Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2091

Big brother, I most am worried is the serious famine is attacked, therefore this knot ball depended on you, before you left, these two Fu Zhi gave a day of spirit city effective, told them, only then carried these two Fu Zhi to leave the serious famine, in the situation unless it is absolutely essential, temporarily do not ask them to leave there.” Xia Tian has given Qi Wang two Fu Zhi. Good, I when your time runs about.” Qi Wang nodded. Was right, a matter, Big brother, uneven does Imperial City have the Heavenly Connection tower?” Xia Tian asked. „Do you look for that gadget to do? The casual city has the Heavenly Connection tower, even if in the Rank 1 city also has, in that is some low status wild beasts, and has three up and down, the wild beast of highest rank is also not popular.” Qi Wang does not understand meaning that Xia Tian such asked. In other words, our uneven did Imperial City have?” Xia Tian at present immediately one bright. Has, in East city, any influence has that thing, that thing to is the tree is the same, so long as you have constructed the city, soon, an inside bewildered appearance Heavenly Connection tower.” Qi Wang answered. Many thanks big brother.” Xia Tian said that ran directly the Qi Wang palace, hurried to East city. This boy, Tiantian is mystical, ok, no matter he, meets the sister-in-law, however, Liu Shishi is also good.” Saying that Qi Wang thought aloud. Reason that Xia Tian are not willing to enter the Heavenly Connection tower is because he felt that he went is monitored was the same, who although he did not know is, but that feeling unusual was uncomfortable. Therefore he is not willing to go, moreover he is almost unable to go in now, after because he had controlled the black fire in the past year, in his mind the tower of Heavenly Connection regards as is the place of death. As if he enters to the tower of Heavenly Connection will die to be the same, this feeling very intense. At this time he stands in front of the tower of Heavenly Connection, this feeling was more intense. He understands the meaning of Qi Wang. The Heavenly Connection tower in Earth also can only enter three, next three also can only enter three, this in addition is six. To enter seventh, in the next three that is the impossible matter.

Therefore in the next three person eyes, the Heavenly Connection tower is existence of waste. Without any use. Truly does not have the use regarding the normal person, but is different regarding the small insect, the small snake the strength in within the body all Heavenly Connection all do not have now. Resisted that next day to plunder for him. Therefore at this time the small snake lost the strongest strength. Kid, I knows that you like the strength of Heavenly Connection very much, you also maintain the life by that here you should be able to find the strength of Heavenly Connection, I deliver you to go, from now henceforth our two likely could not see, but I will remember forever your.” Xia Tian looks that dispirited small snake to the control said. Since the small snake lost the strength of Heavenly Connection, its life started to shrink large scale. Hissing hissing! The small snake transferred two on the body of Xia Tian, unusual does not abandon. Walks quickly, you do not walk, I threw you.” Xia Tian also thought that a little has not given up, the small snake was so long with him, looks like his child is the same. Hissing hissing! The small snake crawls forward, three turn head, like this has climbed in the tower of Heavenly Connection, Xia Tian saw the tears from the eye of small snake. Kid, there possibly is your family, said goodbye.” Xia Tian has borne oneself tears, has turned head, he does not dare to look there again. Distinction.

Forever is the most painful matter, but he to preserve the life of small snake, must allow him to enter to the Heavenly Connection tower. Only then there has the strength of Heavenly Connection. Kid, is predestined friends us to say goodbye.” Xia Tian vanished near the Heavenly Connection tower directly. The matter that he must be busy at now has. First, he must prepare the material of Pill Refining and refiner, this time he planned to go all out one, because in the past year, he mastered the application method of black fire. Although cannot be used to attack the enemy, but Pill Refining and refiner can. Before was too high because of the temperature of black fire, once were used for Pill Refining and refiner, instantaneously all will burn down all materials, but Xia Tian Spiritual Force constantly strengthens now, he also little attempt controlled the black fire, this attempt, but also really success. So long as he in knowing the sea orders black fire Pill Refining or the refiner, then only takes one second, all materials all will be dissolved, will not damage. Must know, even if the use day fire, the common material also needs to build up for dozens minutes or several hours, some materials even take several days to dissolve completely. But black fire unexpectedly can achieve for one second to dissolve, moreover automatic filtration impurity. This can be said as the anomaly in anomaly. Reason that this time he has the confidence to refine the value 200 trillion compounded drugs and weaponry, is the ability that because he has. In Giant Bull City. In City Lord Mansion.

Sir City Lord, his Xia Tian was really too excessive, he was only our Giant Bull City ordinary boy, now after having climbed up Qi Wang this uncle, he not only has not paid attention to us, but also everywhere felt embarrassed with us, you said we in this year trade, had been eaten 30% profits by them.” The law enforcement elder angry words of shout. Although in the hall everywhere is person, but actually very peaceful. That Cao and Liu, they were to close right up against our Giant Bull City before are living, now unexpectedly pats the racket, the fart, the stock, all went to uneven Imperial City, did business unexpectedly also to with our Giant Bull City that high profit, this ungrateful fellows.” The law enforcement elder shouts once more. In hall person is still nobody speaks. Long time. City Lord saying slowly: How matter of forming an alliance did they say?” Sir City Lord, their uneven Imperial City said that they do not form an alliance with any influence.” The diplomats said: Moreover just received the news saying that in uneven Imperial City following one year only with the water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate transaction, the transactions of other influences temporarily closes.” Was a little excessive.” Giant Bull City City Lord said. City Lord, that beginning and end is excessive, simply was too excessive, I looked up his details, he just from a small countryside city, the serious famine, I this morning sent for catching his family member, when the time comes I must have a look at him to be conceited but actually anything.” The Giant Bull City law enforcement elder shouts loudly. Since previous time in uneven Imperial City, after Xia Tian has dug his face, he thorough hate Xia Tian, he has thought before Xia Tian , is just small in his eyes. Em, should select to teach to him, but leaves goes too far, is mainly primarily cooperating.”