Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2083

These three people, one is Qi Wang, strength tall Shenmo measured. One is Cao Yaqian, just promotion was four cauldron Rank 6, with the help of Qi Wang, he grasped own strength, and his within the body also had a mysterious strength. Xia Tian, now Realm four cauldron Rank 1, but after previous time swallows the day tribulation, his body had a marvelous change. These three people combine together can be said as the strongest combinations. Sun Empire provokes their three, that is doomed is a pitiful story. Before Xia Tian went to Sun Empire, after having stolen a Rank 5 city, nearly exposed, but this time was different, this time he went with Qi Wang and Cao Yaqian together. Has these two Expert with him, their three can sweep away entire Sun Empire simply. Three people of abreast in row stand forths, mammoth. Awe-inspiring. When they arrive in front of transmission, Xia Tian has anchored the footsteps. How?” Qi Wang asked. I do not have money!” Xia Tian awkward saying. Ha Ha! I have, walk.” Qi Wang laughs was saying. Afterward three people ride transmission to start toward the Sun Empire direction to walk, Sun Empire wanted the direct transmission to be a little difficult at this time in the past, after all now made war, Sun Empire has cancelled and transmissions between other big influences. Is good also has to transmit in uneven Imperial City to transmission of Sun Empire small city. After this is uneven Imperial City clears transmission, outward the major influences clears. After returning to uneven Imperial City, three people have not stayed, rode transmission to go to Sun Empire directly, this time Sun Empire was very chaotic, they appeared in a Sun Empire Rank 4 city. Now in this city on the avenue did not have what pedestrian, even if some people are also hurried is shipping the commodity. What person?” A transmission guard visits them vigilantly.

Merchant!” Xia Tian saying slowly. What comes Sun Empire to make?” Guards asks again. You said that the merchant can also make anything, naturally did business.” Xia Tian said. What makes to buy and sell? What person with does? Has the guarantor?” Guarded directly to ask big collection of questions. Puff! At this moment, the forehead of that guard was pierced directly. Volume!” Xia Tian looked to Qi Wang, is hand that he moved. You rubbish with him, killed directly was not good.” Qi Wang said. Also right, but now looked like transmission is not the wise action, after all some transmission people in which city guarded, what to do if we did go to the Rank 5 city to be the same with here situation?” Xia Tian said. Simple, so long as we pretend deliver the information were OK.” Bishop Cao proposed. Great idea!” Xia Tian nodded. Enemy raids, is the spy, comes the person, holds them.” At this moment not far away guard also saw here situation, they their here have killed to Xia Tian hurriedly. Transmission is key guard place, at this time hears to have the spy, immediately the enormous and powerful army has killed, these were hurrying along in the person with nearby shop to hear to have the spy also to run. Seizes the dragon Second Layer deep meaning. Thunder dragon! Both hands of Xia Tian in flying high grasp, afterward two Thunder dragon appears in his hands. This melts the evolution version of dragon. Since Xia Tian swallowed a day of tribulation, he can control the strength of some thunder and lightning.

After the Hwaryong-ri surface has the strength of thunder and lightning, the might increases. Bang! Xia Tian both hands make an effort to fling, two Thunder dragon pounded directly to the crowd. Zizi! The strength of thunder and lightning spreads instantaneously, the person who periphery these will not have exploded directly was all connected including the above. Bang! The flash, front these enemies all but actually, these people had stood is quite scattered, Xia Tian was impossible one move of second these many people. But the thunder and lightning has the proliferation strength. The strength of thunder and lightning like this proliferated. „The third child, your anomaly, unexpectedly grasped the strength of thunder and lightning, that is the strength of day tribulation.” Qi Wang surprised looks to Xia Tian. I also try the hand, but cannot say that grasps, after the strength of these thunder and lightning are only I eat the day tribulation, store up, the total quantity has the limit, are less with some.” Xia Tian answered. He may not have the anomaly to completely to grasp the strength of day of tribulation, in that case, he was really too terrifying. Big brother, you must be familiar with, from me knew that he to the present, he is one greatly abnormal, if my anything matter is surprised, I was already shocked dead.” Bishop Cao comforts to say. Good, after it seems like, I must study study the second child, as far as possible maintains tranquil, my more than 1000 years of small heart may unable to withstand.” Qi Wang patted own chest to say. You, did the proper business, the Rank 4 city, inside did not have many perquisites, we made several clothes, then went to the Rank 5 city, Sun Empire, but 50 Rank 5 cities, I only stole light two, 48 have not stolen, once erupted into the war, the wealth of their entire city will unify the control, then in their treasure house should be richer than before this time, consumed that should not to need their City Lord Mansion as for the war to leave anything, urban wealth that their Island Country hits now toward back haul.” What Xia Tian knows Sun Empire. Now the fight of Sun Empire is suitable for minute of the current all the way. Besides compounded drug, other absolutely does not have what consumption, instead is the spoils of war unceasing toward back haul. Therefore now these Rank 5 cities should be rich flow the oil.

After three people have changed Sun Empire clothes simply, entered transmission, this their goal was the Rank 5 city. They must steal up the Sun Empire Rank 5 city. Brothers.” Qi Wang shouts loudly. If makes others know solemn Qi Wang unexpectedly will exit to steal the thing surprisedly perhaps including the chin will fall the ground, after all Qi Wang may die existence that will keep aloof. Living legend. Three brothers have stepped into transmission on this directly. In this time Rank 5 city, can say that has not come under too many influences, because Sun Empire has consolidated at outside war now. For captives who they fight. bo! Three people walked from transmission. Your three do, do?” Transmission guard vigilant looks at Xia Tian their three. We are deliver the information.” Xia Tian said. Stresses to me their three, they are the spies.” That guard shouts directly. Why you said that we are spies?” Xia Tian puzzled asking, he thinks installed looked like very much. All people know that the information will not pass to the Rank 5 city to come, you must camouflage also beforehand to inquire that the news comes again, three idiots.” Very guards looks to their three that disdains. Afterward periphery presented over ten thousand people instantaneously, moreover population also in unceasing increase. Paternal grandmother, added something superfluous and ruined the effect.”