Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2086

The Xia Tian digging a hole ability breaks through the enemy lines in addition, in addition Qi Wang strength, it can be said that thorough was invincible, before Xia Tian most was worried is they enters in the treasure house the result to be sieged by these people. After the result sees the Qi Wang strength, Xia Tian did not need to be worried. That many Expert, if makes Xia Tian spell, his direct selection will escape. Finally Qi Wang has only used for several seconds, even is only the flash. While Xia Tian shocks Qi Wang powerful, Bishop Cao there has spread the news, they ran hurriedly. After they run completely present all was shocked. shit, Rank 5 city unexpectedly so many spirit stone.” Although Qi Wang is very rich, but he will not believe in a Rank 5 city absolutely so many spirit stone. Some here probably how many?” Bishop Cao cannot help but swallowed saliva. 15 trillion, how will have these many, before I had stolen many also several trillions.” Xia Tian is also doubts of face, although he knows that Sun Empire possibly had sent recently one compared with the war wealth, but this were also too many. Bishop Cao walks toward several other stone gate hurriedly. Besides spirit stone and material, other anything does not have, the compounded drug and weapon as well as the weaponry does not have, does not have.” Bishop Cao said. I understood, the war biggest consumption is the compounded drug and weaponry, therefore they ship the weaponry, collected spirit stone, then used these spirit stone exiting arms purchase equipment also to have the compounded drug.” Qi Wang saying slowly. Although spirit stone can also restore to consume, actual benefit that but generally speaking the performance-to-price ratio restores with the compounded drug. Now we what to do?” Bishop Cao asked.

What to do can also? Took the thing to walk, then went to the next Rank 5 city.” Xia Tian said directly. Was right, your this abnormal Chu space is also abnormal.” Before Bishop Cao has remembered Xia Tian, suddenly with he steals the thing time, the Chu space probably is infinite. Second Brother did not have a big Chu equipment, happen to my many one, before is me , the younger brother, happen to gave to you.” Qi Wang said that has put out a Chu necklace. „Is this Chu necklace?” On the face of Bishop Cao is startled immediately. What thing is the Chu necklace?” Xia Tian puzzled asking, he has only heard Chu Wudai, the Chu bangle and Chu ring. „The Chu equipment can be divided into several types probably, the first type is Chu Wudai, is the most common thing, the spatial content is small \; The second type is the Chu bangle, generally is slightly the person of a little independent ability can obtain, the space compared with on Chu bag big several times \; The third type was the Chu Wu ring, generally had the person strength of Chu ring not quite to be weak, because the strength weak words could not preserve, the spatial content was very big, can hold 100 million quick low grade spirit stone.” Bishop Cao explanation bit by bit: However stores the necklace is the Chu equipment in legend, I am not quite familiar, makes the big brother explain to you.” Actually stores the ring to be divided into the third-class, low status, medium and higher, low status Chu ring can hold 100 million low grade spirit stone \; The medium Chu ring can hold 500 million low grade spirit stone \; The higher Chu ring can hold 1 billion low grade spirit stone, just the medium Chu ring and higher Chu ring is uncommon, generally speaking only then the head of the clan of these top families will have.” Qi Wang answered. No wonder I can a medium Chu ring and higher Chu ring have not seen.” Although Xia Tian has obtained many Chu ring, but his medium and higher has not seen. However on the Advanced Chu ring was the Chu Wu necklace, the limit of Chu necklace was 10 billion low grade spirit stone, naturally, he biggest advantage has been able to hold few parts the Chu rings, so long as were not too many, can hold, the common Chu necklace can hold 100 to 200 Chu rings.” Qi Wang answered. 10 billion low grade spirit stone, this were more than Chu ring 100 times. Big brother, such expensive gift I cannot want.” Bishop Cao rejects hurriedly. With my polite anything, remaining.” Qi Wang said directly stiffly will store the necklace to fill in the hand of Bishop Cao. Accepts, the big brother gets rid to be natural, my maintaining life weapon is the big brother delivers.” Xia Tian looks that Bishop Cao said.

His false. Shoots day god bow can be said as his present might biggest weapon. This weapon is Qi Wang gives to him. Many thanks big brother.” Bishop Cao has arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest. „Do you a bit faster install? Here is others domains, we are steal the thing, can you give me to select the sense of urgency? Looked that your appearances are drink tea probably.” Xia Tian helpless saying. Quick they install their Chu necklace full. Now the Chu equipment also has packed, that other I installed, after going back, divided again.” Xia Tian said that the left hand wields, all spirit stone and materials all entered to his small cauldron. Whiz! Whiz! Whiz! Three form fast shuttles on each big and small street. Their this is must rush to transmission, leaves this city, goes to another Rank 5 city. Has saying that after they collaborate, that simply is sweeps away. When the first city discovered was robbed, Xia Tian their three have stolen up the treasure houses in three Rank 5 cities. At this time these stolen Rank 5 city the thorough insanity fell. That many wealth directly stolen cleanness, they possibly are not how insane.

This matter directly has even alarmed the Sun Empire emperor. The emperor after knowing this matter is furious, will be directly recent three stolen Rank 5 city City Lord executes directly, moreover before stolen two Rank 5 city City Lord all were also killed in the front. Although they want to make reparations with their life, but the emperor has not given them the opportunity. Kill! Anyone, directly kills. Before because these Rank 5 cities, will process at this time secretly, has not reported that therefore City Lord of these Rank 5 cities all received the flogging. City Lord of this these Rank 5 cities did not dare careless, they dispatched many Expert to transport to the Sun Empire imperial capital all wealth at the maximum speed. They understand that the wealth continues to keep their this, may also be stolen, therefore they might as well transport the imperial capital the wealth. Imperial capital there also all sent Expert to go back these wealth info clerks. Suddenly, below these Rank 5 city poor unusual are pitiful. This group of fellow study were intelligent, money transported the Sun Empire imperial capital to go, but we have stolen three Rank 5 cities fortunately.” Bishop Cao rejoices to say. „Do two elder brothers, you dare to play in a big way.” At this moment, Xia Tian has shown the mysterious smiling face.