Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2075

In Qi Wang palace! Qi Wang, my in any case was also Vice-City Lord, you cannot prepare a table nice wine good vegetable to me, came your this to drink tea to play chess each time!” Xia Tian complained. Drinking tea is used self-cultivation, your Tiantian except for eating eats, is bored.” Qi Wang curled the lip, he has experienced the Xia Tian capacity for food. That just like is a pig! Moreover Xia Tian was finished eating rests! „, Who likes self-cultivation, my cultivation way is to eat and rests!” The Xia Tian present cultivation way is simple, in the nutrient with food promotes own human body intensity, with sleeping to promote own Realm. What eats meal to depend is the small insect, what sleeps to depend is the techniques of eight Qi, is the beforehand day awaking Secret Art. Then made Xia Tian have others to envy the ability that the envy hated. Now Xia Tian cultivation the techniques of eight Qi are the evolution versions of day of awaking Secret Art, naturally, the techniques of eight Qi also had the evolution version, that is the emperor thoughts. But Xia Tian may unable to find the complete emperor thoughts now, therefore can only try hard the techniques of cultivation eight Qi.

Recently outside could be said as was too lively, hit, all hit, Sun Empire hit three, our uneven Imperial City ten big elders were also seize the chance to make war, entire next three will stir pot gruel, these cateran bandits everywhere were, they started to kill and burn to plunder in all directions, the war broke out, they were happiest.” Qi Wang helpless shaking the head, he does not like the war obviously. Yeah, had many careerists to premeditate before, Sun Empire has just given them a very good excuse, it seems like that this time next three were blustery.” Xia Tian started to play the Chinese chess with Qi Wang, on Earth, he did not have the match, but here, the Qi Wang chess skill obviously was very excellent. Moreover here checkerboard also on big ten times compared with Earth, the quantity of board game piece also want many ten times. Now the only pure land was our uneven Imperial City, Giant Bull City also started chaotically, but to other cities, Giant Bull City was also good, after all Giant Bull City had the natural geographical advantage, both sides went around a mountain, at the same time depended on the sea, had the place of relation with outside is only our uneven Imperial City region and another 50% barbaric big forest, wants from our uneven Imperial City, these people perhaps not to have a that courage \; Barbaric big forest there has filled the endless crisis, it is said that has connected a person of evil spirit three, the live person is unable to pass, say nothing was the army.” Qi Wang answered. This point Xia Tian knows, because his father and the others initially put from there. That Giant Bull City should be safe temporarily!” Xia Tian nodded. Also temporary!” Qi Wang saying slowly: Uneven Imperial City and between barbaric big forests have a very big vacancy, there present was guarded by Giant Bull City with large army, once is chaotic, then there will be a breach.” It seems like our uneven Imperial City also peaceful how long.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, he knows, once these people fight with all might a result to come, after or they arrived at certain damage, they will form a partnership to paying in full Imperial City. After all but uneven Imperial City the colossus in legend, they feared after own influence has damaged, uneven Imperial City has victory fall into one's lap.

Em, but well is not all people wants to make the war wealth, recently arrived at our uneven Imperial City person to be getting more and more, moreover Expert of many recluses do not want to be involved in the war, they in abundance have also moved into uneven Imperial City, in this 50% is your merit.” Qi Wang looked that said to Xia Tian. My merit? What merit do I have?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Reason that these people enter uneven Imperial City, on the one hand because of the big name of our uneven Imperial City, on the other hand is you uneven Imperial City that said outside does not participate in any war, but also nobody can bully uneven Imperial City, therefore these people think that enters uneven Imperial City to avoid the chaos caused by war, our uneven Imperial City besides the main city, the surrounding can also occupy 4 billion people, enough these outsiders live, is you lets these 4 billion people with uneven Imperial City avoid the pain of disaster.” Qi Wang said. Qi Wang, do not say that I was embarrassed.” Xia Tian awkward saying. Anything is not embarrassed, this is the fact, the uneven Imperial City present situation is this, your merit is very big, now outside hit unusual was chaotic, the Sun Empire strength truly cannot be underestimated, although you exposed their intention, but they have attacked and occupied many cities fast, moreover their direction strength were fearful, the tactic was also very strong, therefore this all the way, they by an enemy three, not only did not have the weak trend, instead had the superiority, other big influences were to also seize the chance to sneak attack these three influences, wanted to slice, but that three influences now have cannot say painstakingly..” Qi Wang early obtained the first line information. Ten big elders?” Xia Tian asked! What ten big elders carry off is the most excellent soldier and most excellent weaponry, they probably is a sharp knife blade, does not get rid , then by, once gets rid to the present chaotic aspect rip open an opening, they are flaunting now the armed forces of banner not dying!!” Qi Wang spoke of ten big elders each time time was to appear very reluctantly. Qi Wang, have not thought that after all that is, making them who they pursue go noisily, if some day they lost, that uneven Imperial City same is their families.” Xia Tian understands the Qi Wang situation, although these people act willfully, but they after all in the past were the brothers who the same place and Qi Wang risked one's life, was together by the seal over a thousand years. Em!” Qi Wang numerous nods.

We must develop uneven Imperial City while this opportunity well, otherwise and other people collaborated we troubled.” Xia Tian is clear, these people finally definitely lock-on target on the body of uneven Imperial City, but will be sooner or later issue. Em, money that but uneven Imperial City most lacks now, if not that auction, uneven Imperial City already could not support now, wants the rapid growth, most lacks is money.” Qi Wang said. The wealth in Qi Wang treasure house made ten big elders carry off majority, Qi Wang remaining was used to develop uneven Imperial City. Actually my means that but needs your help.” Xia Tian mysterious looks to Qi Wang. What means?” Qi Wang puzzled asking. Whiz! At this moment, the form appears in Xia Tian and Qi Wang side together. Eldest sister, how did you come?” Xia Tian puzzled asking.