Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2068

1000 people, keep 20. Hears here time, all people by the brutal way of Nine cauldrons gate shaking. However everybody thinks that this truly can select the most outstanding person with the shortest time. Moreover the topic of competing is also the non- common difficulty. Seven levels of compounded drugs are not casual Pill Refining master can refine, moreover refines 1000 seven levels of compounded drugs, that is not easy. Person who can refine 1000 seven levels of compounded drugs, strength that definitely is in this strongest. Moreover the Nine cauldrons gate is worried about some Pill Refining master not these seven levels of compounded drugs the formulas, therefore their only request is seven levels of compounded drugs, as for is any compounded drug, that looked that the Pill Refining master was convenient to any compounded drug. pill emperor provokes looks to Xia Tian: May not be eliminated, otherwise did not have the meaning.” Owed to scold?” The Xia Tian corners of the mouth raise slightly. pill emperor now had feared Xia Tian this has opened mouth, he heard Xia Tian to speak these words, immediately frightened does not dare to speak. Waste!” Xia Tian saw that does not dare to answer, scolded one directly. All participating personnel have all come to power, after they come to power, started to get ready, the material, oneself will refine the compounded drug of oneself meeting, the Nine cauldrons gate naturally will not give them to leave the material. Now I announced that the competition formally starts.” The director of Nine cauldrons gate shouts loudly. The competition started! The flash, all people all start Pill Refining. pill emperor and Xia Tian have not all put out the Pill Refining furnace, moreover they all simultaneously dissolve 20-30 types of materials there, the technique is also exactly the same. If beforehand person are many, everybody is unable to note their movement.

Then everybody looked at this time to them. Because of here person already not first that many, moreover everybody also knows that Xia Tian and between pill emperors must carry on to bet fighting of life. Therefore everybody will pay attention to their Pill Refining. Finally this looked that may all give to shake all people. Their Pill Refining ways and technique unexpectedly are exactly the same. What?” pill emperor saw when Xia Tian technique immediately stares, his first has not noted the Xia Tian Pill Refining technique, at this time here person are not many, he is away from Xia Tian not to be far, therefore he will look at Xia Tian one. When he sees Xia Tian this time technique, was shocked completely. Xia Tian technique unexpectedly is just the same as him. Must know, reason that he can able to move unhindered next three, be because his Pill Refining technique is different from others, he not only Pill Refining seems overbearing, but also pill leads high, the Pill Refining speed is fast. This is the merit of his exclusive Pill Refining technique. He can affirm this next three, only then he can this Pill Refining technique, because his Master had been given to kill by him, that was impossible to have any person also to meet this super Pill Refining technique again. How is this possible?” pill emperor noticed at this time the Xia Tian Pill Refining technique and way are just the same as him, therefore he could not think through. Xia Tian has not spoken, moreover smiling looks at pill emperor. pill emperor time is thorough was smiled to hoodwink by Xia Tian. Then, all techniques are exactly the same, the speed is also exactly the same. „Will he duplicate my Pill Refining technique?” pill emperor has thought of this possibility suddenly.

Thinks of here, his nod of silently, he believes now that Xia Tian definitely with seeming the same technique is fooling him, to let his mind chaos: Snort, I do not believe the compounded drug that he refines to be able me more.” He to own becomes pill leads to be very self-confident. The people all were also deceived to the lane by their same techniques. You duplicated my technique to be also useless, when to become pill that moment, your completely exposed, my has become pill leads very high, but you duplicate my skill become pill lead is very definitely low.” pill emperor shouts loudly. He has recognized now. Xia Tian duplicates his technique. So that's how it is.” The talented person who at this time these watch the fun understands that originally Xia Tian really plays at heart the tactic, has duplicated the technique of pill emperor, then frightens pill emperor. Time passing bit by bit. Now wants to become pill, visits me to reveal you.” pill emperor said that a direct both hands racket, the compounded drug departs from his both hands. Crash-bang! Big pile of compounded drugs of appeared, at least also has 300-400! Saw that pill emperor refines seven levels of compounded drugs can also have so terroristly becomes pill leads, all people silently had all been raised up the thumb. Worthily is pill emperor, on first, refined the speeds of seven levels of compounded drugs quickly compared with others that many, moreover became pill leads so to be terrorist.” I thought this first is to also belong to him, such terrifying technique also he can meet, as for summer City Lord, I estimated that fears the skill that plagiarize comes to reveal the secret, he should be compounded drug has not built up.” Is, is, the thing that duplicates frightens the person to be good, arrives at pill time revealed the secret.” The surrounding person whoops, they think that pill emperor can also attain first absolutely, has duplicated the technique of pill emperor as for Xia Tian with the special skill, is actually only the semblance is similar, after all Pill Refining must grasp were too many, was not the semblance like can refine the thing to come.

Open! At this moment, Xia Tian also became pill, his both hands made an effort a racket. Crash-bang! Crash-bang! Big pile of compounded drugs of depart from his both hands, that pile of this group of compounded drug pill emperors must 34 times. How is this possible?” pill emperor stared in a big way both eyes. Surroundings these people have also opened the mouth, anything could not say, they all did not favor Xia Tian a moment ago, because they think skill that Xia Tian duplicates, is not own. But now Xia Tian unexpectedly successful refinement . Moreover the quantity wants pill emperor are many. Quite fierce.” Qi Wang cannot bear say. He... His Pill Refining technique unexpectedly real, in other words, his unexpectedly with my same Pill Refining technique, he is that old ghost rebirth?” pill emperor innermost feelings incomparable surprised, moreover on his face presented the fear. That old ghost in his mouth, is the genuine pill emperor, is his Master. In the past he for plagiarize his Master true Pill Refining technique, got rid to sneak attack to his Master, he can be definite, his Master definitely died was right. Your this tenth pill led too to be also low.” Shaking the head of Xia Tian disdains. Becoming pill leads lowly, his unexpectedly said that pill emperor becomes pill leads lowly, but nobody dares to refute him, because his becomes pill leads the unexpectedly pill emperors to be terrorist. Here also only then he can say pill emperor. Hateful, even if your real rebirth, I must kill you once more.” pill emperor innermost feelings roared.