Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2088

Doesn't need to study?” Qi Wang puzzled looks to Xia Tian. What does this have to be good to study? What's wrong, spends money to give me, what the development needs to buy what, our uneven is Imperial City short of money? Naturally does not lack, in my present is not the material has close 60 trillion wealth, uses these Qian Zaqi Imperial City, does not need to fear insufficiently, waits for the insufficient time we went to Sun Empire not to end again.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Goes to Sun Empire again!!!” Bishop Cao a heavy line of face. Em, great idea!” Qi Wang is also nod of approval. Bishop Cao already to an own elder brother younger brother thorough was helpless. Was right, here has the material of many Pill Refining and refiner, gives me to select the time, I build up these compounded drugs and weaponry, then sold to their these battle empire, the money of war does not gain does not gain in vain, we do not gain others also to gain.” Xia Tian said. That many materials ending that also only then your this anomaly can build up.” Bishop Cao says with emotion. These materials enough, I can continue to receive in our uneven Imperial City, this can also promote the economic development of uneven Imperial City.” Qi Wang said directly. Receives, this time I happen to planned that a cultivation my Pill Refining technique and refiner technique well, the material the more better.” Xia Tian nodded said directly. Other Pill Refining master wants the cultivation Pill Refining technique and refiner technique, that must attach to the big influence, even if attaches to the big influence not to be impossible to have cultivation of limit, must look at others complexion. However Xia Tian is different, his material some are, therefore he can casual cultivation. Only then begins to refine truly, can save many experiences, more many of refinement, the experience is richer, the skill of Pill Refining and refiner will be also better. Moreover the speed of Xia Tian Pill Refining and refiner compared with others quick dozens times, over a hundred times, even are more. The Pill Refining master who even if these respected families recruit, one year most also gives several million low grade spirit stone materials . Moreover the compounded drug that refines must belong to the respected family. Treatment highest probably also more than 100 million. But Xia Tian now the material enough value in hand 20 trillion, this is over ten thousand times of disparities.

Even if this, Qi Wang must give the Xia Tian purchase material wantonly. It can be said that the Pill Refining technique and refiner technique of Xia Tian spend money to pound completely, what is main, the Pill Refining technique and refiner technique of Xia Tian are gain steadily. Generally these ordinary Pill Refining masters refine the preliminary compounded drug it can be said that to gain, refines the Advanced compounded drug 80% is compensates, because they have pill to lead lowly, material of consumption are many. However Xia Tian is different, if he takes 10,000 low grade spirit stone to refine the compounded drug, the compounded drug that then he refines are least can also sell to 50,000 low grade spirit stone, even pill leads to be high, that is 100,000 low grade spirit stone. This absolutely is the prize investment. Going ahead. Xia Tian all piled money there, therefore Qi Wang started to focus on developing uneven Imperial City, but Bishop Cao was the vigorous battle trade. The first matter that he does is the purchase material wantonly, in uneven Imperial City these business hands is gripping many materials. As soon as they emulate Imperial City to act to purchase material are preliminarily sell, moreover continues to purchase outside. A arms sound, gold 12,000. Once the war starts, that was the good opportunity of getting rich. What the war consumes is biggest is what? Compounded drug and weaponry. Then uneven Imperial City on large quantities of sells the weapon compounded drug to outside. What the war most does not consume is what?

spirit stone and material. Once makes war, these materials did not have any use, because nobody had that time to go the material to refine the compounded drug and weapon. That uneven Imperial City receives the material, if you do not want spirit stone, I trade with you with the compounded drug and weaponry. Large quantities of materials transport to uneven Imperial City, no matter Pill Refining material or refiner material . Moreover the price is very low. Conversely. The weaponry also has compounded drug price can be said as the straight line rises. Whose weaponry, whose compounded drug are many, that protracted war who gets the advantage. Every day has large quantities of weaponry and compounded drugs transports from the Qi Wang palace arrives in full the Imperial City major stores, but every day also has large quantities of materials to transport to the Qi Wang palace. It can be said that this uneven Imperial City has sent, in uneven Imperial City these business also got rich. Moreover this wealth sends was too simple. These want successively to clear transmission with the uneven Imperial City transaction city, then transports the material arrives in full Imperial City, transports again the compounded drug, is they take care of oneself completely. Even the enemy state simultaneously purchases the commodity in an uneven Imperial City store. However they do not dare to cause trouble in uneven Imperial City, before some people had hit in uneven Imperial City, after result these two teams of people were dug up up, threw their city, the commodity is also confiscated. From then on, even if hostile country comes is pretending in abundance has not seen. Is good does not allow them to raise prices because of uneven Imperial City mutually, otherwise the price of compounded drug and weaponry only will become higher.

In uneven Imperial City. Has sent, Big brother, we sent.” Bishop Cao excited saying. Yes, we have sent, we had 60 trillion low grade spirit stone, I was also worried insufficiently to develop East city, finally now East city also construction was similar, money not only did not have little instead changes.” Qi Wang also very excited. All these merit all are third child that anomaly, his day of unexpectedly can refine over a billion Rank 4 following compounded drugs, the sales volume of this type of compounded drug is good, moreover his day can refine in hundreds of thousands of sets the weaponry of Spirit Tool following rank, this absolutely is the prize investment, now solely was not our Qi Wang palace has sent, uneven Imperial City these business also sent in a big way.” Bishop Cao already thorough cannot control own was excited. One year, the third child has refined one year of compounded drug and weaponry, he does not dislike tired, must know before him, most is too fond of sleep.” Qi Wang says with emotion. Big brother, when can East city complete?” Bishop Cao asked. One month, one month later can complete, once completes, there can comprehensively open, when the time comes uneven Imperial City will expand Freshman time, moreover there luxurious degree may also want Ba strong compared with Western city, there is I must remain for my old companion, is the good places, finally they do not want, after I can only reconstruct, was used to promote the trade.” Qi Wang says with emotion. Good, waits for East city to open, our uneven Imperial City was richer.” Bishop Cao excited saying. At this matter, under a famous artisan ran. report Cao Vice-City Lord, this time is water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate big figure purchases personally, the quantity needs in a big way.” Under the famous artisan report said. _______________________________ Ps: The brothers, with the New Year approaching, I have not disappointed everybody, recently every day was ten, was I have completed to everybody's commitment, today comes one to wish everybody new year specially again ahead of time is quick. You forever are my brother.