Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2076

Bishop Cao how?” Xia Tian sets out hurriedly, Bishop Cao is Cao Yaqian, that person who in the Xia Tian eye is loyal, is in Xia Tian wholehearted junction several brothers one. He once when the Xia Tian strength was weak helps Xia Tian. The manner upholds justice, even if were City Lord of serious famine Rank 5 city died, he will be also same will maintain City Lord of that Rank 5 city. Solely was this point, Xia Tian on early has handed over to decide Bishop Cao. He the person by Saint virtue palace had carried off, the reason is the collaboration with the enemy.” Liu Shishi brow contraction. But Saint virtue palace under Giant Bull City, one of the seven three palaces, influence very big, the hanger-on disciple over a million, Expert is innumerable. N , N , D dares to catch my brother, father puts down his Saint virtue palace.” Xia Tian clenches teeth, stands up directly, afterward walks toward outside. I go with you together.” Qi Wang opens the mouth to say. Our two both walked, what matter if there is what to do?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Now may nobody dare to move uneven Imperial City, moreover uneven Imperial City is not in the surface so is simple, said again, even if I walked frankly and uprightly, nobody knows that I am Qi Wang.” Qi Wang answered, although he walked outside frequently, but also nobody knows his real status to the present besides Xia Tian and Liu Shishi. Therefore is his going out of town swaggering, nobody knows at this time Qi Wang not in uneven Imperial City. Good.” Xia Tian nodded. You become the letting go storekeeper, I have been possible to walk do not escape, since you have personally acted, that this matter should not be the difficult problem, this goes to route of Saint virtue palace, I did not deliver you.” But Liu Shishi present uneven Imperial City actual superintendent. Although her head not any position, but she can actually transfer entire uneven Imperial City all armies, eldest sister of uneven Imperial City recognition. Laborious eldest sister.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Goes quickly, leaves any mistake.” Liu Shishi exhorts said. Xia Tian examined route, this route is recent, but consumes spirit stone is also most, but Xia Tian they most do not lack is spirit stone. You need to step onto for ten years in some next three places, so long as you are rich, your day can. Transmission that Xia Tian and Qi Wang they ride is the long distance transmission, the price is expensive, needs several hundred thousand, even over a million low grade spirit stone.

But Xia Tian does not wink the eye, has paid in full spirit stone, moreover he to be convenient, but also intentionally many guarding some money, these guards naturally are grateful, the person who will line up all expels, making Xia Tian they cross first. The position of Saint virtue palace in Saint Deshan, before here, is the barren hill, because afterward the Saint virtue palace took root here, named for Saint Deshan. Here mountain all turns over to the Saint virtue palace to manage. In this mountain, is the number that most does not lack the spirit beasts of various endless herbal medicines and treasuring. This is also the Saint virtue palace chooses here goal. Cao Yaqian is one of the Saint virtue palace bishops! The status is medium, but before , he has said to Xia Tian, his day does not feel better, in he initially chose the Saint virtue palace to escape leaves home the marriage, afterward he also accepts Liu Yuanyuan, therefore he did not have the chapter of Saint virtue palace. However has not thought that Saint virtue palace unexpectedly sent for seizing him directly, and has decided a charge of collaboration with the enemy. This charge is not small, any influence, any entrance most abstains from is the collaboration with the enemy. Generally this charge is the death penalty. In this time Saint virtue palace. Cao Yaqian, you said that did not say!” A scarlet archbishop tortures for Bishop Cao there personally. He behind is standing other bishops, at this time on the faces of these bishops is the self-satisfied look, they always cannot have a liking for Bishop Cao, moreover is isolating Bishop Cao. ! The burning whip pulls out on the body of Bishop Cao. Stops!” Bishop Cao stops hurriedly. What's wrong? Did agree say?” Asking of that scarlet archbishop coldly. Damn B, you made me say anything saying that you asked actually, you did not ask, making me say anything.” Bishop Cao thorough was helpless, this scarlet archbishop comes up is one hits, any issue had not asked.

„Haven't I asked?” That scarlet archbishop looked that asked to behind that several bishops. Archbishop, he scolded you a moment ago.” That several bishops have not answered his issue, but scolded his matter to raise Bishop Cao. ! Also is a burning whip pulls out on the body of Bishop Cao. Said that said!” That scarlet archbishop is also one asked. Bishop Cao hit bruised and lacerated. Although before me, knows that you are an idiot, the brain have the issue, but you do not use the idiot to this degree, you have hit my a half hour, actually you must ask that my anything, you asked actually.” Bishop Cao was speechless, was really speechless. He was hit for a half hour, does not know why actually one were hit, they only said own collaboration with the enemy, had not then asked own collaboration with the enemy anything. „Haven't I asked you?” That scarlet archbishop asked again. Archbishop, he scolded your idiot a moment ago.” That several bishops shifted the topic once more. ! The whip continues to brandish. Said that said that said.” That scarlet archbishop interrogated again. Bishop Cao already hit did not have the temperament. Did not say that you hit.” Bishop Cao knows how one said that was useless. Good, I make your boy obstinate argumentative.” ! That scarlet archbishop keeps is hitting, after firing off, in his mouth is that: Said.

But that several bishops keep in behind was clamoring. Under mountain of Saint Deshan. The shop front of entrance is big, moreover is all over the body luxurious, to person a luxurious feeling. By the entrance is the guard. „The shop front of this entrance is very big.” Xia Tian saying slowly. Is very big!” Qi Wang nodded. Bang! This shop front by Xia Tian stiffly cutting off. What person?” A Saint virtue palace disciple of brigade flushed. Uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord, Xia Tian.” Xia Tian identifies one's role when first coming on stage directly. Who no matter you are, dares our Saint virtue palace to do the destruction, this is the grave offense, comes the person, takes to me.” The disciple in Saint virtue palace shouts loudly. This is you delivers.” The Xia Tian body dodges. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! The bodies of these people were all struck to fly by Xia Tian. At this time Xia Tian stands under the mountain of Saint virtue palace, the both feet makes an effort steps on the ground, both hands place the mouth. Attract! Xia Tian deeply inspired, afterward shouts loudly: Hands over Cao Yaqian, or I have put down your Saint virtue palace.”