Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2078

The founder in Saint virtue palace and about protector. Summer City Lord, you a little were too rather overbearing.” The founder age of Saint virtue palace seems, only then over 20 years old, but Xia Tian believes that he absolutely is not over 20 years old, moreover this person is mystifying. Right? I was used to it, since your this founder came out, that can release people.” Xia Tian asked directly. Bishop Cao betrays the Saint virtue palace, this is the grave offense, I cannot hand over him, moreover your summer City Lord a few words want me to associate with people, can I associate with people? Did you regard yourself are really Qi Wang were inadequate?” Founder very impolite saying of Saint virtue palace. The Saint virtue palace after is the big entrance under Giant Bull City, if their this so simple hands over the person, they do not have the face very much. Evidence! You did not say that he does betray the Saint virtue palace? That evidence?” Xia Tian asked. Now is interrogating and torturing......” His words had not said that was broken by Xia Tian: You determined what you said is interrogates and tortures right?” Right!” The founder in Saint virtue palace said. That also discussed that Damn forces, dares to interrogate and torture my brother, the father conquers by killing your Saint virtue palace on T , M today.” Xia Tian said that kills directly forward. If before, Xia Tian can also calm talked to them that he completely will not discuss at this moment. Because the opposite party has violated his big death anniversary! Snort! Depending on your a boy of having unearned reputation, dares to be so dissolute in my Saint virtue palace, has killed him.” The founder in Saint virtue palace shouts loudly. Whiz whiz! That two forms of his side shot at Xia Tian directly. About protector! No. 2 figure of Saint virtue palace! Whiz! When these two people must contend with Xia Tian immediately directly, the Xia Tian whole person disappeared before them directly. Vanished?” They simultaneously one cold, looks hurriedly to about, but has not seen Xia Tian. In heavenly.” At this moment, the founder in Saint virtue palace shouts loudly.

heavenly!! Hears heavenly time, all people all look up. This boy, not only old-style fan device, but also is so good, unexpectedly will fly, this in vain is not long to the wing.” Qi Wang is also saying of face worship. Has saying that Xia Tian at this time truly unusual power and prestige. Moreover opposite party does not have with his means. Such high, the opposite party is unable to attack him. Whiz! The body of Xia Tian from airborne vanishes instantaneously. Domain! 30 ride 30 domains to cover the Xia Tian surrounding crowd in together directly. Wan sword returns to the birth family! Bang! A fierce explosive sound transmits, in the crowd has blasted out the flower directly, this Xia Tian opened has killed, he only injured a moment ago does not kill, but this time, he truly was killing people. Prevents him quickly.” The founder in Saint virtue palace shouts loudly. Xia Tian one time attacked a moment ago has destroyed completely their several thousand Expert, whatever if Xia Tian such got down, perhaps that these people must kill off before long. Whiz! Whiz! Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step! Body fast shuttle of Xia Tian in crowd. Bang!

Ah! Ah! Ah! Pitiful yell sound continuously. Is less than ten minutes, the Saint virtue palace died 80,000-90,000 people, average one minute died 8,000-9,000 people, this terrifying number of words let the founder thoughts of Saint virtue palace immediately. Xia Tian, you are causing the war, we are the Giant Bull City people, your unexpectedly dares to kill our Saint virtue palace these many juniors blatantly.” Founder angry shouting of Saint virtue palace, he has worn this evil big hat to Xia Tian directly. World is unkind, takes myriad things as the dogs and hay worthless thing, they were innocent, decided the person who their life and death is not I, but is you.” The Xia Tian ice-cold sound reached in the ear of everyone. Stop, I associate with people!” The founder in Saint virtue palace shouts loudly. Whiz! The body of Xia Tian rises with a spring, afterward returned to the Qi Wang side. Tick-tock, tick-tock! Gives blood flows from the mountain. The blood river has formed, the bloody water starts from the mountain to the lower reaches. I associate with people!” The founder in Saint virtue palace clenches teeth to say. After ten minutes, cut and bruised Bishop Cao was harnessed to walk. M , D, who this is hits.” Xia Tian angry shouting. I hit.” A scarlet archbishop has stood directly, he was Bishop Cao came out a moment ago together. Good, your head I wanted.” In the Xia Tian eye murderous aura emerges. Xia Tian, he is an idiot, does not need to pay attention to him.” Bishop Cao has lifted head slightly, although his eye almost could not open, but he will also die to be able from the sound to distinguish this to save his person is Xia Tian. Releases people!” Saying of Xia Tian coldly. At this time saw that Bishop Cao made into this, he wished one could to kill front these people. Snort!” In this is, the founder corners of the mouth of Saint virtue palace slightly one slanting.

Puff! An arm high throws! Ah! Bishop Cao who does not guard against in the mouth has exuded a pitiful cry. Lying trough Damn!” Xia Tian looks angrily at the founder in Saint virtue palace, but he does not dare to go forward, because the sharp knife blade in Saint virtue palace founder hand arrives at this time in Bishop Cao the place of neck, so long as Xia Tian dares to go forward, under his definitely meeting Assassins: „Do you want to do?” „Do I want to do? You have killed my more than 90,000 juniors, you also asked that I do want to do?” On the founder face of Saint virtue palace presented the fierce facial expression. Puff! Also is an arm high throws! Bishop Cao another arm had also been cut by him, but this time Bishop Cao clenches teeth, has borne stiffly, has not shouted a painful character! Here is the Saint virtue palace, dares to kill my 90,000 disciples from nobody in the Saint virtue palace.” The founder in Saint virtue palace looks at Xia Tian to shout angrily: Your fellow unexpectedly that walks dog Shi to transport also dares to act unruly in our Saint virtue palace.” Has put him!” Xia Tian is cloudy the face to say. Ha Ha Ha Ha, do you work as here are your uneven Imperial City? Do you make me release people I to release people?” The founder in Saint virtue palace laughs was saying. He, if died, I do not remain the chicken dog that your Saint virtue palace kills up and down.” Xia Tian bit the tooth to put out these characters, his these characters did not say, spat. Right? You kill one to try!” The founder in Saint virtue palace said that together directly has cut off a leg of Bishop Cao. Xia Tian has gotten hold of own fist, he has not spoken, at this time he feared that he cannot bear gets rid directly. Nearby Qi Wang is also the brow contraction. „Are you how is it?” Xia Tian vision stubbornly is staring at the founder in Saint virtue palace. The people under the eaves, have to lower the head, even if he is also lowering the head now, he does not dare to bet with the life of Bishop Cao. Is very simple, I want you dead, so long as you die before me, I have put him.” The founder in Saint virtue palace smiling looks at Xia Tian: Since you such are loyal, actually that makes me have a look at you to choose whom dead.”