changes. You...” „, Was right, now how your emperor is studying attacks that three big influence, today should the secret make war, does not have the time to respond this minor matter, but mentioned your emperor also really to have the brain, unexpectedly thinks that first controlled others Rank 3 Rank 4 city City Lord this drop, but also has controlled the cateran of passing by the road, let the information tramsmit, was too fierce, this idea was really too fierce.” Xia Tian has interrupted the opposite party words directly. Sun Empire must attack other three big influences!! Hears this news time, all people all burst with joy. Do not talk nonsense.” The Sun Empire duke complexion is pale. „Is that three big influence that summer City Lord, you said actually which three big influence?” The Fierce Tiger city this time comes, but City Lord, before his hurried mountain, asked. Other two big influences I was disinclined saying that but your influence should be attacked now, I thought for three months, your half world should not have, then they also planned that attacked your following city with the captive.” Xia Tian said directly. Anything!!!” The complexions of all people all changed.