Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2070

Their imposing manners lit the interests of all people instantaneously. This competition is anticipation is obviously full, especially this ultimate showdown. Nine cauldrons gate, no matter your personal grievances, but I do not hope that you disturb others Pill Refining, therefore you can Pill Refining in the stage.” The director of Nine cauldrons gate said. The stage is the position that he is at now, here very spacious, moreover here be higher than ten meters compared with the normal Pill Refining place, therefore here Pill Refining will not affect under. Whiz! The body of Xia Tian dodges, on direct stage. Leave!” Xia Tian looked that said to pill emperor. Your boy should not be wild, I will extinguish you sooner or later.” pill emperor said that also leapt to jump on the stage directly, their this face-to-face sat. Now I announced that final formally starts.” The director of Nine cauldrons gate said that leaves the stage directly. All people all moved. Xia Tian and pill emperor they all start to prepare the material: Boy, does not know that what skill you do learn from old ghost that? However the final compared with the strongest compounded drug, not know that you will refine any compounded drug, moreover perhaps you continually nice material cannot take.” Nice material?” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, afterward the right hand wields. Humph! His front presented one pile of materials, moreover this pile of materials all are the valuable herbal medicines, wants existence of high rank compared with the spirit herbal medicine, specifically is used to refine Bao pill. shit, he was also too rich, worthily was uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord, was simply filthy rich.” Those present say with emotion, they by the Xia Tian great writer to deep shock. These many materials, this value may be needless to say completely, perhaps the values of these materials are they are unable to imagine. Hey, do you lack the material, the words that lacks take directly, you're welcome, avoid when the time comes you lost have blamed your material being not very good.” Xia Tian looked that said to pill emperor.

Snort!” pill emperor cold snort, has not spoken, he wants to seize the chance to taunt Xia Tian a moment ago, but he not only cannot taunt successfully, instead own face building. pill emperor put out directly has prepared the good material beforehand, he naturally knows that the final must test anything, because each time the content of final was this. Strongest skill, strongest compounded drug. Rank 3 Bao pill who this time must refine, although on him hundred years of refinement is also Rank 3 Bao pill, but succeeded at that time by chance, moreover that Rank 3 Bao pill is only preliminary Rank 3 Bao pill, what this time he must refine is Rank 3 Bao pill replies pill, this compounded drug can make four cauldron Rank 9 Expert restore the complete strength instantaneously. Even if were that four cauldron Rank 9 Expert spiritual energy has consumed to empty completely, that this compounded drug also same can fully restore. It can be said that this type of compounded drug simply is four cauldron Rank 9 Expert long-awaited treasures. The second article life. However this Bao pill is not casual can refine, first refines this Bao pill's material to be difficult to look, he also spent the high price to send for searching high and low gets so far as these materials. Next, the water that this Bao pill refines is not the ordinary water, but is the water that the western region Great Snow Mountain summit cold ice melts. Can say to refine this compounded drug, he has made countless efforts. On the contrary, compounded drug that Xia Tian wants to refine is anything, nobody knows, because this Xia Tian has used the Pill Refining furnace, a very ordinary Pill Refining furnace. Xia Tian does not certainly dare to use small cauldron Pill Refining in the Nine cauldrons gate, if had been discovered by Expert of Nine cauldrons gate existence of small cauldron, that perhaps what happened. Xia Tian has thought own small cauldron definitely has the relations with the Nine cauldrons gate. As for is anything relates, he does not know. This time Pill Refining it can be said that all flowers blooms together. Finally these 20 Pill Refining Expert have not disappointed everybody, their Pill Refining techniques make all People shout satisfy a craving, such grand occasion usually they absolutely do not have the opportunity to see.

Although several days several nights have not eaten meal to sleep, but everyone is also unusual being strong that looks. After seven days seven nights. pill emperor first to become pill. Ha Ha Ha Ha! Ha Ha Ha Ha!” pill emperor to become pill that moment, he has exuded the incomparable terrifying laughter, his laughter reached in the ears of all people. In the laughter has filled excitedly. He succeeded. Experienced for seven days seven nights, he succeeded finally. Rank 3 Bao pill, super replies pill.” pill emperor shouts loudly. Hearing is Rank 3 Bao pill time, all people all are the incomparable worships looked to pill emperor, but they truly do not know that super replied pill's function. Super replies pill, can reply four cauldron Rank 9 all strengths instantaneously.” pill emperor answered. The director of that Nine cauldrons gate starts to turn looks for the compounded drug ancient book, afterward 11 make a comparison: Truly is Rank 3 Bao pill, super replies pill . Moreover the compounded drug quality is good, is the high-grade goods.” Hears the Nine cauldrons gate director's confirmation, everybody worships looked to pill emperor. Meanwhile, these rich men all are ready to fight, they plan to buy this compounded drug. Xia Tian tenth pill, he has not been refining. Boy, you a moment ago were not clamoring was very fierce? Now how to have tenth pill? Too was really disappointing, in your words is the waste.” pill emperor ridiculed loudly. Now he very excited, he thinks that he won, had Rank 3 Bao pill, super replied pill, that nobody can win him, even if Xia Tian were the successor of that old ghost is also also useless.

Xia Tian had not answered, Pill Refining wholeheartedly. At this time his on the forehead is the sweat. People also anxious looks to Xia Tian, actually they want to take a look at Xia Tian to refine any compounded drug. Eighth day, ninth day, tenth day! Xia Tian in Pill Refining, had not stopped, this time he, lip blanch, complexion also exceptionally ugly, obviously is the consumption very big. 11 th day, 12 th day, 13 th day. , Everybody did not hold any hope to Xia Tian gradually, because they do not think that Xia Tian can win pill emperor, the compounded drug that after all pill emperor refines went against heaven's will. 14 th day, other people early one after another have completed, at this time has not completed only remaining Xia Tian people. All people are waiting for the arrival of 15 th day, if 15 th day crosses, then Xia Tian has not built up, he lost. Passed through such a long time, even if Xia Tian also refines Rank 3 Bao pill, he also lost, the time that because he uses was too long. 15 th day! When all people think Xia Tian lost, both hands of Xia Tian stopped the movement, in front of him all also returned to normal, on his face had a smiling face of faint trace: You lost.”