Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2066

The Sun Empire duke is depressed at this time, he felt that all deviated his track. Before him thinking unusual is good: Has killed the pig emperor, shifts blame to Xia Tian, and indulged in unbridled propaganda this matter that destroys the Xia Tian reputation, then sends for informing the blade emperor and tooth emperor, making them retaliate Xia Tian. This plan may be called perfect. Now this plan obvious some are not but right. From most starts the corpse of pig emperor not to see, wants to destroy the Xia Tian reputation to afterward him, was exposed them to attack three big influences by Xia Tian on the contrary, to finally poisonous demon unexpectedly, for own reputation gets rid to sneak attack Xia Tian directly. It can be said that the present all drift off, has all been separated from his plan. He thinks one have after the wisdom of day latitude place, but these matters obviously have stemmed from his anticipation now. Actually he really has that talent. But he elected mistakenly the match. Ha Ha Ha Ha, my poisonous demon is next three first uses poisonous Expert.” Poisonous demon excited saying. Coughs! At this moment a series of cough sounds transmit. All people all look to the origin of sound, because of there station Xia Tian. Oh I went, steal food fruit unexpectedly to catch the throat, it seems like, cannot really the stealing food thing.” Xia Tian has rubbed own face, very optional saying. The stealing food fruit choked!! Hears these words time, all people all puzzled looked to the poisonous demon. The poisonous demon added a moment ago one used the poisonous skill strong, fierce, Xia Tian this uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord also has incurred, moreover everybody saw the Xia Tian appearance, has believed the poisonous demon words.

Finally now saw that others Xia Tian has not been poisoned. No... No, this is impossible, I obviously already...” The poisonous demon whole face is inconceivable. On your toxin, but also insufficiently fills the gap between teeth to me.” Very Xia Tian disdains looked that said to the poisonous demon: Was right, I had said a moment ago probably, who wants to kill me, I will kill anyone, you intoxicated to me a moment ago want to kill me probably.” Hears the Xia Tian words, on the face of poisonous demon presented the panic-stricken look! Whiz! Afterward his turn around opens directly runs away. Right hand outstretch of Xia Tian slowly. Technique of Fourth Layer deep meanings eight Qi. Seizes to kill! The poisonous demon that escaped felt suddenly own body was probably uncontrolled, afterward his body framed in the midair, he has not understood what's the matter time body directly weak. Death. Like this with ease died. Shock! This all people all by the Xia Tian strength deep has shocked, can say, although Xia Tian for these days the surface seemed the unusual cow, but in fact, Xia Tian was frightening the match, not true has gotten rid. The people think him also only then frightens the skill of person. However at this time they have not thought that all people all saw a moment ago the poisonous demon escapes what head demonstration is four cauldron Rank 4.

Four cauldron Rank 4 Expert such relaxed was extinguished by Xia Tian kills. Even is separates extinguishes spatially kills. Unknown forever is most fearful. It looks like uneven Imperial City is the same, nobody has seen Qi Wang and uneven Imperial City true strength, therefore everybody will fear Qi Wang, fears uneven Imperial City. Now Xia Tian the already deep all shook here person. Who noticed that this is not afraid, Xia Tian only needs to wave, can kill people casually, if Xia Tian waves to them at this time, perhaps they also will die. The poisonous demon died, dies in vain! Because is he gets rid to sneak attack Xia Tian first, therefore Xia Tian has killed him now, that is the technique is inferior to the person, no wonder anybody. This Sun Empire duke could be said as has defeated thoroughly, on his face has written all over unwillingly: No, I have not lost, the pig emperor died, then the blade emperor and tooth emperor can definitely retaliate your.” The Sun Empire duke excited looks at Xia Tian. This is he hopes finally, so long as Xia Tian died, he is not loses. They came, will certainly retaliate you, but is not retaliation summer City Lord.” At this moment, the obese form appears in the front of people together. This obese form stripped, upper body mark a mole cricket. This person is not others, is the pig emperor. This... This is how possible, you are not already...” On the face of Duke Sun Empire has written all over inconceivable. Died? You naturally hope that I died, what a pity summer City Lord has rescued my life, poisonous demon skill that you look for not proficient, after I am poisoned, had discovered one were intoxicated, at that time I made my son give me two Senior Brother signalling, once I died, is you do, therefore my two Senior Brother and big Senior Brother will not look for the trouble of summer City Lord.” The pig emperor spoke of here time turned head to look at Xia Tian: I want to look for summer City Lord to talk clearly this matter, like this , can also avoid troubling, but has not thought that summer City Lord unexpectedly has rescued my life, summer City Lord is the person of justice and humanity, I daytime just had said that must cut off his hands and feet, no matter normal he I am also in the reason, but he actually repays good with evil, has rescued my life.”

Hears here time, all talented people understand that originally is Duke Sun Empire and poisonous demon collaborates to kill the pig emperor, then shifts blame to Xia Tian. Thinks of here, these before accused the Xia Tian person once more incarnation for the just messenger, started to accuse the Sun Empire duke. Has a grudge to revenge, has resentful seeking vengeance, duke Sir, you said that I can also let off you?” Pig emperor coldly looks at the Sun Empire duke. Although the Nine cauldrons gate truly does not let the casual murder. However the personal grievances Nine cauldrons gate does not manage, so long as does not bully the person everywhere on the line. Snort, did the pig emperor, you think your unmatched in the world really? Here has over a hundred Expert, how do you fight me?” Sun Empire duke numerous snort. I most like helps others, you? I do not believe.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, his behind these guards Advanced have stood afterward. Uneven Imperial City these guard top Expert. In the population the Sun Empire person are not less. Hateful, Xia Tian, this is I with his personal grievances, what relations has with you?” Duke angry saying of Sun Empire, he does not hope that Xia Tian and he behind these people enters the war. You frame me blatantly, added that doesn't have the relations with me? You are an idiot, you by the idea of idiot think that I am an idiot?” Asking of Xia Tian face ridicule. Many thanks summer City Lord, but copes with these mob, has not needed exhausted summer City Lord, I was OK.” Pig emperor to Xia Tian bowing of slightly. Good!” Xia Tian has not said anything. Duke Sir, you knows why I did call the pig the emperor?” The pig emperor said that the right hand patted directly on tattoos of his mole cricket.