Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2087

Hears the Xia Tian words, on their faces presented the excited facial expression. You look at Xia Tian that wants......” a Qi Wang face to anticipate. „It is not good, we continuously do not go well now three times, if steals the Sun Empire national capital now, that is big brother strength formidable, perhaps will directly also be encircled kills.” Bishop Cao shook the head hurriedly. Right that Second Brother said that we temporarily first returns to uneven Imperial City, then thinks that a great idea, to come on a ticket to be big directly.” Xia Tian nodded. In their three Qi Wang is competent, Bishop Cao is calm, although Xia Tian impulses, but he has the method, such combines in together, is simply impeccable. Also good.” Qi Wang nodded. Afterward three people swaggering turned back uneven Imperial City. These days Sun Empire it can be said that messed up. During all were planning, because of Xia Tian a few words, made these cities have the protection, this made Sun Empire reduce two-thirds victories. Is good because of that they already prepared for all dealing with, similarly has seized quickly the innumerable cities, but spreads the news in a while, the Rank 5 city was stolen, moreover is three Rank 5 cities is all stolen. The emperor hears this news time is furious directly, finally he afterward heard before , had two Rank 5 cities to be stolen, but this matter under had been handled by person, as soon as he listened to such big matter unexpectedly nobody to report, therefore opened, this looked up not only looked up that two Rank 5 city stolen truth, but also looked up so many Rank 4 city and Rank 3 city is all stolen, when this once affected they have attacked the speed. Eight! Eight! Why I raise you to eat.” Emperor angry shouting of Sun Empire. At this time under the main hall, these Sun Empire real power figure lower the head, does not dare to speak. Your majesty, lost to count.” The Sun Empire First Lord of the Treasury walks up to say.

Read!” The Sun Empire emperor clenches teeth to say. Normal loss altogether reaches as high as 80 trillion, this has not included to delay the fighter aircraft, delays of shipping and increasing wait / etc., if all counted, altogether reaches as high as 85 trillion, that uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord divulging news incident, if counted this matter, the digit that then we altogether lose I could not calculate, most little over 100 trillion, because we little attacked two-thirds cities.” The First Lord of the Treasury will lose to report. The scene complete silence, nobody dares to speak, because they understand that perhaps the emperor this time was really furious. How many are Sun Empire one year of tax revenue?” The emperor asked again. Sun Empire one year of tax revenue is 10 trillion, removes the expense of regiment consumption and management as well as development, one year can remaining 1 trillion to 2 trillion.” The First Lord of the Treasury said. One year 1 trillion to 2 trillion, this must be counted the situation that any important matter has not had, the result this time altogether lost more than 100 trillions, is equal to the wealth that our Sun Empire 100 years accumulate, how I want to listen to you to see this matter.” Expression unexpectedly of emperor was tranquil. But at this time everybody was the heart hangs, because they too understood the emperor, if the emperor were under the condition of being furious, then died several people normal. But if emperor in this case expression if all of a sudden tranquil, perhaps then had the important matter to occur. Your majesty, did not discuss first was stolen, now brings uneven Imperial City that Vice-City Lord that in a big way loses to us, his a few words let the wealth that we lost have not been able to estimate.” A duke kneels on the ground said. Entire Sun Empire has ten dukes. I want to listen to that related uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord matter.” The expression of emperor is still tranquil. „The process of your majesty this matter is very simple, just started is assists the doctor Sir to make Oi-gawa duke have the person to kill this Vice-City Lord, then they designed to direct this uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord, but they have not gone well, moreover lost seriously, because of this matter, crown prince Sir has recalled their position directly, and elected a duke newly, the duke too corrupt merit that this chose newly, therefore blatantly with that uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord opposed at the Pill Refining congress, result that uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord will say coming out on this matter.” That duke respectful saying. If in other words newly appointed duke if has not opposed with that uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord, that uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord will not say this matter is right?” The voice of emperor suddenly changes cold.

All people know that the terrifying matter must occur finally. Yes!” That duke said. Good, is very good, his present person?” The emperor asked. By that Vice-City Lord killing.” Transmitted orders, the beforehand that duke family confiscates and beheads, in new duke family male all rips the fifth extremity to me, delivers to the front, female also delivers to the front, when consoles, secure, woman.” The emperor said directly. Hears the words of emperor, the people back on the scene is the cold sweat. Has saying that this penalty was really too terrifying. Yes, your majesty!” The law enforcement elder goes forward to say. Now must say that three issues, first, how the news disclosed that why uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord can know was so detailed \; Second, how to cut to kill this uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord \; Third, was actually who to steal up the treasure houses in our Sun Empire that many cities.” In the look of emperor is murderous aura. Hears these three issues, the scene was peaceful immediately. Because these three issues are the most difficult issues. Regarding them, front issue is not difficult, they rather personally go to the front to fight with all might, is not willing to answer these three issues. Because they were unasnwerable.

How to speak?” The vision of emperor 11 takes a fast look around in the surrounding these people: Crown Prince Zuo, I remembers that new duke is you promote, that you first said.” Puff passes! Crown Prince Zuo knelt on the ground directly. Your majesty, I do not know him to be able like this...” What I make you reply is my three issues.” Emperor expression ice-cold saying. This time Xia Tian does not know the Sun Empire emperor also for his matter, but the headache, their three returned to uneven Imperial City. After returning arrives in full Imperial City, the first matter that he announces is: Vigorously development uneven Imperial City. The second matter is: Begins the diplomacy, the weaponry, compounded drug all outward sells, but cannot fall behind, must settle account on the spot. Since came back, how can study to develop uneven Imperial City?” Qi Wang looked that asked to Xia Tian. Did not need to study.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile.