Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2080
At this time present all he could not see clearly, actually this grade of Expert did not see clearly what happened. This boy is a anomaly, in the past small every did not have this and other anomalies.” The Qi Wang innermost feelings say with emotion infinitely, although he is Expert, he stronger compared with Xia Tian in the strength absolutely on does not have the several fold, but in method, even if were he also by Xia Tian deep shock. The heavenly tribulation cloud is ready to make trouble. They as if are waiting for Xia Tian to become pill that moment. Once Xia Tian to become pill, then the day tribulation immediately falls, disappears Xia Tian directly. Whistling! Bang! The strong winds howl. Sound of explosion conveys together, everything may become vulnerable. Becoming! With the low and deep sound, the surrounding all returned to together normal. The strong winds vanish! Qi Wang can also open own eye, when he opens the eye discovered that front mountain already thorough disappearance. Saint Deshan this baseless vanishes, the Saint virtue palace did not have. But Xia Tian in hand were many at this time a palm of the hand big blood red bead. „Under Qi Wang, feeds him to take this compounded drug, god of evil fortune pill.” Xia Tian threw two compounded drugs to Qi Wang directly. Rank 4 Bao pill, god of evil fortune pill, takes later can resist the day tribulation, protects the state of mind, has to go against heaven's will changes the effect of life. This compounded drug is Xia Tian refines at the Pill Refining congress. Actually is this what compounded drug?” Qi Wang shouts loudly. Changes to assign pill, after the clothing next, a little day tribulation, but the god of evil fortune pill's might should be able to help him counter-balance part, the issue is not big, after you feed him to take next, first hides.” Xia Tian said. You, your head is three tribulations says.” Qi Wang puzzled looks at Xia Tian. Life and death by life!” Xia Tian said. Qi Wang nodded, afterward he hugs Bishop Cao to run to the distant place, he worried that Bishop Cao approaches the Xia Tian words, will make two day tribulations produce the resonance, such troubled.

This is Xia Tian with the compounded drug that the life trades, hopes that can rescue your life.” Qi Wang looks Bishop Cao who suffocates said. Bang! At this moment, the fierce explosive sound transmits together. Qi Wang turns head to look hurriedly. The first day tribulation fell. Although the distance is very far, but Qi Wang can feel that formidable power and influence on the day tribulation transmitting. Falls the thunder! ! When the thunder falls, the body of Xia Tian has projected a shadow, the shadow has shot at that day tribulation directly. Bang! In that moment that the shadow and day tribulation bump into, a huge void person's shadow appearance. When this void person's shadow and falls is identical crushes. That shadow fell the body of Xia Tian. Small snake, was laborious you.” Xia Tian gently is stroking small snake. Hissing hissing! Small snake at this moment very weary, but he has shown the happy facial expression. The first day tribulation like this had kept off by the small snake, but the small snake this time was weaker than the past, incomparable weak, this small snake has it can be said that exhausted the strength of its within the body all Heavenly Connection. From now henceforth, it did not have the protection of strength of Heavenly Connection again. „After arriving at the spirit world, I have not gone to the tower of Heavenly Connection, if my this time can live exiting, I send you to there, I think that you should belong to there.” Xia Tian looks that the small snake said. His gently has returned own bosom the small snake. A moment ago was that the Xia Tian pet?” Qi Wang has not thought that Xia Tian also has such card in a hand. However he also knows now does not watch the summer Tiantian tribulation time, Bishop Cao here had the prestige of life anytime, he will change to assign pill and god of evil fortune pill directly feeds to Bishop Cao: I can help your, only then these many, remaining must think your good fortune.”

Qi Wang sets out to leave directly. He cannot in the crossing tribulation range of Bishop Cao, otherwise the strength of day tribulation will turn time. At this time Xia Tian there, second tribulation Yun Zhongyu to move. His first day tribulation is equal to four cauldron Rank 9 strikes fully, naturally, this has struck is not ordinary four cauldron Rank 9 can compare, because in the day tribulation has the strength of thunder and lightning, therefore the destructive power be more terrorist than normal four cauldron Rank 9. Bang! The second day tribulation falls directly, this time day tribulation is five cauldron Rank 1 Expert strikes fully . Moreover the strength of this above thunder and lightning is also the incomparable terrifying. First day tribulation by small snake keeping off, actually then second day tribulation Xia Tian can how face? Qi Wang hides is very far. He is observing Xia Tian here day tribulation. Falls the thunder! Came! The lightning in sky fell directly, pounds to Xia Tian. Small cauldron, looked your.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, afterward the great cauldron light screen covers Xia Tian in together directly. Small cauldron! This Xia Tian has used the strength of small cauldron, he little uses the small cauldron, because he is unable to control the strength on small cauldron truly, but this time is beyond control, he must control. Otherwise he will be extinguished by day tribulation kills. Bang! The lightning divided directly above small cauldron. Bang! The body of Xia Tian was smashed above the ground from the sky directly. The day tribulation vanished, but Xia Tian also fell down, his burnt. The second day tribulations of three tribulation clouds, he kept off!

Miracle, this simply is the miracle, his unexpectedly kept off this second day tribulation.” Qi Wang is sighing with emotion in the distant place, he has not thought really Xia Tian can block the second day tribulation. At this time the remaining last days tribulation merely, but this day tribulation was also the most terrorist day tribulation. Has strength that five cauldron Rank 9 Expert strike fully. This strength can destroy all fully. Yeah, if you and my younger brother were born in a time should good, then you certainly become the good friends.” Qi Wang sighed, he discovered that Xia Tian and his younger brother were the person of that going against heaven's will. Always can take to people infinite surprised. Bang! The head of Bishop Cao also presented a tribulation saying that his tribulation cloud only then together. Reason that his head will present tribulation saying that is because he took changed to assign pill's reason, went against heaven's will changes to assign, this was in itself contrary to the day and. Bang! On the Xia Tian third tribulation cloud also moved. Their tribulations clouds that unexpectedly simultaneously appears, moreover falls the thunder also to also fall. This was the final crucial moment.” Qi Wang incomparably anxious saying. Xia Tian third tribulations Bishop Yun Hecao an only tribulation to say. Xia Tian lies down on the ground at this time, whole body burnt, obviously was did not have the ability of revolt, but Bishop Cao was the life and death does not know that lay down is at the stupor on the ground the condition. They must go by such condition facing the day tribulation. Bang! Fell the thunder to appear, two fell the thunder to divide separately to Xia Tian and Bishop Cao, Qi Wang this time heart has hung on the throat, he does not even dare to look that will then have anything. At this moment, Xia Tian and Bishop Cao simultaneously open both eyes.