Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2095

Serious famine! Serious famine how?” Xia Tian asked hurriedly, the serious famine was his old base, there is occupied by his family members and friends. No matter any news, so long as transmits from the serious famine, that Xia Tian will be interested. Serious famine there spreads the news, said that your native place there person besides calling the Fire Cloud evil god and one leads child's woman, other people almost flew upwards, especially two women, said that is your wife and older female cousin.” Saying that Bishop Cao a face badly smiles. Ha Ha, came, finally came.” Xia Tian excited laughing said that reason that he makes utmost efforts to develop the serious famine, for arrival of this day. All person completely flying upwards worlds of human beings, serious famine is the entrance of Earth. The people in day spirit city definitely will wait for in entrance arrangement massive Expert, so long as is brought to the day spirit city that on Earth flies upwards, person who so long as has the relations with Xia Tian all gives the highest treatment, especially Xia Tian family members. With doesn't need me to send for receiving them?” Bishop Cao has not independently decided that but asks the opinion of Xia Tian. Does not need, there can make them calm the mind cultivation, uneven Imperial City now was too chaotic, does not suit them.” Xia Tian knows that outside present is chaotic, the eyes of outside these people stare at uneven Imperial City to look that if sends for meeting them, that might be plundered to kill very much. Only if makes Qi Wang go personally. Even if makes Qi Wang go personally, after they arrive in full Imperial City, not necessarily is safe. Impossible relieved cultivation. Compares in Qi Imperial City, serious famine is more like a cozy nest. Can make them have the best cultivation environment. Xia Tian has spread for them the road, then soon looked their.

Recently Sun Empire with the Giant Bull City relation were getting more and more, even Sun Empire attacked the Giant Bull City army to start to turn into the deceptive attack.” Bishop Cao said outside situation simply. Second Brother, uneven Imperial City gave you, I estimated them, although will not begin to our uneven Imperial City temporarily, but should be quick, uneven Imperial City all armies have been ready now, I gave you tiger tally, when the time comes they will obey your direction.” Xia Tian has handed over in the uneven Imperial City tiger tally the hand of Bishop Cao. „The second child, the traitor within in uneven Imperial City all was monitored temporarily also by our people, once they must launch to move, then my person instantaneously will cut to kill them, does not remain, therefore you do not need to be worried about the internal security, does not need to be worried, these respected family some people in city defect, so long as they dare to move, my thousand Qi Wang elite armed forces instantaneously will execute them.” Qi Wang already was also ready all. Although in Qi Wang palace only remaining 1000 people. But these 1000 people are the Qi Wang death are loyal, moreover their top Expert, went on an expedition the world in the past time, they are also the first batch with the Qi Wang person. Strength lowest is also four cauldron Rank 5 Expert. Each is as deep as a well, in their hands is grasping in the Qi Wang palace the strongest weaponry. Moreover they investigate the information the ability may also be called first under Heaven. Now entire uneven Imperial City all people all under these 1000 people of surveillance. Qi Wang secretly had already established a reconnaissance unit, this reconnaissance unit is Qi chooses personally, then after strict training. Person who all secret surveillance now these people's all traitors within in uneven Imperial City and have the change. So long as they dare to act unreasonably, instantaneously will be executed. „The big brother and Third Brother work strictly, that uneven Imperial City gave me, there are these secret weapons, nobody can approach uneven Imperial City.” Bishop Cao very self-confident saying.

Was right, sister-in-law there some recent discoveries, that thing is rushing a job recently now, after waiting it comes out, you can try its might, although I have not experienced, but should very be strong.” Qi Wang too did not know about that inside Advanced weapon that after all in the past he only closed right up against several types of simple legend weapons, he has striven for hegemony entire next three. You, were must certainly throw to work me.” Bishop Cao heard their words to guess correctly. Ha Ha, the Second Brother, my this did not deliberately consider that Sun Empire must kill me, I naturally must visit them.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Good, this time I did not go with you, but you may probably take carry back a thing, our uneven Imperial City now development time, is short of money.” Bishop Cao is governing the uneven Imperial City financial power. He and a Xia Tian finance, a control military. However must turn over to Bishop Cao a person to manage immediately. Relax, I Sun Empire will certainly make the impression that is unable to obliterate on them.” Xia Tian smiling saying. Was right, the third child, you made the gunpowder crag that I prepared prepare, you do not want to explode the Sun Empire imperial capital fly, these many gunpowder crags besides me, next three feared nobody to have.” Qi Wang puzzled asking. Big brother, you when the time comes knew.” Xia Tian mysterious saying. You when?” Bishop Cao asked. Picking a lucky day might as well hit the day, on today, uneven Imperial City gave you, I and big brother walked.” Xia Tian waved, walks directly, he wields the sleeves, does not carry off clouds. „The second child, uneven Imperial City gave you, once made war, my Qi Wang palace elite will look for you, when the time comes they will be responsible for protecting your security.” Qi Wang has patted the shoulder of Bishop Cao, afterward leaves directly. Looks at Xia Tian and Qi Wang back, Bishop Cao very helpless.

It seems like my shoulder pole is heavy.” Bishop Cao shows a faint smile, on his face presented a faint trace excited expression unexpectedly, this time matter regarding him is also a challenge. This time death region. Here is connects demon, world of human beings and monster channel. The condition is dangerous. Here was known as that does not have region that the live person can pass. At this time here has one team of people to go forward. How many people do we also remain?” Is the person of facial color of head ice-cold. Corrupt wolf your highness, our altogether 10,000 elite and 10 million slaves, now the slave remaining is less than 100,000, elite also casualty over a thousand people.” Under a famous artisan respectful saying. Em , to continue to go forward, regardless has any matter unable to stop.” Corrupt wolf nod of slightly. „Won't the Jiu Jiang princess she have an accident?” Asking that under the famous artisan worries about. Relax, she is also has the big destiny to add the person of body, nobody can she be what kind.” Corrupt wolf very optional saying, his vision stubbornly is staring at the front: Xia Tian, do not die, when you see present me, perhaps you will be scared to death directly.”