Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2092

Bishop Cao after intense negotiations, both sides finally reached an agreement. One: Uneven Imperial City puts out the value 70 trillion compounded drugs and weaponry first. Two: Water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate direct payment value 180 trillion materials and 120 trillion spirit stone. Three: Uneven Imperial City in one year can not with any influence transaction besides the water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate, the remaining value 200 trillion materials and compounded drugs must pay in full in six months, if falls behind, then the uneven Imperial City sound defeat is, the water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate will also make war with uneven Imperial City. These three points achieved the same day of agreement, uneven Imperial City drove away within the boundaries besides the water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate, all influences. Looks in the Qi Wang palace that seems a mountain same material, Bishop Cao the innermost feelings very excited, he does not have to think one one day can discuss such big business. Xia Tian, then gave you.” Bishop Cao said. These materials I have more than enough, my a while all will select inside Advanced material, only left behind part of preliminary materials to suffice, that in 120 trillion had 50 trillion spirit stone apportions the following these business, remaining 70 trillion were our uneven Imperial City, moreover this time I can also for the uneven Imperial City remaining value 100 trillion Advanced materials, you say how much money our uneven Imperial City this time has made?” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Before Qi Wang they said this time will possibly gain 100 trillion times, Xia Tian shook the head to say is not, at this time Bishop Cao understood the meaning of Xia Tian finally. That is 170 trillions Ah! Bishop Cao surprised saying. Second Brother, you miscalculated.” Xia Tian smiling saying. „Did I miscalculate? No, should be 70 trillions spirit stone and 100 trillion materials, in addition is 170 trillion.” Bishop Cao looks puzzled to Xia Tian. Is 70 trillion adds on 300 trillion, altogether is 370 trillion.” Xia Tian said. 300 trillion? 300 trillion that which comes?” Bishop Cao puzzled asking. 100 trillion materials normally, so long as my time is sufficient, I can refine the value 2,000 trillion compounded drugs, the method that but I use is the method of being opportunistic, the compounded drug that therefore I refine can only the value 300 trillion.” Xia Tian light saying. „The third child, your anomaly, you is a anomaly.” Although Bishop Cao already to the Xia Tian a little immunity, but hears Xia Tian to say now when must refine 100 trillion Advanced materials, surprised could not say thoroughly incoming call.

If value 100 trillion materials make 100 million Pill Refining masters refine the compounded drug, perhaps also takes several months can all use the light the material. But a Xia Tian unexpectedly person must all use up that many Advanced materials. However he careful one wants to be also right. At this time Xia Tian refinement is 150 trillion materials, but these are the preliminary materials. In uneven Imperial City. These business of present return home with a full load. In their present stores, all materials, the compounded drug, the weapon and equipment all sold not to have, emptied, thorough emptying. The staff were forced to have a vacation. Outside they planned to go to enter to buy again. However uneven Imperial City also ordered, does not allow to purchase, because now uneven Imperial City only with water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate trade, but the trade of water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate is also one time arrives. Directly their speculative or fictious buying. Therefore they can only treat as to be on leave, they naturally understand that the uneven Imperial City words, they are impossible to make that much money all of a sudden, this large-scale transaction, each least turned one time the profit, highest even turned three times. In order to let store not that Death aura heavy, they even took to shake the shop the treasure in family. However generally speaking, they now were very relaxed. Every day is very optional.

Since they join uneven Imperial City, this day is better and better, their present family property are away from they just came the time, turned over ten times, exaggerates even turned over a hundred times. When they think bored, another good news to come. The uneven Imperial City East city opened. Opportunity! This absolutely is an opportunity. All business all entered East city instantaneously, moreover there are more and more is not willing to be involved in the family in war to arrive at uneven Imperial City, they have also settled on East city. Qi Wang there rode transmission, quick arrived at the serious famine, after he arrived at the serious famine, has put out the Xia Tian faith token, therefore the entire day spirit city chatted the banquet to entertain Qi Wang. Those who made Qi Wang surprised was, inside and outside the day spirit city was the day badly leaves simply. Serious famine outside day spirit city can be said as the backwardness, poor, was really too backward, even two cauldron Expert could not see several continually, but in the day spirit city was entirely different, here rich, very rich, moreover Expert of tripod everywhere was. Has filled everywhere vividly. He understood, here all are Xia Tian cultivate. Qi Wang simple after they chatted several, a symbol will have given two elders them, afterward brought Lin Bingbing to leave the serious famine, when he just wanted to use the Formation ball, he saw one team of entire simultaneously army and wore disperses Expert of clothes. Leading the strengths of person even four cauldrons, behind tripod Expert also has. „Are you do do?” Qi Wang asked. Makes an arrest.” Is one person of head said directly.

Makes an arrest? Here present outcome Imperial City control, who dares to make an arrest?” Qi Wang has topped the uneven Imperial City given name for here directly. Snort, do not speak with uneven Imperial City, our times must grasp is the uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord Xia Tian family member.” Is that four cauldron Expert of head said. „.” Qi Wang nod of silently. Since confirmed the status of opposite party, he naturally did not use politely. „Who are you?” Is that four cauldron Expert of head asks directly: Happen to you can guide to me, wait to catch inside person, you naturally have the advantage.” I am the Xia Tian big brother, he is the Xia Tian wife.” Qi Wang saying slowly. Lin Bingbing is also ready in full battle array, prepares to go all out at any time, she only knows that Xia Tian called Qi Wang to meet her, she did not know the Qi Wang real status. „? Really you wear out iron shoes in hunting round, must come not to be all time-consuming, happen, you follow one me.” That four cauldron Expert incomparably excited saying looked that he has not thought this time mission unexpectedly can such with ease complete. Has a dream, I will be the Xia Tian woman, the Xia Tian woman am will not always surrender, even if died in battle.” Lin Bingbing very aggressive saying, has completed the combat readiness afterward. Qi Wang gave the thumbs-up, he has not thought that Lin Bingbing unexpectedly such has the strength of spirit. Sister-in-law, copes with such one crowd of mob to have no need for you, if linked them unable to cope, I was not Qi Wang.”