Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2065

All people all burst with joy. The Sun Empire duke also hoodwinked, this was secret, he does not know how Xia Tian knows, present he was really a little panic-stricken, his script such did not write. What his script writes is he must make Xia Tian bring ruin and shame upon oneself today, then makes the world person all know this big news. Finally Xia Tian disclosed that a bigger news, covered his news directly. Although the pig emperor is big figure, but compares in Sun Empire launches the war, simply was the mosquito leg same minor matter. Finally he not only cannot make Xia Tian bring ruin and shame upon oneself, instead made Xia Tian come one to disclose greatly. Perhaps today he does not look for Xia Tian to be troublesome, that Xia Tian will not disclose. Now all people pay attention vision that has all placed the body of their Sun Empire. What he said is real?” The City Lord vision of Fierce Tiger city ice-cold looks that the Sun Empire duke asked. Nonsense, he is running off at the mouth.” The Sun Empire duke answered hurriedly. Good, you are waiting to me, if I discovered that this is real, I must make you try this in society most painful criminal law.” City Lord wicked saying of Fierce Tiger city, he has arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest to Xia Tian afterward, said to Pill Refining master: You continue to attend the competition here, keeps two people to help here, other people go back with me.” The people of several other big influences also in abundance left the Nine cauldrons gate, but the Pill Refining masters remained, after all went back 1-2 Pill Refining masters not to play any too major role. Sun Empire duke chapter was thorough hoodwinking. He understands that he this time has courted disaster, but he summed up all these immediately on the body of Xia Tian. Snort, Xia Tian, you wild how long, the pig emperor had been killed by you, his two Senior Brother will not let off your, the influence and skill of blade of emperor tooth emperor adds to sweep away all fully.” Duke angry saying of Sun Empire.

Once the people are angry, is sane on urban district, this time Duke Sun Empire was lost obviously sanely. Xia Tian had not answered, but with looking at the retarded same vision looks at the Sun Empire duke. His words said that so long as that were a little person of brain definitely understands that perhaps this time matter had him to add fuel to the flames. However since at this time the words said that he will not change again: Feared, even if you have feared also uselessly, only if you hid in uneven Imperial City for a lifetime.” He most is worried is Xia Tian has hidden in uneven Imperial City, in that case, even if the blade emperor and tooth emperor definitely does not dare to go to uneven Imperial City to kill Xia Tian directly. Therefore he must enrage Xia Tian with the words. No matter, calculates a head, coming me to kill one.” Xia Tian very aggressive saying: „, Your Sun Empire person should better not to have the idea of our uneven Imperial City, otherwise I will certainly make your Sun Empire national capital disappear in this in society directly.” Aggressive! Has saying that Xia Tian these words said unusual is aggressive. Threat! Xia Tian these words are threatening their Sun Empire. Do not think that our Sun Empire has feared you.” The Sun Empire duke hears Xia Tian unexpectedly to dare to threaten their Sun Empire, immediately looks angrily at Xia Tian. What's wrong? To make war with our uneven Imperial City? Good, if you can the representative Sun Empire speech, we make war.” But Xia Tian uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord, he said that the meaning of these words is he can represent uneven Imperial City to make war. But can the Sun Empire duke?

Naturally cannot, he not only not, but also fears uneven Imperial City very much. After all Sun Empire made war with three big influences now, if adds on wrapped in a shroud of obscurity uneven Imperial City again, that feared Sun Empire really unable to shoulder. Actually Xia Tian had not planned makes uneven Imperial City make war with any influence, but he can frighten the opposite party orally. After all the uneven Imperial City reputation is very resounding. Few individuals dare to make war with uneven Imperial City. Xia Tian also calculates that the opposite party has not dared, therefore he will say. You......” the Sun Empire duke truly were speechless. Because he truly does not dare to answer Xia Tian the issue. Your what you? Refuses to accept? Refuses to accept to do, I am not afraid of getting into trouble in a big way, if you thought that you were good, that does, if you thought that you are one instigated, B, that.” Fiercest place that Xia Tian these words said that is behind those words. This was clarifies has made the opposite party acknowledge one were instigated, B, because the opposite party was definitely does not dare to accept a challenge. Qi Wang is also smiling looks at Xia Tian at this time, although his strength formidable, but he discovered that Xia Tian has to receive the ability very much . Moreover the handling matters aspect is also unusual formidable. He thinks before wants the to control opposite party to kill, making the opposite party fear. But the Xia Tian procedure actually by frightening, does not need to hit, solely frightened is OK. Moreover Xia Tian can frighten each time successfully.

Snort!” At this moment, side Sun Empire Duke that poisonous demon cold snort. Volume! Volume! Xia Tian both hands have covered their neck, on the face is the painful look, but the flash his face turned into the blue purple, sees such scene, all people stare. Snort, your idle talk were too many, solemn uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord, the skill is so bad, depends on the mouth to install the egg outside, now you died in my poisonous demon hand, does not know that your uneven Imperial City was good the meaning to revenge?” Poisonous demon cold snort, on his face presented the excited look. He believes own today thorough has become famous, kills by poison uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord, such skill, can be possible be called absolutely next three uses the poisonous first person. Although before , he also thinks that is next three with the poisonous first person, but that is he confesses merely. Without the reputation, does not have the wealth, does not have the right. Once there is a reputation, that all wealth and rights all will well up to him. Moreover he believes that uneven Imperial City definitely does not dare to retaliate, because this is the matter that loses face very much, solemn Vice-City Lord unexpectedly was killed by poison face to face, this is own skill has not practiced proficiently, therefore uneven Imperial City, if retaliates, everybody thinks that uneven Imperial City is also mediocre. A Sun Empire duke brow wrinkle, he has not ordered to the poisonous demon, he knows that the poisonous demon definitely too wants to become famous: Poisonous demon, do you do.” What his script writes is lets the blade emperor and pig emperor extinguishes kills Xia Tian, has not made the poisonous demon kill Xia Tian, this has vented anger accidentally the uneven Imperial City words, that went bad. Duke Sir, aren't you have wanted to make him die? I thought that your plan was too troublesome, but also the design lets the blade emperor and pig emperor copes with him, I look do not use, I sufficiently relaxed cutting killed him.” Poisonous demon very self-satisfied saying.