Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2094
The matter that now Xia Tian must handle has three. First, that is invites Giant Bull City City Lord to come uneven Imperial City to eat meal \; Second, puts out part the remaining Advanced materials, refines some city Advanced compounded drugs and weaponry once more \; Third, again visits the Sun Empire treasure house. The first matter is goal has two, first, solves the problem of serious famine \; Second, about later uneven Imperial City and Giant Bull City cooperation issue. Second, in uneven Imperial City temporary compounded drug and weaponry almost, although also has large quantities of Pill Refining masters and refiner masters in the refinement compounded drug as well as the weaponry, but is limited, therefore Xia Tian planned first refines a wholesale to put in the hand of business, maintains the normal work of uneven Imperial City commercial. Third, since Sun Empire wants to kill him, if he does not go to the treasure house in Sun Empire imperial capital to transfer, that was unfair to Sun Empire to his care. After City Lord of water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate had attained the remaining compounded drugs and armor, fruitfully left, from now, the uneven Imperial City creditworthiness was higher. Just before leaving before, after City Lord of water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate also wants , to continue with the uneven Imperial City cooperation. Looks at only many compounded drugs and weaponry, City Lord of water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate was very happy. Bishop Cao here important matter all solved, Xia Tian here may not be smooth, his first matter had the problem. „The third child, that Giant Bull City City Lord conveyed a message saying that their Giant Bull City had to eat, did not miss our uneven Imperial City this.” Qi Wang helpless shaking the head. „The third child, it seems like Giant Bull City did not plan that talked to us well.” Bishop Cao brow tight wrinkle, although before him, lives in Giant Bull City, but he to Giant Bull City not too big attachment feeling. Actually the entire next three merchants are so.

Where environment is good, where business is good to do, they go. This also why uneven Imperial City currently has the reason that more and more respected family big business are willing to move. Regardless of under which big influence they went, that will pay taxes, why they do not choose one to be safer, is more reasonable, has the influence of development? Since does not want to discuss that did not discuss.” Xia Tian light saying. „The third child, what wicked idea did you have?” Qi Wang looked that asked to Xia Tian. Wicked idea does not have actually, but you said that if we will guard the person in fort to remove, what happened?” Xia Tian face curious asking. „The third child, your this was also too bad, although retreated the fort not to have any loss regarding our uneven Imperial City, but the matter regarding Giant Bull City was perhaps big, once the fort were opened, that Giant Bull City must simultaneously face bordering on four big influences, these big influences will let how possibly off Giant Bull City.” Bishop Cao helpless saying. Then also does not have what relations with us, our uneven Imperial City three go around a mountain, only then borders on the outside, who even if wants to attack our uneven Imperial City, that must from hit directly, although our uneven Imperial City the defensive power is ordinary temporarily, but most only takes a half year, uneven Imperial City will turn into a giant hedgehog.” Xia Tian very self-confident saying. Now from out of the blue the defense crossbow has built 10,000, sister-in-law there also studied to defend a city from out of the blue Lian Nuhe from out of the blue defense combat tank, six months constructed sufficiently, if when the time comes who dares to start to our uneven Imperial City, that brought about own destruction simply.” Qi Wang very self-confident saying. Good, the diplomacy depends on me, defends and frightens by the Boss, other gave the third child, I order to remove now the garrison troops of fort.” Bishop Cao said. Em, the Second Brother, I also need six months, six months later, I will refine the different ranks the compounded drug and weaponry, six months later, uneven Imperial City can resume the diplomacy, in the half year in must go to and outside by you socializes.” Xia Tian said. Second child, our city garrison here, although has been able to start to defend temporarily, but should better in six months with any influence do not rub, six months later, our uneven Imperial City no one will fear.” Qi Wang very self-confident saying. Good, Big brother, the Third Brother, you goes busily, in the half year gave me.” Bishop Cao directly has also assumed full responsibility of half year time.

Their three brothers, the division of labor are clear. Although said that is very simple, however in bystander opinion, they must complete, is not mission that is possible to complete. A half year! This a half year, had many matters again. The first important matter, water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate wins wantonly, they are taking the weaponry and compounded drug of Xia Tian forging sweep away the major influences, not only attacks a city, Qian Zhuan but who also almost will also spend came back the larger part. City Lord of water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate excitedly went bad at this time. Other big influences also understood the importance of compounded drug and weaponry. The second important matter, is suffered the attack of chaos caused by war by Giant Bull City that the chaos caused by war affected, they by four big influence attacks, were been simultaneously good because of Giant Bull City have prepared, before has bought many compounded drugs in uneven Imperial City, resists the attacks of four big influences. But the situation obviously is not too wonderful. The third important matter, uneven Imperial City opened the transaction system comprehensively, in the entire next three all respected family influences had the larger part to arrive at uneven Imperial City. The weaponry and compounded drug that in addition in the Qi Wang palace divides, the uneven Imperial City trade enlivened once more. The innumerable Pill Refining masters, refiner master starts to catch up to uneven Imperial City. Uneven Imperial City turned into a giant treasure house.

The fourth important matter, next three presented a mysterious army, was known as that the master of perfection, their battle efficiencies are greatly strengthened, quick in next three obtained the small space. Now entire next three in get most interests is the master and the water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate this perfection, even if Sun Empire does not lose money reluctantly. Several other big influence losses are very big. In the half year, other influences are struggling to cut down mutually, the consumption is big, they consume is the initial capitals. Big brother, the Third Brother, six months passed, I should doing may achieve, now the good news to tell the Third Brother, not a good news must tell you.” Bishop Cao looked that said to them. News that first cannot reach an agreement.” Xia Tian said. „Not good news was Sun Empire recently was conspiring with Giant Bull City, probably must get rid to our uneven Imperial City.” Bishop Cao said. This I and big brother already expected, that good news?” Xia Tian asked. This news truly is not the good news, but Xia Tian they already had the law of dealing. Good news to be related with the third child, is related with the serious famine.” Bishop Cao has shown mysterious smiling face.