Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2074

Xia Tian has two big disciples in uneven Imperial City, one is Xia Lang, one was Song Jia. Generally speaking, others have their status, that definitely everywhere bluffs and blusters, moreover nobody dares to manage, but they are low-key, in cultivation diligently, little has shown face in public, even if some of your people asked their anything, they will also get rid to help. Very amiable. See Master!” Their respectful saying. Em, gets up, recently was what kind of?” Xia Tian asks. Master, cultivation time is very smooth . Moreover the resources have never lacked, my first cultivation is so happy.” Xia Lang the words are few, but this time his unexpectedly starts talking first. Petty!” Xia Tian smiles was saying that afterward looked to Song Jia: „Are you how is it?” Master, I sensed recently a great deal, moreover I and Senior Brother actual combat train frequently, I discovered the speed that I grow is fast.” Song Jia opened the mouth to say. Good, is good, you no matter what are also my disciple, goes out cannot too the cicada, this is the combination coverall that I give you to prepare.” Xia Tian threw to their Chu ring. Thanked Master.” Their respectful saying. Opens has a look!” Xia Tian said. Afterward they turn on the Chu ring, after they turn on the Chu ring, they have been shocked, Xia Tian has prepared entire one set of weaponry for them. Xia Lang, what I match to you are the god wolf coverall, weapon in addition equips in altogether 36 Pin Baoqi, can protect your whole body each, making you fight to be handier, but you must remember, the promotion of oneself main body strength is the true promotion, the weaponry takes to your maintaining life ability.” Xia Tian looked that said to Xia Lang. Yes, Master!” The disposition of summer wolf person is the same with the wolf, is full of the fondness of countryside, but to pay also with the life to the best person.

He already regarded as his benefactor Xia Tian. Song Jia, what I match to you are the cool breeze coverall, the speed is fast, the weaponry adds, only then three, but these three might are in all my Spirit Tool the speed are increased most . Moreover the weapon Formation sword can promote the lineup speed . Moreover the Formation sword can store up three Rank 5 following Formation in inside, like this fought you to fling three Formation directly, I have given you in inside now the prepare three Rank 4 Formation, to prepare emergency requirement.” Xia Tian saying slowly. Many thanks Master!” Saying that Song Jia was grateful. The equipment that although he obtains does not have many of summer wolf, but Xia Tian chooses for him most suits his, after having this set of equipment, he fights to be able relaxed won at the speed . Moreover the speed of lineup greatly has also promoted, he since studies Formation after Xia Tian discovered that originally Formation can also the so relaxed arrangement, lineup speed unexpectedly be able to be so quick, with the person fights, he can definitely arrange to come out several Formation, auxiliary own fight. In these Chu rings altogether 10 billion low grade spirit stone, your half, in these Chu rings have nine levels of miracle cures to have 4000, eight levels of miracle cures have 40,000, seven levels and the following miracle cure 1 billion, you divide.” Xia Tian threw to their more than 100 Chu rings directly. The capacity of Chu ring is 100 million low grade spirit stone. Master, this were also too many!!!” Song Jia looked awkwardly to Xia Tian. Are not many, you are my apprentice, this change is anything, has remembered, starting today, you were the local tyrants, a bit faster rolled cultivation to me.” Xia Tian ridicules to say. Master, we walked.” Song Jia said. Em, the eldest sister will call.” Xia Tian said. Yes!” Song Jia said that they went out of the patching point directly. The eldest sister is Liu Shishi! Before long, Liu Shishi walked.

Eldest sister was laborious these days.” Xia Tian sets out to bow slightly. Also such politely makes anything with me.” Liu Shishi sweet smiles. Eldest sister, this is the thing that I give you to prepare, inside has 1 trillion low grade spirit stone, the compounded drug 1 trillion, various equipment quantities I was also disinclined to look up.” Xia Tian has given Liu Shishi big pile of Chu rings. He thinks that Liu Shishi has handled too many matters for him, therefore he must thanks Liu Shishi well. I do not want!” Liu Shishi rejects directly. Does not want good, but these I prepare for you alarmed.” Xia Tian does intentionally is angry saying. I do not want.” Liu Shishi said. Her manner is very firm, does not want, these many things, these many wealth, if places in others eyes, that is not insane same robbing, but Liu Shishi is this, if she likes, that wants, if she does not like, that does not want. She does not like these things. Eldest sister, you were so laborious, I give you to prepare this thing people should not be anything.” Xia Tian urged hurriedly. I do not want, if you want to deliver me really anything, you personally choose one to me, I want one, any I who regardless of you select want.” Liu Shishi said. Good!” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, he starts the patient choice afterward, but his here does not have Advanced treasure, otherwise he must give Liu Shishi to choose Advanced treasure not to be possible. Finally she can only choose a very attractive necklace, this necklace is the equipment of Intermediate treasure rank, but Xia Tian has not looked at its function is anything, because this is he patches, after patching, he looked that actually this had any ability.

However the semblance is very attractive. Thanks!” On Liu Shishi face one red, ran directly. Volume!” The appearance that sees Liu Shishi, Xia Tian stares slightly, afterward his helpless shaking the head, walks toward the uneven Imperial City direction directly. Meanwhile, demon! Corrupt wolf your highness, which princess your highness did not know!” A servant crawls on the ground, strength formidable of this person, is equal four cauldron Rank 8 Expert on Earth, but he in front of the corrupt wolf does not dare to lift. What?” The facial color cold, this time corrupt wolf of corrupt wolf was not that on Earth is small, but was keeping aloof big figure: Your one crowd of waste, can't that many people watch her?” Corrupt wolf your highness, you also knows that the Jiu Jiang princess has wanted to run outward, our guarded unusual was strict, but ran by her.” That servant complained tearfully. Puff! The corrupt wolf right hand flies high grasps! Is the waste!” Saying of corrupt wolf coldly: Comes the person, prepares to me, I must go to the world of human beings.”