Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2081

The body of Xia Tian rises with a spring! Swallow! On the same day when the tribulation fell to his head, his presented the empty shade of small insect. ...... Destruction! Bishop Cao fought with the fists to airborne that has not calculated many strong fist. Bang! The day tribulation a fist was extinguished by Bishop Cao directly, afterward Bishop Cao whole person weak on the ground. Fist? Well? Didn't his both arms cut off? Which does the fist from come?” Qi Wang doubts looks to Bishop Cao, how fierce compounded drug even if cannot again so quick on is long both hands, moreover Bishop Cao was suffocated a moment ago obviously. When he looked to Bishop Cao discovered. The both arms and that leg of Bishop Cao were completely long, at this time his complexion also somewhat relaxed. unexpectedly grew, moreover on the face also had the scarlet, good overbearing compounded drug.” Qi Wang says with emotion. Reviews Xia Tian there. He could not say incoming call. Because that most hit big last day tribulation unexpectedly to be eaten by Xia Tian. Can the day tribulation also eat? This is his first time heard. Qi Wang was also lived for more than 1000 years, moreover he went on an expedition across the country, first time simultaneously some people of unexpectedly day tribulation eating, if this others told him, he 100% did not believe. But he sees absolutely real.

Monster, this is a live monster.” Qi Wang says with emotion. No matter what, Xia Tian this time cannot die. Whiz! The body of Qi Wang is shuttling back and forth fast, he was all placed Xia Tian and Bishop Cao in his front, at this time these two people have all fainted, but Bishop Cao seemed like only has fallen asleep, but Xia Tian probably turned into the roasting pig, the hair all turned into the explosion. Roasts the pig wool the flavor. Has not died finally, Xia Tian, it seems like you compared with my younger brother extraordinary.” Qi Wang says with emotion. He thinks figure that before his younger brother that has been equal resulting. Since knew Xia Tian, he discovered that Xia Tian is simply better than his younger brother. Qi Wang has protected their seven days like this seven nights. After seven days seven nights, Bishop Cao awoke first. Where is this?” Bishop Cao the first response is asked that this issue, afterward he saw has lain down in ground Xia Tian: Xia Tian, you are all right.” He said while swings! Do not swing, he cannot die, but you swung him possibly dead again.” Qi Wang said. „Are you?” Bishop Cao looks puzzled to Qi Wang. You can call me Qi Wang.” Qi Wang said. Qi Wang!” Bishop Cao has opened the mouth: You are Qi Wang, uneven Imperial City that Qi Wang?” Second?” Qi Wang is speechless. Bishop Cao seems was looking ornamental same looks at Qi Wang. Like this keeps stares at Qi Wang to look.

Looked to hoodwink Qi Wang. Do not look, you do not want to know that what happened?” Qi Wang looked by Bishop Cao is also unusual is uncomfortable. Does not think that I want to know you is a person?” Bishop Cao looks at Qi Wang to ask very earnestly. Nonsense, I naturally was a person.” Qi Wang was really speechless. Originally Qi Wang is also a person, I also think am superhuman, height eight zhang (3.33 m) monster.” Bishop Cao awkward flexure scratching the head. Qi Wang also by Bishop Cao amusing. Afterward they chatted, Qi Wang also all told the process of matter to Bishop Cao, after Bishop Cao listened, did not have slight surprised, obviously he too knew about Xia Tian. Qi Wang also by Bishop Cao relations between and Xia Tian exaggerating. When Xia Tian initially must trade the life of Bishop Cao also like Bishop Cao now, thinks naturally, does not have the slight relations. How long does he also need to awake?” Bishop Cao asked. Quick, I have inspected, on him any problem does not have, probably fell asleep.” Qi Wang answered. Qi Wang inspects the Xia Tian physical condition every day, he is worried where Xia Tian can the sudden body go wrong, he does not even dare to leave. Eats the day tribulation, truly is his style.” Bishop Cao shows a faint smile. When he heard Qi Wang to say Xia Tian last day tribulation eating, he also thought very inconceivable, but came to think afterward that he was Xia Tian. Regardless had anything should be. Because Xia Tian this person himself is one greatly abnormal. Was right, what do after under you take changes to assign pill , the body to change?” Qi Wang asked. Has, I jumped four cauldron Rank 6 from tripod Rank 6 directly, moreover my within the body also presented a mysterious strength.” Bishop Cao said. What? A vice minister a strength of cauldron, how was this possible?” Even if Qi Wang is experienced, he also by the news that this time heard shaking.

Bishop Cao the unexpectedly strength has promoted the entire cauldron all of a sudden, moreover within the body also has the mysterious strength. What is that mysterious strength?” Qi Wang pursues asks. I do not know that I have not been able to control this strength now, but should be very formidable.” Bishop Cao very optional saying. You probably are not interested in your strength promotion and that mysterious strength.” Qi Wang puzzled looks to Bishop Cao, others and obtain the mysterious strength regarding the promotion strength, that longs. At this time Bishop Cao does not have slightly the excited appearance. Has anything to be interested, this is he uses the life to help me spell, he has not had an accident fortunately, otherwise my this whole life will be guilty.” Bishop Cao most regards as important forever is the friendship between brothers. Even if places in front of immortal him, must trade his brothers' life, he does not trade absolutely. This is Cao Yaqian. Xia Tian lethargic sleep one month later. Qi Wang and Bishop Cao also contacted for one month, through with the contact of Bishop Cao, Qi Wang discovered that can become the person of friend with Xia Tian, each is the person of heavy affectionate righteousness. Therefore he has made quickly also Bishop Cao this friend, and how Professor Bishop Cao controls the present strength. After all the strength of Bishop Cao promotes suddenly, is not cultivation. Moreover Qi Wang also Professor Bishop Cao many secrets and fight skills. This fellow can rest, also does not know how long he must rest.” Qi Wang looks that Xia Tian lies down there body complains. Ha Ha, he is a pig, only in eating and resting to be interested.” Bishop Cao laughs was saying. He experiences the skill that Xia Tian has eaten meal and slept, unsurpassed. This point I have profound understanding.” Qi Wang knows the Xia Tian capacity for food, moreover Xia Tian goes to the Qi Wang palace also always to complain that he does not give to cook to eat. Whom I heard to speak my malicious remarks probably.” At this moment, the familiar sound reaches in their ears together.