Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2073

After total Captain and the others exited, what that smiles is very happy: Summer City Lord asked you to go.” Em! Is what matter?” These of guard Advanced command puzzled asking. Good deed!” Total Captain mysterious smiles. Several of Advanced convoy guard commanded also moved toward in the patching shop. See summer City Lord.” Several people knee down, respectful saying. Their from the heart respects Xia Tian, in their eyes, Xia Tian strength very formidable, each aspect is the merit, can say that mixes with Xia Tian, after that naturally can walk is higher, is farther. Gets up!” Xia Tian lifts the hand slightly. Xie Xia City Lord!” Several people set out. Whom do four cauldron following convoy guards turn over to manage? Says your team present situation to me.” Xia Tian sits there asks. Reply summer City Lord, four cauldron following convoy guards are the subordinate govern, the subordinate is Yuwen to be crazy, now the population altogether 500,000, the uniform tripod Rank 5 above strength, remains had 100,000, other 400,000 made mission outside.” Yuwen crazy respectful saying. Xia Tian knows that this mission, Liu Shishi said the present uneven Imperial City general situation to him. Em, here has 100,000 low grade Top Grade Spirit Tool and 10,000 low grade treasure, below seven levels compounded drug 100 million, how as for divided looks your, did well.” Xia Tian threw to the Yuwen crazy five Chu rings directly. Puff passes! Yuwen knelt on the ground crazily directly.

Many thanks summer City Lord!” Yuwen crazy this time already thorough does not know that should say any was good. Is quick, I do not like being knelt by others.” Xia Tian said that although here person is Representative single Xigui respects, but Xia Tian is really not actually able to accept others direct knees to kneel. Puff! The Xia Tian right hand holds to the air, Yuwen's crazy body cannot help but has stood. Presented all people all shaking by Xia Tian. Xie Xia City Lord.” Yuwen has fallen back on crazily behind. Whom do four cauldrons above turn over to manage?” Xia Tian asked. Reply summer City Lord, four cauldron above convoy guards are the subordinate govern, the subordinate monkey match thunder, four cauldron above Expert altogether have 5000 people, four cauldron Rank 1 3000 people, four cauldron Rank 2 1000 people, four cauldron Rank 3 500 people, four cauldron Rank 4 400 people, four cauldron Rank 5 70 people, four cauldron Rank 6 ten people, four cauldron Rank 7 five people, four cauldron Rank 8 three people, four cauldron Rank 9 they.” Monkey match thunder respectful report. Em, here has Pin Baoqi 5000, low grade treasure 50,000, nine levels of compounded drug 5000, eight levels of compounded drug 100,000, seven levels of compounded drug 10 million, how divide, you look at the office, does well!” Xia Tian threw to the monkey match thunder 20 Chu rings directly. The rank of goods is higher, the Chu space that takes up is bigger. Xie Xia City Lord, the subordinate must dead to report.” The monkey match thunder knees down, incomparably respectful saying. I do not want your life, your life is remaining, well lives can help me lead the good person.” Xia Tian light saying. It can be said that granting of Xia Tian made the people of these Advanced convoy guards fully-armed sufficiently, although their strengths were very high, but before them, after all was the powder cultivates.

The powder cultivates the biggest disease is the weaponry difference, does not have spirit stone cultivation, they do not have the respected family big influence to support in behind, wants a good point weaponry is almost impossible, say nothing was spirit stone. That from the start is insufficient. They made to select spirit stone on to be used for cultivation with great difficulty hurriedly. Say nothing of compounded drug. The compounded drug regarding them is very luxurious. spirit stone and compounded drug that even if the juniors of these respected families, supply every month have the limit. Has remembered, your mission maintains uneven Imperial City, as for the weapon, the equipment, the compounded drug, spirit stone wait / etc., these thing anything does not calculate in my eyes that our uneven Imperial City wants many to have many, who leaves many vigorously, some big skills, that takes big revenging, if makes me discover who contributes no work but be undetected because of others, that may not blame me not being impolite.” Xia Tian this is uses both kindness and severity, must grant to these people with the kindness, must make them understand that these money are not Bai Na, must try hard to maintain uneven Imperial City. Being the third-rater must pledge to fight to the death to guard uneven Imperial City.” All people all knee down. Stubbornly dies, does not die, no one must die to me.” Xia Tian shouts loudly. Xia Tian such does to tell them, uneven Imperial City takes seriously their lives very much, will not make them die. You have remembered, you and uneven Imperial City is binds together, a Rong Jurong, suffers if either one suffers, anybody cannot bully our uneven Imperial City, but similarly, our uneven Imperial City absolutely cannot bully, anyone, making me catch to bully, that had not discussed that death penalty.” Xia Tian this is first declaring the death sentence. Uneven Imperial City wants to develop, that must the system be clear, is impartial in administering rewards and punishments, will otherwise be only getting more and more chaotic. Summer City Lord please feel relieved that anyone, I will process impartially.” The monkey match thunder goes forward to say hurriedly that can say Xia Tian gives their respected families have not been able to give the treatment.

If before them, chooses to join the respected family, then they are the slaves of respected family, regardless of their strength is much strong, can only help these respected families run about to handle matters or makes some trades of killing a person and taking his possessions wait / etc., in the end casual family juniors can step on them in the under foot, does not have any status and status. This time they join uneven Imperial City, not only had found a big tree, but also has the rich reward, in addition they now this living in top digit. So long as they do right, that does not need to lower the head to anybody. Em, has remembered, no matter anybody, does not need to show due respect for the feelings, uneven Imperial City all customs all paste on the poster of each main street and small alley to me, avoid when the time comes they told me not to see.” Xia Tian understands how these respected families definitely will not be convinced the management of these convoy guards. Because in the eyes of these respected families, they are keeps aloof, but the convoy guard is just the dog of begging for food. Xia Tian this secondary does is makes the people of these convoy guards has the dignity, has the status, has the face, making them regard uneven Imperial City is own family. Many thanks summer City Lord!” The monkey match thunder is from the heart thanks Xia Tian, Xia Tian this has given him without doubt an imperial sword. Was good, you get down, helping mine name be Xia Lang and Xu Jia comes.” Xia Tian saying slowly. Xia Lang and Xu Jia are the Xia Tian two big disciples. This Xia Tian has arranged city Wei Jun, then must start to arrange his these two big disciples. Xia Tian gets rid so to be natural to city Wei Jun and convoy guard, then to own two disciples?