Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2079
Choice! The founder in Saint virtue palace has given a Xia Tian choice question! Chooses own life to choose the life of Bishop Cao. It looks like in Xia Tian, Bishop Cao is his brothers, what is called the brothers? That can trade with the life. Ah! Xia Tian gives a loud shout, the right hand congealing claw, grasped directly to own forehead. Puff! His hand was held. You think really he will observe the commitment? If he is really that person, that he should release people a moment ago.” Qi Wang expression light saying. The founder in Saint virtue palace truly had said a moment ago must release people, finally he not only has not put, instead has cut off two arm and a leg of Bishop Cao. Sometimes benevolent can exist, but your benevolence cannot ride on behalf of the opposite party on your neck urinates, I know that what you are worried about, was worried that you have killed the person in Saint virtue palace, Giant Bull City but therefore makes war with uneven Imperial City, I can tell you very seriously, Giant Bull City that courage, this time has not been the Saint virtue palace goes too far, you did not use the fraught with uncertainty, how even if has all killed them? How even if Giant Bull City attacks our uneven Imperial City really? My Qi Wang is indomitable spirit, has never feared anybody, although I do not like the war, but I do not hope that sees others to bully my brother.” The Qi Wang words just said that his body vanished in same place. Whiz! Bang! His palm still will teach directly to fly in the Saint virtue palace of god principal, afterward he has drawn back, person Bishop Cao who in his hand grabs. Said oneself status that moment in Qi Wang a moment ago, the founder in Saint virtue palace was shocked, because of his god, therefore Qi Wang can smooth saved the person. Has remembered, you is a King, you should not suppress itself, words that does not go against heaven's will, how you strengthen the air/Qi of your King!” Qi Wang shouts loudly. Qi Wang, you are Qi Wang!” The founder whole face of Saint virtue palace inconceivable looks at Qi Wang. He can determine, front person absolutely is Qi Wang, otherwise nobody can save the person while the neutral of his god.

Xia Tian!” The voice of Bishop Cao shivers. Saw the appearance of Bishop Cao, Xia Tian has not definitely been able to cover own anger. Whiz! The body of Xia Tian leaps, jumped directly. Takes the day as the lid, takes as the furnace, builds up the common people, the blood shade numerous.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, racket that afterward his both hands make an effort in midair. An empty shade of Pill Refining furnace covers entire Saint Deshan in directly completely. „It is not good, this boy must do.” The Qi Wang complexion changes, afterward he leads Bishop Cao to run directly backward, the Pill Refining furnace empty shade that expands unceasingly follows. Continuously after he runs up to under the mountain, the empty shade of Pill Refining furnace stops. Actually this is any abnormal gadget!” Qi Wang is also first time sees this situation. Bang! In the sky, is cloudy suddenly! These dark clouds as if are common of emerging out of thin air, does not have the slight sign. shit, this boy all do not give inside person builds up exactly, unexpectedly has brought in a day of tribulation, although I make him not control, but has not made him build up the person.” Qi Wang incomparably surprised saying. He looks above the sky, that billowing dark cloud has determined, this is the day tribulation. Xia Tian, stops quickly, the day tribulation, you such did have the wound day, was destroyed completely by the day tribulation easily.” Qi Wang shouts loudly. But Xia Tian as if cannot hear his sound to be ordinary. Bang!

The black cloud above sky has been divided into three parts. shit, three tribulations clouds that this boy planned really must build up the entire Saint Deshan, these three tribulation cloud each might are incomparably formidable, his present Realm is four cauldron Rank 1, that three tribulation cloud first strengths will be equal to four cauldron Rank 9 \; The second strength is five cauldron Rank 1 \; But the third strength is five cauldron Rank 9 \; How does this resist?” Qi Wang innermost feelings incomparable anxiety, but he has not dared to go forward. If he comes up, he will plunder Yun Kending to turn time. When the time comes linked him also together dead. In this rules of three tribulation clouds are the first tribulation cloud might are your current Realm limit, Xia Tian are four cauldron Rank 1, his limit is four cauldron Rank 9 \; But the might of second tribulation cloud is your current Realm increases a cauldron, Xia Tian is four cauldron Rank 1, increases a cauldron is five cauldron Rank 1 \; The might of third tribulation cloud is to increase a cauldron later limit, is five cauldron Rank 9. In this three tribulation clouds were used to punish the sin grave and have made the action of going against heaven's will person. In the past Qi Wang must face also merely is two tribulations clouds that even if two tribulations clouds that he does not dare to shoulder, but has chosen the deep sleep thousand years. But now Xia Tian head unexpectedly presents three tribulations to say. Although he this time must slaughter 1 million people, but this and was insufficient compared with Qi Wang past slaughtering, therefore obviously because of slaughtering, but since three tribulations clouds. But because goes against heaven's will. Xia Tian this time procedure is going against heaven's will. Xia Tian, I may give to harm you, I said that has not thought that you went against heaven's will.” Qi Wang felt one is a little unfair to Xia Tian. Puff! Bang! At this moment, in front in Qi Wang that Pill Refining furnace empty shade had the great change. Ah! Ah! Pitiful yell sound continuously.

Inside has heard innumerable pitiful yell sounds, afterward entire Saint Deshan changed into the bloody water and powder directly. Vanished. The entire Saint Deshan vanished directly. This...... How this achieves?” Qi Wang is unable to imagine, actually Xia Tian how achieves, this was also too terrifying. Xia Tian unexpectedly the entire Saint virtue palace, no, was the entire Saint Deshan directly builds up to melt, in the Saint Deshan people were in a daze a moment ago, afterward waited for them to run away already late. So long as in Pill Refining furnace empty shade all, completely will be built up. What happened?” Bishop Cao does not know that outside what happened, because he almost soon died now. shit, gave to forget you, must give you to stop bleeding first, otherwise you were dying.” Qi Wang then thinks Bishop Cao in hand, he fed Bishop Cao to take the hematischesis compounded drug and therapy compounded drug hurriedly. Compounded drug that Qi Wang takes, naturally is the step very high compounded drug. Build up! In the Xia Tian mouth put out one to seek the right word. spirit stone in small cauldron, the compounded drug, with the Pill Refining refiner material, the flash all has flown afterward into Pill Refining furnace empty shade inside. Value close more than 20 trillions things have all flown into this Pill Refining furnace empty shade on this. Is good in Xia Tian all gave to place in the independent space these precious things, for example day cold sword, [gold/metal] Dao, Jupiter, [gold/metal] drawing pen wait / etc. goods. Otherwise these things all could not perhaps be inescapable. This boy, is actually wants to refine any terrifying the thing.” Qi Wang looks that front all have opened the mouth.