Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2071

You lost! You lost!! ...... These words unceasing is reverberating at the scene, that moment of because in Xia Tian completing, scene very peaceful. „Did I lose? Also can win me depending on you? Really huge joke, what I refine is Rank 3 Bao pill's inside Advanced compounded drug . Moreover the quality or the high-grade goods, you similarly refined Rank 3 Bao pill, you same will lose.” Saying that pill emperor disdains, he does not think one will lose. Rank 3 Bao pill.” Xia Tian turned on own Pill Refining furnace slowly. Bang! When Xia Tian opens that moment of Pill Refining furnace, the seven colors of the spectrum ray shoots up to the sky, seven color compounded drugs flew from pill furnace slowly. Sees this seven color compounded drugs time, all person vision were all attracted the past. Attractive, this compounded drug was really too attractive. This is...” The director of Nine cauldrons gate also hoodwinked. Rank 4 Bao pill, god of evil fortune pill, takes later can resist the day tribulation, protects the state of mind, has to go against heaven's will changes the effect of life.” Xia Tian saying slowly. Anything!” When hears Xia Tian these words, all people have all opened the mouth. This also too exaggerated. These effects that Xia Tian said that casual takes is the incomparable terrifying. Is impossible, this not possibly real, he is absolutely impossible to refine four Pin Baodan, in all ancient books of that old ghost has not recorded four Pin Baodan.” Shaking the head that pill emperor keeps, he is unable to believe one hear, sees. The director of Nine cauldrons gate starts the fast glancing through compounded drug ancient book. The compounded drug of this rank had already surpassed his cognition.

Found.” The director of Nine cauldrons gate starts to contrast compounded drug, afterward he nodded: He said right . Moreover the god of evil fortune pill's function is also useful to five cauldron Expert.” His five cauldron Expert also usefully without doubt increased the value of compounded drug. Xia Tian refined four compounded drugs, that result was very obvious, was Xia Tian has won, pill emperor lost. Your life wants me to take, you take.” Xia Tian looked that said to pill emperor. No, you have definitely cheated, this is impossible, I do not believe you can win me.” pill emperor does not believe Xia Tian can refine four compounded drugs. He is not willing to believe. Because he had stolen away his Master all Pill Refining rare books and sensibility in the past, he believes that he obtained Master all. But now Xia Tian unexpectedly refines compared with his rank high compounded drug, moreover compounded drug that he does not know. It seems like you were plan to act shamelessly.” Very Xia Tian disdains looks at pill emperor: That makes me take.” Xia Tian just about to stands up, his throwing down almost, originally was he consumed recently was too big . Moreover the body also entered the weak time, will therefore have such situation, therefore his hurried clothing next restored the compounded drug. Day helps me.” pill emperor noticed that Xia Tian is so weak at this time, on face immediately one happy, afterward has put out 9981 silver needles, gripped directly in own head. Four cauldron Rank 8! Four cauldron Rank 9! Five cauldron Rank 1! Five cauldron Rank 2! Five cauldron Rank 3! Realm of pill emperor rose five cauldron Rank 3.

Sees such change, all people all hoodwinked, actually their unclear white lead emperor has used any method, why will have such big change suddenly. Does not understand the silver needle outcome in his hand what's the matter. But all people understand that a matter, pill emperor now was five cauldron Rank 3 Expert, he must kill Xia Tian. Xia Tian, this is my secret weapon, since you chose have opposed with me, you must die, all your will be my, was the same with that old ghost, all was my.” pill emperor roared angrily. Life-saving!” An uneven Imperial City guard Advanced shouts loudly, is only the flash, uneven Imperial City all guards Advanced all flush away to there. But they are away from was too far. The director of Nine cauldrons gate just looked up the ancient book, he is away from Xia Tian to be also far, suddenly nobody can rescue Xia Tian, especially rescues Xia Tian from the Expert pill emperor hands of five cauldron Rank 3. Dies!” pill emperor knows that he cannot lose the time, otherwise other people have come up on the strategic place, now he must do is instantaneous Insta-kill Xia Tian, then wins Xia Tian all, finally flees from here fast, finds nobody's place to close up. All studies all that Xia Tian has, Xia Tian Pill Refining technology, Xia Tian treasure, that bow. Bang! Saw that Xia Tian must die in the hand of pill emperor, meaning that but Xia Tian has still not dodged. Everybody thinks that he definitely could not hide, even gave up. At this moment, they saw the smiling face from the face of Xia Tian. Opposes with me, you are doomed are this fate.” A pill emperor fist bang has approached Xia Tian. The might of this fist as if ripped open the air was the same. In all people thinks that the head of Xia Tian will be opened colored that moment, the fist of pill emperor stopped, is not he wants to stop, but was a big hand held his wrist|skill, that big hand seemed has not used any strength, but his fist is unable the little advance half step. What?” pill emperor whole face inconceivable looks to blocking his person: „Who are you?”

You do not need to know that who I am, you only need to know that I here, you could not injure him, since you lost, to become Wang defeated the invader, you can die.” This person is not others, is Qi Wang. Qi Wang how possibly helplessly looks that Xia Tian was killed. Bang! A Qi Wang palm patted directly above the chest of pill emperor, afterward the body of pill emperor has flown upside down, in the midair, the body of pill emperor exploded directly. Turned into the fragment. Sees such scene, all people all do not dare to speak. pill emperor a moment ago was five cauldron Rank 3 Expert, all people looked clearly, that five small cauldrons and three small cauldrons have represented his strength. But this sudden person unexpectedly so superficial palm extinguished him kills. A palm extinguishes kills five cauldron Rank 3 Expert, this grade of strength was also too terrifying. Uneven Imperial City these wanted to go forward to save Xia Tian guard Advanced also there, they do not know Qi Wang true status, they guessed that he either was the Xia Tian friend, either was Qi Wang palace Expert. But they never see Qi Wang to get rid, this time they see Qi Wang to get rid, all by Qi Wang that formidable incomparable strength shaking. Competition had ended, goes home.” Qi Wang start to talk slowly said. Family! Is uneven Imperial City. Yeah, should go back.” Xia Tian sighed: Master, I revenged for you.”