Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2069

Waste!” Xia Tian looked that said these two characters to pill emperor. If before , everybody thinks that Xia Tian said these two characters is cursing at people, then his these words were superior are saying to lower position now. His unexpectedly is a such fierce person.” Juicy Shan in crowd withdrawal, reason that he does not continue to attend the competition is because she received a news, must go back immediately, before she wants just before leaving, watches the competition of Xia Tian, finally this looks to make her very surprised. Heard Xia Tian to say one were the waste, pill emperor anger. He is pill emperor, the next three Pill Refining first people, Xia Tian unexpectedly scolded him is the waste. You are waiting to me.” After pill emperor throws down these words , to continue Pill Refining. I now continuously in this, but also uses? What skill has you to use directly, did not take you to wait not to have the sound to me, said that had the face very much?” Xia Tian asked directly. You......” Competition conclusion personnel please leave field, do not disturb other person of Pill Refining.” The director of Nine cauldrons gate said. Xia Tian has not spoken, turn around, returned to their uneven Imperial City region. He is disposable the refinement to complete, therefore he successfully was also promoted. pill emperor has not disappointed everybody, he is the second refinement completes, but he altogether has refined three times, otherwise his speed can be faster. This competition quite time-consuming, after is not all people have Xia Tian and pill emperor such Pill Refining speed and pill leads. The competition has continued for three days three nights, simultaneously the Nine cauldrons gate announced fourth day the rest. Enable the person who just competed to end to rest. For these days, pill emperor could be said as very depressed, he does not know that actually Xia Tian was, he could not think through, was Xia Tian his Master rebirth.

Normal, he does not believe absolutely had rebirth saying. However after he saw the Xia Tian technique with own eyes, he also has to think: What's the matter? Is Master another apprentice?” Has thought after three days three nights, pill emperor has made a decision: I, no matter you are, I do not allow next three to present second to have the person of same technique with me absolutely, when the final is I use the secret weapon the time, when the time comes I must make you die without the burial ground.” Really crisp.” Xia Tian was having a long lazy sleep for these days. Normal, even if passed the person of competition also very anxiously, they in the guess next topic are anything, analyzes others' Pill Refining technique wait / etc.. It can be said that for these days they were collecting the material everywhere, like absolutely is alone one that Xia Tian sleeps. Because Xia Tian does not need to know that anybody technique, his genuine match has one, that is pill emperor, but the technique of pill emperor he understood. Only if pill emperor also has any card in a hand, otherwise Xia Tian has eaten to decide him, even if will be he has any card in a hand not to reveal that absolutely easily, therefore Xia Tian will look up certainly not to look up. These guards Advanced of Qi Wang palace are also all admirations looks at Xia Tian, afterward they contact the Xia Tian time not to be long, but they discovered that Xia Tian simply is an out of the ordinary person, his out of the ordinary place is he as if works is confident is the same. Summer City Lord, you have time also to teach us two.” These uneven Imperial City guards Advanced all are look at Xia Tian that a face anticipates. Teaches you two, when I go back, when the time comes packing well you.” Xia Tian truly has thought must arm to these people well, after all they are also considered as now on are the uneven Imperial City facades, his subordinate guard, if goes out too the cicada, that truly a little loses face. Packs the packing! Hears this glossary time, these uneven Imperial City guards Advanced hoodwinked. They do not understand that Xia Tian is any meaning. Has not thanked summer City Lord quickly.” Liu Shishi pushed them to continue saying: Summer City Lord this was must grant to you treasure.”

Hears to grant the treasure, these people at present immediately one bright. Many thanks summer City Lord.” They incomparably excited saying. Before Qi Wang , is still thinking that actually Xia Tian must how tame new move of these Expert, after all Expert has own temperament, is unruly. However now looks like, he considered thoroughly. Xia Tian first is outward strong, overbearing, displays the incomparably formidable appearance, afterward comforts internally, must grant these person of things, then these people naturally were from the heart admiring Xia Tian. Fourth day after past. The competition arrived once more. When everybody is thinking when rule of this competition, the director of Nine cauldrons gate appeared. Decided after our interior that today is going to carry on the final.” Final! Hears the words of Nine cauldrons gate director, all people all are very obscure, does not understand that they are doing anything. Just competed with three unexpectedly to carry on the final. Today's competition topic is, Pill Refining is optional, the material is optional, the time is for half a month, so long as is half a month can to become pill, finally the inspection is whose compounded drug rank is high, if appears is the same, that looked whose pill leads high, the quality is high.” The director of Nine cauldrons gate said. The final finally started. This final the past is quicker, however the person compares to anticipate oncoming of final actually, because at the final, Xia Tian bets the life with pill emperor.

In other words this time they must have a person dead here. One is the champion of previous Pill Refining congress, one is sudden summer City Lord. If the beforehand all people think that pill emperor definitely will win, then currently most at least has one small some people to start to support Xia Tian. Because Xia Tian has won pill emperor at previous competition. Xia Tian had proven with the fact his Pill Refining technique pill emperor is not bad. The atmosphere suddenly thorough coagulation, Xia Tian and pill emperor they also all are the vision stubbornly is staring at the opposite party. This nobody can rescue you.” Saying of pill emperor coldly. I must be the Master cleaning up gateway today.” Xia Tian saying slowly, although his voice is not loud, but all people all hear clearly. Master! Cleans up the gateway! Now everybody understood finally, originally Xia Tian and pill emperor is Master, no wonder before , the technique that they use was exactly the same. Originally you are the disciple of that old ghost.” pill emperor understood finally, this was puzzled by his such a long time difficult problem to untie finally: Your fate will be more miserable than the old ghost.” Suddenly, among them the imposing manner is colliding mutually. Waits for death!” They also shout.