Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2072

Xia Tian is the person who observes the commitment. Since he complied to for pill emperor revenge, that certainly will revenge. Today this enmity he reports finally, moreover pill emperor who defeats with the Pill Refining technique, can say that this is the true cleaning up gateway. At this moment, since he has been hanging the heart has put down finally. Now, he also owes a broken day desire, helping him find one to call the woman of dream, gave this woman the letter, this unusual difficulty, just liked looks for a needle in a haystack. Remaining needs his rapid growth own influence , to promote own Realm, after his Realm promotion, he goes to the Qilin hole to take the Qilin blood! Before the strength has not arrived at that Realm, he went also to bring death. After all thing all assembleds, he must refine that compounded drug, present Xia Tian knows that compounded drug the name, that compounded drug did not belong to the miracle cure, was not Bao pill. But is pill. The name is to be reborn in paradise pill, after taking, can the life and death person, the meat bones of the dead, seize seven souls, receives nine souls. Had this compounded drug to know injuring of his Master Yin Nie. Actually when the time comes what happened will also reveal the truth. Walks!” Qi Wang waved to say. Em!” Xia Tian also recovered now, therefore they walk toward a transmission direction directly, here has transmission to major cities. Walked about the half day, they arrived at uneven Imperial City transmission. bo! After they enter transmission, the opposite has heard the cheers: Summer City Lord came back.” Summer City Lord came back.” All people are cheering, quick, entire uneven Imperial City everywhere in shouting, in these shops business, the customer, was running all. They must greet their Vice-City Lord.

Although Xia Tian is only Vice-City Lord, but Qi Wang does not want to be too famous obviously, therefore he, regardless of makes anything to do in the name of Xia Tian. Therefore the Xia Tian prestige is high. Moreover also had the guard to come back a moment ago ahead of time, to pass on the good news that Xia Tian wins. Xia Tian turned into a legend once more. Formation is invincible, the Pill Refining technique was to win the next three first titles, refiner that say nothing, because the patching shop was in itself existence of going against heaven's will. As for the strength, Xia Tian did not need to prove, because his growth was blood foreshadowing. Summer City Lord! Summer City Lord!!” All people all start loud cheering. Feels how is it?” Qi Wang smiling looks at Xia Tian. This was also too grand.” Xia Tian has not thought that own prestigious unexpectedly is so high. Walks!” Qi Wang saying slowly. Em!” Xia Tian nodded. City Wei Jun total Captain early ran over to greet, each big Captain small Captain followed personally by the team, city Wei Jun stood the platoon by the path, no one is able to pass through. These city Wei Jun, is the person of uneven Imperial City cheers. This Xia Tian felt the treatment of King all the way. He keeps waves to the path two sides people, these path two sides people noticed that the Xia Tian action even directly happily fainted. These women have also exuded the innumerable squeals. Xia Tian is male god in their mind! Solid male god.

You became the person who they admire, was qualified Vice-City Lord.” Liu Shishi said with a smile secretly. My anything has not done actually, is you in payout silently.” Xia Tian had rushed about outside, he has not paid anything for uneven Imperial City, but he is actually enjoying the love of this time common people. „The genuine King does not need any matter own strength to kiss is, otherwise must under make anything, but you must have the leadership, must to them a security sense, when they most need you, you must hope to them.” Qi Wang saying slowly. Qi Wang is a qualified king. In the past when he led the Qi Wang army to attack then Daxing empire, is so, although listened to be very simple, he led the army to sweep away in all directions, but matter where had the bon voyage, rough definitely many. Various crises and ambushes and so on will not be few, especially the Qi Wang army nearly completely was destroyed finally completely, if no Qi Wang enlightened leadership, that at that time, the Qi Wang army had been destroyed. Can unify entire next three uneven Imperial City is that affable? Naturally not. Therefore in the past Qi Wang did not win absolutely by luck. Em!” Xia Tian understands that Qi Wang this is teaching him. Qi Wang has taught he too many things, moreover Qi Wang has taken him, when the brothers regard. Actually all these are because Xia Tian looked like Qi Wang that younger brother. Temperament mental disposition, talent wait / etc.. All is just the same as, therefore Qi Wang will have natural warm feelings to Xia Tian, he saw Xia Tian time is willing to chitchat with Xia Tian, is willing to help Xia Tian, directs Xia Tian. He to make up for his some sentiments to younger brother flaw. You affirmed that something must process, I returned to the Qi Wang palace first, you finished looked for me.” Qi Wang said. Em!” Xia Tian nodded. Afterward he and Qi Wang have separated, his goal naturally was to patch the shop, although there was not big, but there turned into vice- City Lord Mansion now. When Xia Tian returns to here, patches the street is incomparably lively, is decorated with lanterns and colored streamers everywhere.

Greets the return of Xia Tian. The city Wei Junda Captain above rank comes with me first, other people go to the reception room! The patching shop is the main hall, nearby several shops were changed to the reception room. Total Captain and big Captain and the others all entered in the main hall with Xia Tian. See summer City Lord.” The people knee down completely, respectful saying. Gets up!” Xia Tian said: Here has 100 million sets of weaponry, is the complete set, you distribute, here also 10 billion Rank 5 miracle cures, completely distribute.” But Xia Tian now is filthy rich, he most does not care is the compounded drug and weaponry. Humph! These big Captain and total Captain of scene hear the Xia Tian words, has opened simply the mouth, their Vice-City Lord were also too rich. Xie Xia City Lord!” Total Captain shouts hurriedly. Xie Xia City Lord!” Other big Captain also cup one hand in the other across the chest to express one's thanks. Was good, the thing in these Chu rings, you distributes, after exiting, called the stewards of Advanced convoy guard.” Xia Tian light saying. Total Captain and the others understood, Xia Tian this time must start large quantities of previous treasures. They are also start to fantasize that had these guards Advanced to obtain any thing, but after all guard Advanced Xia Tian headquarters troops, thing definitely compared with them good. Treasure, definitely is the treasure!”