Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2089

Big brother, it seems like that the bulk bargain must come.” Bishop Cao now is uneven Imperial City second Vice-City Lord: Entertains the honored guest well.” Yes, Cao Vice-City Lord.” Under said that ran directly. „Before the piece of work, was these city purchases, although the quantity was not low, but generally speaking the quantity was limited, our uneven Imperial City these storage capacities have dealt with sufficiently with ease, but this time was water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate big figure came, that should not be the piece of work.” Qi Wang is also one at present. Big brother, the matter on this diplomacy gave me to be OK, you also had an important matter to be busy.” Bishop Cao looked that said to Qi Wang. What important matter?” Qi Wang puzzled asking. City garrison!” Bishop Cao said. City garrison?” Qi Wang was more puzzled. Right, Big brother, you did not think that we were too recently dazzling? We controlled the entire next three economic lifeline recently, Giant Bull City is also depending upon us with the outside trade, because they were worried, once clears the trade completely, will seize the chance to attack, therefore now our uneven Imperial City is the entire next three economic centers, this is big fat.” Bishop Cao slightly has saying of profound meaning. It seems like I relaxed.” Qi Wang nodded. Big brother, now we most do not lack is money, in the future will not be short of money, reason that before uneven Imperial City was safe, that closes right up against your reputation completely, what to do but were some people jealous accidentally? So long as first attacked the uneven Imperial City person to appear, that will have second, third, even possibly was they joins up to cope with our uneven Imperial City finally.” Bishop Cao is in the brothers three people a calmest person, he usually can think place that Xia Tian and Qi Wang cannot think. I understood, I will make in the city all artisans convene, I give them usually every day three times of income, making them build the next three strongest defenses to me.” Qi Wang light saying. Big brother, you before I have said you obtain Ancient to build the chart, that above should not solely only then the crossbow, the city garrison thing should have from out of the blue, the defense of our uneven Imperial City must attempt by your building.” Bishop Cao said. Em, really has city garrison, but has a city garrison crossbow to be easiest to build, other unusual is difficult, after the Third Brother went out, I and he studied say again.” Qi Wang said.

Good, Big brother, I went to be able that water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate fellow.” Bishop Cao cups one hand in the other across the chest slightly, afterward outside direct City Lord Mansion walks. The back that looks at Bishop Cao, Qi Wang shows a faint smile: Had your brothers, the uneven Imperial City development speed sped up for hundred years.” Uneven Imperial City wanted to develop until now aspect, that least also takes over a hundred years, because finally this war adds on Xia Tian and Bishop Cao their operation, uneven Imperial City in one year in has achieved over a hundred years later scales. This war most peaceful city is uneven Imperial City and Giant Bull City. Several other big influences hit has been heavily engaged, after being more than one year of war, all parties have the loss. But to put it bluntly, these wars are the friction between following small cities, has not affected any Rank 5 city to the present. However is now different. Big figure of this water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate came personally, that proves the Mingshui semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate to do in a big way. Uneven Imperial City. Vice- City Lord Mansion. Here is Bishop Cao specifically is used to receive the guest. One line of five people walked from the entrance, these five people all wear Black Gown.

Five honored guests visit, have to lose welcome, but also please excuse me.” Bishop Cao very polite saying. Cao Vice-City Lord did not use politely, your given name we often heard, I was water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate City Lord.” Was that person of head has lifted the head hat. „?” Bishop Cao stares slightly, although he guessed that the affirmation background is not small, but has not thought the person who can be water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate City Lord: Has not thought that was Sir City Lord came personally, excused me.” Cao Vice-City Lord, my this time comes to talk to you compared with the bulk bargain.” City Lord of water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate said. What bulk bargain?” Bishop Cao smiling asking. First, I want to sell outright your uneven Imperial City all weaponry and compounded drugs.” City Lord of water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate said directly. Has saying that City Lord of water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate opens the mouth is really the bulk bargain. Water City Lord, this I fear you unable to eat up.” Bishop Cao light saying. I use value 100 trillion materials to sell outright your uneven Imperial City one year of transaction, in this year in you can only sell to west our moon reflection in the water east, naturally the value of compounded drug and weaponry only needed to be 80-90 trillions.” Water City Lord said. Bishop Cao helpless shaking the head. Perhaps water City Lord, this point must disappoint you, you know how many our last year volumes of trade were?” Bishop Cao asked. How many?” Water City Lord puzzled asking.

80 trillion, we just started to trade last year, in entire uneven Imperial City all transaction running water reach as high as 80 trillion, this year we have stockpiled the sufficient compounded drug and weaponry, moreover this year we will also open the transaction of East city, you said how many this year our 's running water can achieve?” Bishop Cao shook the head: Moreover you give us 100 trillion, oneself also want 80 to 90 trillion compounded drugs and weaponry, to put it bluntly, you gave us 10 trillion to sell outright our one year, you did not think that this number were too few?” Volume!” Water City Lord hears the words of Bishop Cao to stare slightly. Although he knows that uneven Imperial City last year one year could be said as the fire, gained turned, but he does not want to arrive in full Imperial City to trade running water unexpectedly to achieve 80 trillion last year, with last year the price of compounded drug and weaponry, uneven Imperial City were least has also gained 40 trillion, if these weaponry were uneven Imperial City builds and refines, that were more. The majority of actually last year selling stockpiles, only then few parts are, therefore the profit that Xia Tian refines is also about 40 trillion. If these are the Xia Tian refinement, then the profit can be 60-70 trillions. Cao Vice-City Lord, this, my this time comes for the weaponry and compounded drug, you open a price.” Water City Lord has handed over the body of Bishop Cao the initiative. You determined that wants my initial price?” Bishop Cao asked. Right.” Water City Lord nodded. 300 trillion, one year, my uneven Imperial City gives you 270 trillion weaponry and compounded drugs, in this year in our uneven Imperial City only with water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate transaction.” Bishop Cao stretched out three fingers. He does not open the mouth , then by, opened the mouth directly to want 300 trillion. This solely is not the issue of money and material, what is main is uneven Imperial City can with obtaining 300 trillion weaponry and compounded drugs now.