Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2067

Bang! After that mole cricket tattoos lay, the body of pig emperor had the great change. His body suddenly starts changes high, has been long five meters high to stop, moreover his belly starts to increase, the head also starts to change. Entire head turned into pig head. shit, this is not Zhu Bajie!” Xia Tian says with emotion. Who is Zhu Bajie?” Qi Wang puzzled asking. Whom does not have!” Xia Tian said hurriedly. What this pig emperor uses is five cauldron Expert adept Unique Skill, the person favors to unite, is his main body and own pet combines, looks like from his present appearance, his pet should be the valuable beast rank.” Qi Wang answered. Five cauldron Expert naturally solely did not have to see through others Realm this small ability. Four cauldron Expert biggest skills can use the soul to search, soul locking. But five cauldron Expert can determine the opposite party strength from the aura of opposite party, moreover can the user favor to unite. Pig emperor obviously is only four cauldron Rank 8 strengths, his how user favors to unite?” Xia Tian very puzzled asking. In the spirit world, does not have any impossible matter, looks like you are same, you have also done too many impossible matters, the skill of this pig emperor is good, he should be has any secret and so on ability.” Qi Wang answered. „!” Xia Tian nodded. In this time pig emperor hand has put out his handle green sword once more. Before everybody noticed that he must to Xia Tian got rid, felt that he took the sword to be strange, because the sword was too big, but at this moment, they looked at the words of sword again, understands that the sword of pig emperor so was why big. Actually this is any ability.” Duke surprised saying of Sun Empire. Dies!” The pig emperor gives a loud shout, afterward a blade cuts. Blocks him to me, he has a person, our so many people, he definitely is not our matches.” The Sun Empire duke shouts loudly.

That over a hundred Expert all have fired afterward into the pig emperor. These Expert strength weakest four cauldron Rank 4, even if 100 four cauldron Rank 4 Expert, so long as coordinates good also to encircle kills four cauldron Rank 9 Expert. Let alone also has other more rank formidable Expert. dīng dīng dāng dāng! The attacks of these people hit when the body of pig emperor, the spark four shoot, they have not even broken the defense of pig emperor. Bang! The blade of pig emperor divided in the crowd of opposite party. Bang! The formidable strength front will swallow instantaneously completely, this move of unexpectedly on Insta-kill more than ten individuals. „A very strong blade.” Xia Tian says with emotion. This is a big merit.” Qi Wang shows a faint smile. Good, it seems like greatly really has the merit.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. „A big merit is striking power, but similarly, he must pay attention to the speed and defense, is good because of his pet is the defensive power quite strong pet, therefore he does not need to be worried about the attacked issue, but the speed is his mechanical damage.” Qi Wang answered. Xia Tian discovered one mixed time to grow with Qi Wang, not only grew in experience, but can also have very big advantage to his later development. His beforehand cultivation was trying to find out forward. Since knew Qi Wang, he knew some matters and special methods of more secret. Bang! The destructive power of pig emperor was really too terrifying, a moment ago enormous and powerful Sun Empire Expert, at this time already not remaining several.

Was killed by the pig emperor completely. „It is not good, the words that continues to hit, I will also die.” Sun Empire duke innermost feelings secretly thought. Whiz! Run away! His unexpectedly started to run away. Snort! To run away?” Pig emperor cold snort, he received the long blade in hand afterward, the body rolled in the ground. Whiz! The flash, the Sun Empire duke by the body that he tumbled hitting. Lying trough, this is also good!” Xia Tian has opened the mouth surprisedly. This move coming out that owes he to think.” Qi Wang also by of pig emperor provoking laughter. Puff! Body of Qi Wang that tumbling directly Duke Sun Empire to pounding maliciously under body, solemn four cauldron Rank 9 Expert like this by living running over. Bang! Sun Empire Expert that the remaining these want to escape all was also cut to kill by the pig emperor. Finished. An enormous and powerful war like this ended. The pig emperor is one becomes famous worthily Expert, his method it can be said that makes Xia Tian broaden the outlook. „It is not good, I must try to find the solution, society **** unites this move, was really too fierce.” The Xia Tian innermost feelings say with emotion, but he has not gone to ask that the pig emperor wants, he knows this secret definitely is the pig emperor not dense of passing on.

Therefore he asked also in vain asked. Snort, here bluffs and blusters is any skill, Xia Tian, do not forget you to make with my gambling.” The voice of pill emperor conveys from the crowd. Originally he here has seen a play. „A person is called you despicable thing, three days do not hit, the best room strips off roof tiles, you are that person, naturally, with a few words described that you are: The dog walks you, the dog stops you to be shaky.” Xia Tian has taken pill emperor, this was looks simply oppressively, in the language is unable to contend with Xia Tian obviously, then must come on several with Xia Tian. Snort, although does not know what you said is anything, but your this type does not have the element qualitative person unable to say any word of praise to come.” pill emperor once more cold snort. Therefore your IQ was completely insufficient, quickly finds a place to recharge, I said can also be anything, dog, basket.” Xia Tian described was truly appropriate. Has the dog, the basket, the child is the dog walks it, the dog stops it to be shaky. You!!!!” pill emperor once more by leaving in a huff of Xia Tian air/Qi. You also saw, was not I wants to scold him, was he asks for a scolding.” Xia Tian very helpless saying. Summer City Lord, did not need to waste the saliva with this person, the competition was about to start, we competition range.” The pig emperor arrives in front of Xia Tian to say. At this time he has regarded Xia Tian obviously is a friend. After all Xia Tian is his graciousness of life-saving, although before , a little not happy place, but that is his son is swayed by personal feelings, he also wants to know that own son anything individuality, definitely is his son looks for Xia Tian to be troublesome. Em, does not know what today compares is anything.” Xia Tian nodded. The topic of Nine cauldrons gate is not definitely simple, the first problem has eliminated 90% people, how many people does that second topic Nine cauldrons gate plan to eliminate? The director of Nine cauldrons gate arrived. At this time he stands above that stage. Today's competition topic is the random 1000 seven levels of miracle cures, only then the first 20 people can be promoted.” The director of Nine cauldrons gate announced the topic of competition.