Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2090

What? 300 trillion!!!!!!” Water City Lord incomparably surprised looks to Bishop Cao. Right, 300 trillion materials, naturally, if your material is insufficient, that spirit stone we also want.” Bishop Cao said directly. Your uneven Imperial City all compounded drugs and do weaponry add to be able value that many?” Water City Lord puzzled asking. Our uneven Imperial City, since dares to receive money, that hands over produces goods.” Bishop Cao said. Good, good, good, is very good, this bought and sold me to do.” City Lord of water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate said directly. Value 300 trillion weaponry and compounded drugs, if he can buy, then the water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate could be said as everybody arms, that battle efficiency promotion was not a time of two times of issue, but was five times of ten times. Moreover that many compounded drugs can make them have the continuous new force. Water City Lord is really the happy person, you here rest well, I prepare.” Bishop Cao said that walks toward the Qi Wang palace directly. Although before water City Lord , other matters must discuss, but he has not planned to discuss at this time, so long as because can buy such a large quantities of weaponry also to have the compounded drug, that water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate should be invincible temporarily. At this time he also very anxious. Finished talking?” Qi Wang saw that Bishop Cao comes back to ask directly. Finished talking.” Bishop Cao nodded. Looks at your tense appearance, the business is not definitely small, is 10 trillion or 20 trillion?” Qi Wang very optional asking, he also there leisurely and carefree drinking tea. 300 trillion!” Bishop Cao stretched out three fingers.

What?” Qi Wang excited, direct crumb the teacup in oneself hand: Our uneven Imperial City so many weaponry and compounded drug?” No!” Bishop Cao shook the head. Surely does not have, do you also comply?” Qi Wang puzzled asking. This price is I raises, because of the opposite party initial price 100 trillion, if I complied, that represents our uneven Imperial City on this skill, once were despised by them, that uneven Imperial City prestige will start to disintegrate.” Bishop Cao said. Yeah, since complied, now what to do that thinks should.” Qi Wang also knows that Bishop Cao is good for uneven Imperial City. Now uneven Imperial City all weaponry and compounded drugs add to add on our Qi Wang palace again, altogether general value about 70 trillion, but also misses 200 trillion weaponry and compounded drugs, as for that 30 trillion is he is used to sell outright us in one year not with other money of influence cooperation.” Bishop Cao said. 200 trillion, are not good goes to Giant Bull City to receive, but Giant Bull City will be definitely black our.” Qi Wang knows that more is they worries to purchase, Giant Bull City there more will definitely increase price. But I am worried to add on the Giant Bull City weaponry and compounded drug, insufficient 270 trillion.” Bishop Cao a brow wrinkle, he is trying to find the solution. What idea do you have?” Qi Wang asked. Temporarily does not have.” Bishop Cao shook the head. I have!” At this moment, the person's shadow appears in their sides together. Third Brother!” On their faces is one happy, Xia Tian has closed up Pill Refining refiner more than one year, more than one year time he gave uneven Imperial City to bring 10 trillion profits. Two do not need so to worry one by one, is not the value 200 trillion weaponry and compounded drugs, I eat below.” Xia Tian light saying. Real?” Bishop Cao on face one happy.

Em, but I can only guarantee that the compounded drug the grade is highest is Rank 4, the rank of weaponry is highest is low grade Spirit Tool, moreover I need six months.” Xia Tian said directly. Good, so long as you can refine, that anything said that other I discussed.” Bishop Cao excited saying. Was right, now our City Lord Mansion these materials are definitely insufficient, you must request him to pay in full one time.” Xia Tian said directly. Good, I discussed that other I can discuss, before did not have the energy, but now sporty.” On the face of Bishop Cao had the joy that is hard to conceal. Words that this time business makes, then our uneven Imperial City profit perhaps will reach as high as 100 trillion.” Qi Wang said. No.” Xia Tian mysterious shaking the head. Em?” Qi Wang and Bishop Cao all puzzled looks to Xia Tian. Waits to look at the good play.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, has not said thoroughly. Good, my this discussed.” Bishop Cao said that direct turn around leaves. Third child, you really?” Qi Wang asked. Before not, but after this year closing up cultivation, has been OK.” Xia Tian light saying. Good, uneven Imperial City this time depended on you, was right, the second child proposed that must construct city garrison, I called to build from out of the blue the city garrison crossbow the entire journey artisan together, moreover I made them build the different parts separately, the assembly was conducted by me personally, my legend built the chart also to have a more mystical thing, I deliberately considered that made you have a look, studied together.” Qi Wang said that has put out a worn-out blueprint. Reason that he must carry on the assembly to prevent the city garrison crossbow personally divulges a secret from out of the blue. Big brother, this is good thing.” When Xia Tian sees the thing in blueprint at present one bright.

„Do you have the means to build a better thing?” Qi Wang looked that asked to Xia Tian. Builds these parts not to be difficult, what is most difficult assembles and formula, this thing I am not good, but there is a person to be able.” Xia Tian said. What person?” Qi Wang puzzled asking. My wife Lin Bingbing, he is a mechanism master, is skilled is Mechanism Technique.” Xia Tian answered. He now where?” Qi Wang asked again. „A countryside place that Giant Bull City sits down, is called the serious famine, now there is being developed by me secretly.” Xia Tian said. What does that also wait for? A bit faster receives Ah! Qi Wang to say the sister-in-law hurriedly. Receives, but must big brother you run personally, others go to me not to feel relieved, moreover I also hope that the big brother helps me this knot ball arrangement in the entrance of serious famine, in this year I will refine that many materials, spiritual energy will definitely have the revelation, therefore I used this knot ball to gather spiritual energy at inside, and under the arrangement a Rank 5 Formation base, in this has been nourished true Rank 5 Formation by spiritual energy now, after you my wife brought, the use ties the ball to seal up to the entrance of serious famine, like this I can feel relieved that after all was too recently chaotic..” Xia Tian threw the tubercle ball to Qi Wang. „Does unexpectedly have such mysterious thing?” Qi Wang looks surprisedly the knot ball in own hand. Meanwhile. In demon. Corrupt wolf your highness, all has prepared.” Good, now.” The corrupt wolf said directly that his vision looks to the distant place: World of human beings, I came, Xia Tian, does not know now you mix how Ah!